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I Require a Tug
See Inside 
April 8th, 1891 - Late
To: [Name]

The Cruise Ship Santa Antonina is wrecked in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal. As it is an English ship with primarily English passengers our Ministry will be leading rescue efforts, utilizing the ship of Captain J. Alfred Darrow.

We require Ministry officials to assist in rescue efforts for the passengers and crew of the Santa Antonina. As berthing on the Voyager is limited, those who choose to go should report their status to their supervisor before the ship departs. Please report to the Voyager on the magical dock of the Thames before dawn in order to assist. Due to the international nature of the incident assistance is voluntary, but encouraged.

The Minister's office will keep Department Heads updated on the Santa Antonina, including passenger manifests and casualties, as information becomes available. Discretion is expected of all employees until information is verified by this Ministry.
The Office of Minister J. L. Ross

These letters went widely to any department whose purview can be considered to be 'rescuing people,' so if you can make a convincing argument for character x to be useful go for it; as it's international this also went out to British employees of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, but Ross would only want one of you going ^^

copies also went out to Department Heads as an FYI!
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   J. Alfred Darrow
April 8, 1891 - Late
Gentlemen - obviously I am also concerned about the cause of the Santa Antonina's wreckage. Please inform me of one, competent Dept. MLE employee who will go to assist with rescue and investigate the cause so that, if caused by an individual or individual(s), they may be prosecuted and the families of victims may have closure.
Minister J. L. Ross
Do you want this to be you? It can be! Ping me.
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   Ambrosia Selwyn, Amelia Evans, Murdock Greyback
Minister Ross,
Desperate news indeed.

In terms of immediate boots on the ground -I believe it would be a good idea to have a representative of the Aurors office and Department of Investigations. Both from a practical perspective and in terms of public appearance.

My second, more domestic, recommendation would be to launch a commission to investigate -lest we be accused of complacency in the face of such a tragedy - and to ensure there is no foul play afoot, foreign or domestic.

Perhaps Lucious Lestrange would chair? Failing that I might be an acceptable alternative.

The rough make up should probably consist of members of the DLME, at least Misters Prewett and Lupin, and if not chairing I would participate - If I chair then Mister Fisk would be a more than capable DMLE representative.

Someone from accidents and catastrophes as well from a subject matter expert perspective, I know the Head is busy with other matters but perhaps the newly married Mister Brownhill might be spared for his participation.

We should also include a notable public member, whoever emerges as the 'voice' of the survivors, and perhaps that lawyer Echelon-Arnost, for the public interest and to represent families.

Someone from magical co-operation, and the regional liasion might not go amiss either.


[Image: BqsNlXd.png]
MJ is a National Treasure
April 8, 1891 - Late
I asked for an individual rather than a commission due to the international nature of the incident. While we will be running vigils in support of those suffering at sea, we will not be establishing a commission — potentially expensive, loud, and not necessarily relevant — until and unless there is evidence involved. This is why I require an employee who will assist with rescue efforts.

Minister J. L. Ross
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   Aldous Crouch, J. Alfred Darrow
April 8, 1891 - Late
I think it would be prudent to keep the numbers investigating to a minimum in which case I will offer my own services - none of the family are aboard, thank God, so I can be as dispassionate as needed - and annoyingly our options are a bit limited from there. Selwyn, Scrimgeour and Prewett have family aboard and we will be lucky if neither Zabini or Sterling are injured but I can't see them being in much state to be useful. Which leaves us with Rosier (who is far too inclined to show off in my estimation), Moony (disposition does not lend itself towards the formality needed), Cartwright (useful enough) or Miss Abernathy who would be my preference as she will go the most unnoticed by and large.

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   Aldous Crouch, J. Alfred Darrow

[Image: Bkpxf5.png]
fabulous moody set by MJ <3
Minister Ross,
As already stated sir, the Aurors office and Department of Investigations would be more appropriate attendees, as you say, due to the international nature of the incident.  There is no evidence as of yet that any English law has been broken and therefore investigation would seem appropriate before the involvement of any member of the DMLE, beyond the Aurors office and Department of Investigations.  To do otherwise would appear as a rush to judgement. when, or if, there is evidence of a crime then a specific member of the DMLE will be happy to get involved on the ground.

The launch of an independent domestic commission to review the output of any investigation is the standard practice under the circumstances.  There will likely be questions asked as to what the ministry is seeking to hide from public scrutiny if we fail to commission a public reporting on the cause of the incident -especially if we seek to get involved at this early stage of investigations.  Better to publish a report of a sad accident, than to be perceived as hiding the truth for whatever reason. You will well understand how insinuation, speculation, and conspiracy can emanate from perceived inaction and the perception of avoidance of public accountability.

I respect that you may hold a different view, but if the decision is to not hold a public commission, I would have to register my opposition in the strongest possible terms.  I feel that not doing so would damage not only your administration's public perception but also the wider reputation of the ministry as somehow trying to avoid public scrutiny and accountability.

M. Greyback.

[Image: BqsNlXd.png]
MJ is a National Treasure
April 8, 1891 - Late
K. Fisk,
I would be comfortable with any of yourself, Cartwright, or Abernathy — although there is a Daniel Abernathy on my passenger manifest, so perhaps we should double check that. Thank you as ever for your services.

If you do choose to go, please refrain from pushing Darrow into the Atlantic - I do not know an abundance of owners of ships.

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   Amelia Evans, Elsie Beauregard, J. Alfred Darrow
April 8, 1891 - Late
As I am currently coordinating international rescue efforts, I will not couch this with the pleasantries it would normally entail:

I would advise you to not mistake my general good nature for a tolerance for insubordination.

Minister J. L. Ross
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   Charles Macmillan, J. Alfred Darrow
It is not meant as insubordination. It is merely my job to advise your government in the administration of it's laws. Youu are free to set aside my recommendations, but I would be in dereliction of my duty to not give you the best advice I thought possible.

I have advised as to which departments would be best placed to serve your immediate needs - and it is not for me to assign their employees to your service, it is for Misters Prewitt and Lupin to advise on the exact persons under their charge who might serve your needs. As already advised, Mister Fisk will be at your service for handling the immediate aftermath, and as 'man on the ground' from the DMLE.

M. Greyback

[Image: BqsNlXd.png]
MJ is a National Treasure
April 9, 1891
I must extend my apologies that I'm unable to go myself; with my mother, brother, and extended family and I believe my attention would be too compromised to focus on the proper duties that would require to carry out the task effectively.

After running into Fisk on the way to the offices this morning, we had brief discussions before we parted ways — we were discussing either Abernathy or Cartwright may be the best choice, though he may have already relayed this information to you, as I assume multiple memos were sent out.

Do let me know if I may assist here on the ground in other ways, as I am confident I would be able to carry out my duties unencumbered within the offices.
F. Prewett

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