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A Trial Run In Restraint
Hermia had done all the mental preparation she could before her tests, but this was not the sort of exam that responded to her normal study methods. Most classes did not threaten life and limb for a mistake. Hermia was a ball of nerves and, as she joined a few yearmates and the seventh years, Hermia did the odd thing of stepping away from her fellow Hufflepuffs and stepped in next to Angelique and the Ravenclaws. As much as she adored her housemates, today was not the day for Jemima's antics to complicate things.

As her name was called, Hermia stepped forward and gave her best attempt.
Apparition Skill Level: Will probably get her license except she's nervous
Level of injury permitted: No permanent injuries
Attempt #: 1

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Cane was in great pain and in more than a little shock as blood dripped out from where his finger used to be. The class was brought to a halt but Cane would not be going again. His hand was bandaged up and the mediwizard gave him something for pain before sending him off to the hospital wing to be further looked at and to see if the school Healer could reattach his errant finger.

[Image: jnUC4x.png]
Apparition Skill Level: Decent
Level of injury permitted: Loss of limbs
Attempt #: 1

Justice had participated in classes last year, but had not earned his license. It was probably for the best, though, because now he'd had more practice and was even more skilled than he was the last year - although he wasn't confident of how much it would show when in front of a large crowd. It did not help that a number of students - Jemima included - did not fare well in their first attempts.

He stepped forward and made his own, holding his breath until the incantation left his lips.

we all know MJ is amazing but DAMN
Mr. Backus was fortunately helped by a mediwizard and taken from the testing area. Still feeling wary but knowing they still had a class to finish (as evidenced by the let's hurry it up motion his co-instructor was making), Freddie smiled at the next student.

"Bonaccord, Hermia."

He knew the Bonaccord name; they were French family someone had mentioned to him once before, but he hadn't been aware that there was a daughter old enough to be attending apparition classes. Freddie had always respected the French for their social attitudes, even if he found them a little haughty in general. Evidently she was talented as well, because on her first attempt she managed to appear at the mark. The force propelled her forward, but caught herself before she did as much as stumble.

"Very good," he said, which was promising. He'd been worried that Mr. Backus' incident might disrupt the others' nerves.

"Rookwood, Justice."

The boy was less graceful in his attempt than Miss Bonaccord, and it showed. He cast the spell, disapparated, and then reapparated not three feet from where he'd initially stood. Freddie gave him a sullen sort of smile and motioned for him to try again.
Hermia: 10. Justice: 6

set by mj <3

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