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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Carson Bixby for Sloane Bixby. You can take the middle-aged man out of quidd—oh, apparently you can't.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Who cares about your lonely soul(s)? | MJ's Networking

Hi friends! Welcome to MJ's networking, where the characters are all some level of Ridiculous, middle class dudes come in every flavour, and apparently Everyone Hates Romance. Enjoy your stay.

The easiest way to get in touch with me privately is via skype; if you don't have my skype, or don't have skype at all, feel free to PM me on Elias, my main account. But the easiest way to network with my characters is just by posting here! As well as establishing existing relationships, I'm very much interested in getting concrete new threads and plots from this, so don't be shy about asking for them — y'all know me, when do I ever say no? ;) Generally, I'm pretty easygoing about pre-plotting vs winging it, but disclaimer that I do like to keep some flexibility as things unfold, and I also love things to happen as organically as possible! For my part, I'll do my best to keep this up-to-date and all replied to so I don't leave you hanging. Asking me in the cbox for threads usually works fine, too, and I'm open to all genres of thing. xD

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CALLIOPE Calliope Riley
25 | Slytherin | MC->UCPB |  Rep 8 | Widow
A social-climbing bitch, Calliope is ambitious, materialistic, and looking to stir up drama with:
❧ Friends & frenemies— she likes fashion, politics, conversation and being catty behind your back.
❧ New connections— she's always looking to social climb!
❧ A pet project— a younger debutante to fashion in her own mould?
❧ UCPB men— for hurls, platonic friendships or potential business contacts? Calliope is drawn towards the ambitious and political sorts; she's a widow with step-daughters and a daughter of her own and enjoys her independence, but she would consider marrying again if it seemed advantageous, e.g. they could help bankroll her lavish lifestyle.

17 | Slytherin | UCPB |  Rep 10 | 6th Year, Prefect, Quidditch Captain
Kristoffer likes power, and likes abusing it even more. His needs are:
❧ Friends— a rare category, mostly consisting of UCPBs.
❧ Yearmates & Quidditch rivals— let me know how you think they'd get on!
❧ People to terrorize— need a bully? An unjust prefect? Someone to make your day miserable? Hit me up.
❧ Girls— to pursue! Now that he's not butt ugly and more of a ~man, he's open for flirtation/crushes/girls to be a creep to. I pity anyone in this category. xD

26 | Ravenclaw | UCHB |  Rep 7 | Romantic Poet
That's capital R Romantic, people. Porphyria is morbid, opinionated, and a menace of a debutante, and thus could use:
❧ Friends— she has an odd assortment of these, not picky about blood, class, or social standing as long as she finds them interesting (and, presumably, that they can put up with her). She may be acquainted with former classmates and UC sorts who attend parties or the Phoenix Society, but she doesn't care for smalltalk.
❧ Literary types— for friendships or rivalries or long-winded debates, whatever.
❧ Failhurling fun— she is looking forward to spinsterdom keenly and is not quiet about it, and is rarely polite for the sake of it. Eligible gentlemen get the brunt of her annoyance by simply existing. (This isn't to say she might not fall for someone eventually, but they'd - any class, any gender, anyone??? - have to appeal to her peculiarities, so I'm not holding my breath.)

36 | Hufflepuff | MCHB |  Rep 10 | P&PP Healer-In-Charge
A responsible eldest sibling and straight-laced workaholic, Ari needs:
❧ Friends— he has a group of best friends, but he's a loyal, earnest friend to have and is nice to pretty much everyone, so should definitely meet more people!
❧ Family— always up for Fisk threads.
❧ Hogsmeade Hospital employees— I'd love to thread him more with his colleagues, and am always available for healer/patient threads.
❧ Gay men— lol he's been pining after Benedict Sterling practically forever, but that doesn't mean he can't consider ~exploring different options!
❧ A beard— he's feeling the pressure to marry - or at least to publicly pretend he wants to - more than ever now, so is wide open for hurling! Hurls should be MCAB, and probably have a heart. If you want your deb to marry someone who's actually into them for more than pretence, that's cool too, still hit me up - Ari is not above showing interest and then crossing his fingers that it doesn't work out, too xD

33 | Ravenclaw | MCHB |  Rep 7 | Ancient Runes Professor (as of Sept '88)
A happy-go-lucky nerd, widowed lesbian archaeologist turned overly-enthusiastic new professor, Carmelina needs:
Family! (Family friends may include: other MC families, people who live in Wales, Holyhead Harpies fans.)
❧ Old friends! Female or male yearmates at Hogwarts or thereabouts; nerdy, bookish, academic types (or into languages or art); MC women in general - Carmelina is a chatterbox, so would attempt to make friends with most anyone even if they have completely different interests. After she got married she was off travelling between 1876-1885, so may have fallen out of touch with some & started reconnecting when she came home.
❧ Lesbians for flings/potential romance! And/or women to quietly fancy, whatever their sexuality. I don't really know her ~type yet if she has one, but it probably doesn't take much for Carmelina to start crushing xD
❧ Hogwarts people! She'll only be starting there come September, but I'm also up for her making some random acquaintances over the summer so that she'll have a familiar face or two!
❧ Any other ideas you have, she's new so I want it all!  

29 | Gryffindor | WC->MCHB |  Rep 9 | Broommaker
Affable, hardworking and mildly eccentric, Elias shot to fame in 1879 with his first major broomstick, the Oakshaft. Currently, he needs:
❧ Family— Make his parents, I will love you forever.
❧ Friends— he's an easygoing guy, and a non-discriminatory friend, though probably has good friends in both WC and MC circles, plus UC business acquaintances or customers.
❧ People who care about brooms— even half as much as he does. In the market for a new one? Send an owl or drop by the workshop! He ought to know most people in quidditch circles, as well as those who just like flying. He could always use more business contacts, and if your character would like to work for him (as a manager/secretary/admin assistant type, or an errand boy/general layman, or even an apprentice!) there's always potential!
❧ Hurls— all the hurls! MC or WCAB, anyone goes, I'm not fussy (although Elias is, since apparently he's waiting for that special ~spark before he'll consider actual commitment) xD

27 | Slytherin | UC->MCHB |  Rep 6 | Activist
Once a Ministry lawyer and wealthy only son, Jude now spends his time championing an ultra-liberal array of causes with:
❧ The Revs— make one! If you already have one, let me know how they'd mesh individually, and if you ever want threads!
❧ Social justice allies/converts/enemies— strongly agree with equal rights? Strongly disagree with equal rights? Have no feelings either way but could be convinced? Have a run in with your earnest neighbourhood progressive!
❧ Potential causes— plotting something the revs might support (or not?) or have someone who could use some allies? Let us know.
❧ People from Jude's past— childhood friends or enemies, classmates, people from circles Jude dropped out of years ago, etc. (Or make his mother.)
❧ Women— he's gay and not interested in romance (and also a "bachelor to stay away from", thanks WW) but I would one day like a thread where a girl attempts to flirt with him because it would go down like a lead balloon. Aka, hilariously.

LORCAN Lorcan Byrne
27 | Gryffindor | MCHB |  Rep 8 | St. Mungo's Mediwizard
Lorcan lives on the bright side of life, never thinks anything through, and flirts far too much for his health. He could use:
❧ Family— he's one of those pesky Connollys, though doesn't let the extended family cramp his style. If you have one, let's thread.
❧ Friends— he's lively and fun and irresponsible and doesn't care much about rep, so Gryffinfails abound! Coworkers, too!
❧ Judgey people— to be judgey at him.
❧ Flirting— will literally make eyes at any female he meets, with varying levels of ardour, even though he's now married. You might get used to it; it might pass - he's quite flighty. Still, he could use past!flirtations and flings and some current ones too, if only to make Maggie jealous.

35 | Ravenclaw | MCHB |  Rep 8 | Muggle Solicitor
Oliver is a pathological narcissist but always cool, calm and collected on the surface (and definitely didn't try to kill his cousin) so he needs:
❧ Friends— while most of the Devereaux family are muggles, Oliver was a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts so would have kept in touch over the years with some of his favourite schoolfriends. His cousin Watson Devereaux was in the same year but Oliver tried to cultivate a totally different circle of friends for his own, and has always been fairly outgoing. If you liked Watson too much he inevitably quietly hated you. Nowadays he might also have some friends who live in London. (He also may have one or two shadier friends or connections on the down-low who encourage bad habits of his).
❧ The Law— he works in a muggle office but might still have some connections to magical lawyers, or anyone in business or otherwise involved with muggles who may have needed a friendly lawyer to smooth things over for them with the non-magical world.
❧ Flings— currently engaged to his cousin and with nothing against brothel-visiting, Oliver has never been one for actual commitment but may have entertained the idea on and off in the past, or at least had a past fling or flirtation or two.

20 | Ravenclaw | MCHB |  Rep 10 | Second Year Auror-in-Training
Theo was a confident, popular, overachieving type in school, and now he's feeling a little lost, so he could use:
❧ Friends— new ones, old ones, whatever, past classmates from Ravenclaw or around the same age as him! He mixes equally with bookish or sporty sorts, as long as they're not purist. He'll probably also be quite familiar with quidditch sorts, especially people who frequent Quality Quidditch Supplies or support the Cannons.
❧ Ministry members— anyone Theodore might have crossed paths with in the Auror department, or outside it; while he doesn't like failure, he's finding his training tough, and so I'd quite like him to hear about other people's Ministry days in other departments to make him feel lousy/jealous/inadequate etc.
❧ Someone to spout anti-werewolf sentiments— again to make Theo feel lousy, since his father's a secret werewolf. xD
❧ Crushes— either a girl who has a crush on him, or someone he could crush on, 16-20, any class. He's too young for hurling and he's still quite awkward about romance.

22 | Gryffindor | MCMB |  Rep 8 | Beater, Hogsmeade Howlers
Charming class clown turned professional quidditch player, Tyb needs:
❧ Friends— desperately: he's always been outgoing and a social butterfly, but I'd really love some more played characters xD Friends could be: any class (but primarily middle), quidditchy or otherwise, past classmates from any house, male and female! He likes to joke around, bring people out of their shells, and will tease anyone.
❧ A bad influence— not that Tyb has ever been especially sensible, but he generally has a laugh while just about toeing the line without getting into real trouble, so it would be interesting to have someone to push him out of his comfort zone a bit. Also maybe a friend who thinks his thing with Elsie is making him "boring".  
❧ A girl— obviously, he's still head over heels for Elsie, but along the same lines, someone should test his self-control in that regard and flirt with him/get a little too forward to see how he does xD

AUBREY Aubrey Davis
30 | WCHB | Rep 7 | Hedgehog
Former footman living as a hedgehog since 1878, save him. He needs:
❧ Connections to Elijah Urquart— if you're Urquart family, you may remember him from his footman days, but current schoolfriends and Slytherins definitely know "Davis" as Elijah's pet. He's one grumpy hedgehog.
❧ Hogwarts people— come September, I will be throwing him about everywhere at Hogwarts so hit me up if you would ever like a hedgehog thread >D
❧ Former relationships— Aubrey was last a human a decade ago, but would have had: family!, friends - either his age from his 1st year at Hogwarts or just other WC men and women - and potentially a girl he was crushing on? Aubrey was fairly easy to get along with before he... disappeared from existence.
❧ Anything else!

51 | WCHB | Rep 8 | Magizoologist
Grumpy Irishman who loves animals and hates people, seeking:
❧ Old friends— he hasn't been in Britain properly for a long, long time, but was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts way back in the day. WC, maybe MC. He takes a bit of patience to deal with and doesn't say much, but if you broke through he'd be extremely loyal and would awkwardly try to reconnect.
❧ New Connections— Irvingly residents! People he can piss off! The 40+ crowd! Magizoology connections & possible acquaintances! Awkward half-arsed romance hurls for a salty, emotionally-constipated widower if that's your kind of thing?
❧ Anything else!

132 | WC Vampire | Rep 3 | Black Marketeer
Shady undead dude who just wants to live his afterlife in peace, seeking:
❧ Vampires— he currently splits his time between the vampire caverns and slums of Hogsmeade and the shady magical areas of London with Monty Morales and a gang of criminals. Has been around Britain again since the 1870s but keeps a low profile and steers clear of the Ministry.
❧ Black market connections— people who buy/sell/trade in less-than-legal items or substances of any kind, including desperate working class people who might offer themselves up as blood banks for Ishmael's own supply or to pass on to the caverns.
❧ Past one-night-stands; similar to the above and either gender because he is nearly always DTF.
❧ Descendants— want a vague family connection? Maybe one of the Zahirs born in the 1760s survived; hit me up if you want a shady vampiric fairy godfather (great-great-uncle? etc) casually looking you up and watching over you from a distance. xD
❧ Anything else!

31| WCHB | Rep 5 | Ministry Welcome Witch
Sweet, soft-spoken romantic in a marriage that's falling apart, needs all the things:
❧ Friends— all the working class ladies please! Bonus points for anyone over the age of 25, though she will happily be a doting motherly/older sisterly type to younger WC girls.
❧ Neighbours— Hogsmeade people, particularly in the Slums and Pennyworth!
❧ Ministry people— she would be loosely acquainted with most employees! I'm sure she has her favourites aka the people who stop and chat, versus those who don't give her the time of day, versus those who are a pain in her ass (do volunteer to test her patience, please) xD Otherwise, she's always happy to help, and also mildly nosy about their lives.
❧ Romance— is lacking in her life; she and her husband are in a rocky place and so she is more susceptible than ever to form an ill-advised emotional attachment/fall in love again. Pretty much open, but working class men preferred.  
❧ Literally any other ideas you have, she's new and I want everything.

(What's this tab for? ...I don't yet know.)


Esp. seeking established past connections & new threads for my newest bunch, whose details are all up in the main post now:
Aubrey Davis
Carmelina Cramming
Conall MacKay
Oliver Devereaux
Sarah Townsend
— & bonus temporary! Silence Daisy

For Conall MacKay :
Edgar Hughes  - he is a ghost and was in Hogwarts for two years alongside Conall so they may have known each other albeit briefly. It's very likely Edgar looked down on Conall. OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED you know, because one is dead and the other is a magizoologist).

For Carmelina Cramming :
She could know Charles Caulfield  as they were in Hogwarts around the same time. He's very friendly and approachable.
Woopy  for when she starts working at Hogwarts because why the hekc not.
Also any of my students, too:
Paxton Fudge - Incoming firstie
Sherry Jewell - Incoming seventh year
James Grey - Incoming fifth year

For Sarah Townsend :
Charles Caulfield  - because Ministry! He's probably seen her and is probably civil toward her.

For Silence Daisy :
Edgar Hughes  - He's a ghost who died 8 days before Silence was born so he'll probably find a way to blame her.

I'm very tired and I feel like more of my chars have some form of connection with the characters in this post but right now my head in blank.

My networking is here if you want to have a browse and have any ideas!

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