Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Jonathan Webster
    In Character
    [Image: ian-pll.jpg]
    Full Name: Jonathan Rodger Webster

    Nicknames: Jon

    Birthdate: January 7th 1854

    Current Age: 29

    Occupation: Apparition Test Examiner

    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

    Wand: 11", Sycamore, swishy, Dragon Heartstring

    Blood Status: Muggleborn

    Social Class: Middle

    Family: Tobias Webster - Father

    Genevieve Webster nee Harris - Mother

    Mildred Hastings - Sister

    Elsie Porter - Sister

    Miriam Webster - Sister (Muggleborn Witch)

    Esther Fitzgerald - Sister

      Oliver Fitzgerald - Brother-in-law (Wizard)

    Eden Webster - Niece

      Most family friends assume Eden to be Jon's child. He neither confirms nor denies it.

    Appearance: Jon is 5'7" and not particularly muscular, although this is not to say that he is out of shape, just a bit average. He is very expressive and has dark hair and blue eyes. Jon is left-handed.

    History: 1854: Jonathan is born, the final child and only son of Tobias and Genevieve Webster.

    1859: Jon's elder sister, Miriam, goes off to some magic boarding school in September.

    1860: Jon displays signs of magic by ending up very high up in a tree without actually climbing it, although no one seems to believe him when he claims that he ended all the way up there on accident.

    1863: Jon's seeming inability to finish projects or even stick to them for very long makes itself evident.

    1865: Jon is invited to the Wizarding school that his elder sister attends. He goes there and is sorted into Gryffindor, where he adapts well to the school environment and is a bit of an extrovert although he is not particularly talented in his classes. While Jon likes wandwork, especially when it can be used for his own amusement, he doesn't like work work.

    1866: In May, Jon's sister graduates and moves to London to live with her friend (and not find a husband.)

    1867: Jonathan picks up Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic as his elective classes and continues to be in the habit of not doing his essays very often.

    1869: Jon's sister Esther marries Miriam's friend Oliver.

    1870: Jon barely passes three of his OWLs enough to take the NEWT classes; Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and Transfiguration. Tobias cuts Miriam off financially, and Jonathan thinks that it was at least a little harsh of his father.

    1871: Jon begins to gain a bit of a reputation for 'wild ways' without intending to. He supposes that he deserves it.

    May, 1872: Jonathan takes his NEWTs and graduates Hogwarts with only one passing grade - an E in charms. He took a nap partway through Care of Magical Creatures to get a D and may or may not have shown up to the Transfiguration exam - either way he gets a T on it. Jon begins working as a photographer for the Daily Prophet.

    August, 1872: Miriam delivers a bastard named Eden, who is entrusted to the Fitzgeralds' care. Family friends blame Jon. He says nothing to confirm or deny it.

    1874: Jon gets bored of magical photography and quits to work a very brief stint as a carriage driver for a muggle family. He quits after four months and tries his hand at being a private detective for muggles, which, given his ability to use magic, isn't very difficult.

    January, 1876: After almost being caught by another wizard that's pretending to be a muggle, Jon stops with the detective nonsense and instead become a professional Quidditch commentator for the Pride of Portree.

    1877: Jon relocates to the new settlement of Hogsmeade.

    March, 1878: Jonathan quits being a Quidditch commentator in favor of transporting magical materials for a company.

    September, 1880: After almost setting himself on fire, Jon quits this, as well. He is an adrenaline junky, but he doesn't want to do anything ILLEGAL or INSANE.

    October, 1880: Jon begins a stint as a bartender at the Three Broomsticks.

    March, 1881: Jon gets bored of this and gets a gig working under Gulliver Doran of the Prophet. It's quite the adventure.

    December, 1882: Jon nearly catches cholera on assignment in India and quits that as well.

    January, 1883: Jon goes in for an interview for a Ministry job on a whim and, by some miracle, gets it - although it is anyone guess how long he will last.

    Personality: [Optional.]

    Sample Roleplay Post: [At least a paragraph.]

    Out of Character
    Name: Beanie

    Age: 15

    Contact: ask

    Other Characters: ha. hahahaHAHAHAHA.

    How did you hear about us?: lola.
    [Image: IfsFW1.jpg]
    jenny removed the watermarks from these images for me, b/c she is an angel
    [Image: IV9vxP.gif]
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