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  1. So, first and foremost this is both for establishing connections that just sort of exist for the purposes of adding texture to characters and for seeing where we can thread people. I'm not entirely opposed to threading characters just because they're friends but I would prefer them to have something relevant to discuss/some reason to be getting together rather than it just being them talking about their friendship because #aintnobodygottimeforthat
  2. Same goes for family connections - unless aunt Mabel explodes at the dinner table, I don't need to thread out what they think of the cook's best efforts.
  3. Thanks to Lynn and Bee for the beautiful coding! <3
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  5. I've cleared away post where we've either started the thread or the characters in question aren't in play at the moment.

@Elladora Black

Friends/Enemies: Other UCPB ladies of around the same age and with similar interests, or at least with literally any kind of intellectual pursuit, Elladora is a mostly introverted individual but she likes other clever women and would definitely be a good and loyal friend to them. She is not remotely outgoing though so anybody who is too excitable would exhaust her. By the same token she is cold and elusive, and would drop a friend she thought was only after her for personal gain and/or who bored her.

Lovers: Would be exclusively women if it happened at all. Elladora is asexual and has never actively sought a romantic or sexual partner, however there is time for her head to be turned yet. Hurl your gay ladies at me - only purebloods need apply, though I would be open to halfbloods posing as purebloods OR those of lower social status for dramatic power dynamics.

Other: Are you trying to get the approval of the Hogwarts Headmaster? Or get close to Ursula's social circle? Are you into taxidermy and feel like no one ever talks about it enough?

@Minnie Pendergast

Friends/Enemies: Minnie is a very sociable individual so if you talk to her she will talk back. At length. Other UCPBs of her age would probably know her, along with Pendergast Rose alumni, and fellow Hufflepuffs who were at Hogwarts at around the same time. Alternatively, her best friend at school, a working class girl, married a member of the upper class and if you are of the opinion that she is a slattern because of this then Minnie will fight you.

Lovers: SERIOUS HURLING ALERT! All the boys for Minnie please. Girl is getting to be an older deb now but she's rich, pretty and has an older sister that will aggressively stan for her. Pureblood would be preferable but Minnie is not prejudice and would probably fall in love with a HB or MB just as easily (and it would be drama!) but mostly they just have to be kind - or at least have the appearance of being so!

@Annabelle Bones

Friends/Enemies: Belle is very supportive of other women in the workplace so if you're a woman at Hogwarts Hospital (or St. Mungo's) then Belle will champion your professional development and help you anyway she can. She attends her sister's social gatherings so other UCPB women of a similar age would be her main friends and she's definitely known in those circles. Belle generally doesn't have enemies, she's a cinnamon roll, but if you argue against her right to be where she is she may lose her cool.

Lovers: She may be a widow with children but Belle is far from old so she would be very open to the possibility of another relationship. For a really respectable marriage it would have to be another UCPB, but I don't think Belle would be averse to rich MC or even a HB seeing as how she has never much cared for convention and her sisters think she's weird anyway, but it would have to be a love match then. There's also the potential for her to have a very unrespectable dalliance and that could be with anybody! Hit me up with your toyboy potential!

Other: Trying to get into Rufina's social circle? Need a terrible injury tending to? Thinking of courting one of her daughters? Friends with her son and think she's a hot mom?

@Enoch Rosier

Friends: Enoch needs bros for drinking and brothel visiting. They'd have to be other UCPB men about the same age, but he would likely stretch to having a MCPB in the circle, though anyone MC would have to be on the wealthy end and/or have useful connections. He's also a bit of a dick so chances are your dude would be this too.

Lovers: SERIOUS HURLING ALERT! Enoch is just the right age to be considering a wife so throw your debs his way. UCPBs only. Even if Enoch developed feelings for a HB or MB he would never marry them but it could mean dramaaaa so still hit me up ;)

Work: Give me your other aurors to play with. Other Ministry members would be good too, he probably flirts heavily with the secretaries and would be familiar with DMLE workers.

@Ustinya Sleptova

Friends/Enemies: An outcast in English society Ustinya barely has acquaintances let alone friends, so I would love to thread out her trying to branch out and meet some new people. Aged between 21-30 and probably married themselves – and if they spoke Russian too that would be a grand help!

Lovers: @Nikolai Sleptov is totally banging their houseguest and Usti is oblivious. She’s not likely to take a lover of her own but never say never :P

@Angelica Fawley

Friends/Enemies: Other Roses. Angel is far from a hellraiser but I doubt she takes anything overly seriously and she will take any opportunity to indulge in drinking and opium taking. She’ll share too so the girls should have a party…

Lovers: HURLS! Angel has been doing the season for a little while now but is still relatively young and an excellent prospect on paper. Only UCPB should apply for marital bliss but literally any gender, any age, any blood or social status could feasibly steal her heart so come at me!

@Orlando Lovegood

Friends/Enemies: Other leisurely gentlemen of a similar age. Fellow nerds and book lovers. Old school friends. Other unmarried gents.

Lovers: Gents between 25-40 would be best suited but Orlando is a lonely soul – come and make him fall in love!

@Morwenna Skeeter

Friends/Coworkers: Morwenna is a good friend and a terrible enemy to have. The former would either be middle or working class who she either knew from school or has met through her working life and the latter are probably the same, but they irritated her more. I would also love to have the ladies of the Ministry be more of a gang, especially the higher ranking ones, so definitely give me those!

Lovers: Long-term widow who is well past getting remarried. Please do feel free to flirt hideously though, Morwenna will happily join in!

Other: WOLF MAMA! So, both because she's an actual werewolf and has strong mama instincts Morwenna is the sort that gathers all the strays to her bosom and wants to look after them all. I don't mind how they meet each other but give me your messed-up boys and girls so Morwenna can worry about them. I have plotty plans for her to become much more political so she should totally meet more of the Revs so she can make sure they're all getting fed and secretly spread the agenda in the Ministry.

@Constance Sykes

Friends/Coworkers: Connie needs more bros in her life. Chances are they already know each other because girl doesn't get out of the castle much and when she does she's usually keeping an eye on students on Hogsmeade visits. She is an utter nerd so friends would likely be cut from the same cloth. I'd love to get some more work-based relationships established too: who sits next to who in the staff room is genuinely something I wonder about!

Lovers: Connie needs a girlfriend badly. Throw me all your womenfolk for potential awkward flirting, leading to who-knows-what ;) discreet letter writing is probably what it will lead to tbh

Other: Students! Ostensibly Connie is supposed to be looking after the Slytherin girls so if you have one who needs life-advice then let me know - Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs students are also welcome as you guys are sadly matron-less! Her advice is...not great really, but she tries hard.

@Caitríona Connolly

Friends/Enemies: Old school friends. Other ladies who have a number of children to marry off she can form contingency plans with. Other Connollys! I need to know how she feels about all of you so come on down. She’s not that scary guys!

Lovers: Someone should 10000% play Padraig.

Other: After the incident she will definitely be trawling for information good or bad about Barney so if you want to help her make his life miserable let me know!

@Marlena Scamander




@Cassandra Trelawney

Friends: Working class Irvingly residents please - Cassie is a friendly women, albeit one with a very iffy reputation, but if somebody doesn't know about her mother and her illegitimate child then I'm sure they could be bros!

Lovers: See above re: illegitimate child but she has a great capacity for love so I would love her to become at least friends with a man and maybe develop herself a little crush. She's a dreamer, though not quite as impractical as her mother, and I would love for somebody to stir some emotions in her.

Seer Stuff: Later in life Cassie will be a celebrated seer so I need her to start getting herself a better rep. Her name is already relatively well-known, though probably not spoken of well, and this needs to change and for that I need your characters to start seeking her out OR for you to be somebody notable who she accidentally predicts a life-changing event to (which will obviously prove to be true) who then promptly tell their friends. Give me your people!

@Beatrix Borgin

Friends: Trixie is kind of an asshole, but perhaps that's what your teenager is in to? She does not get on especially well with her Ravenclaw roommates and I'd love to thread out some of those relationships, and get her some friends/enemies in other houses so give me your emo teens.

Lovers: Very unhappily betrothed. Trix hates him and is quite likely to let herself be seduced just to spite him, though someone's opinion of her might be skewered by the recent rumour she got knocked up. She doesn't really like most people so I'd love her to get super into somebody and it to challenge her world view.

Other: Does your character have a shady object they don't know the purpose of? Trixie can help you with that. Do you want to buy such an item or get into the shady object trading business? She can help with that too.

@Alfred Clearwater

Friends/Coworkers: Bros! Alfie is a chatty, friendly young man and I would love him to have some friends from a similar sort of background who also include Quidditch and cake amongst their 'likes'. Also, work colleagues - he's been at the Hospital for a little while now and I'd love to thread him with other mediwizards who perhaps feel like they're unfairly maligned for not being full healers!

Lovers: Look at this pretty, pretty boy! He's quite awkward and only now realising he may be more into @Gemma Simpson than he thought, but if somebody wants to flirt with him I would love to give him more opportunities to be awkward!

@Betsy Cooper

Friends: Betsy has worked and lived in Hogsmeade for a little while now so has probably made some friends either amongst the other shopworkers, or just other working class girls of a similar age. She's super friendly and will make endless cakes and pastries, which would be amusing if her BFF hated sugar.

Lovers: Betsy is not shy and would definitely be on the look-out for somebody to call her own. She's free of serious scandal and I'd love for her to meet either a WC or MC with unfussy standards to have a flirtation with - of course then there's the pesky Revs to meet...

@Temperance Fairchild

Friends/Coworkers: Church of Magical Jesus folk please! I desperately need to get Temperance some fellow believers or people she can try to convert to the side of the righteous; I'd also love for her to get a nemesis in the form of some sinful (in her estimation) person that either constantly turns up on her radar, or else actively seeks her out for some reason.

Lovers: Lifelong spinster alert! I'd love for her to be swayed into a massive crush on someone that she hates herself for so if you'd be into her insulting you to cover then hit me up :P

Other: Irvingly threads please - do you own a tavern? or dare to go into the casino? are you the sort of person who day drinks? Then Temperance would love to judge you!

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