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Who cares about your lonely soul(s)? | MJ's Networking

Hi friends! Welcome to MJ's networking, where the characters are all some level of Ridiculous, middle class men come in every flavour, and apparently everyone is Bad At Romance. Enjoy your stay.

The easiest way to plot & network with me is just by posting here. Don't be shy, I am always up for throwing people together in a thread! If you'd like to get in touch with me privately, the easiest way is skype; if you don't have (my) skype, feel free to PM me on @Elias Grimstone. I'm fairly easygoing about pre-plotting versus winging it when it comes to plots, but I do prefer new relationships to develop organically and to always keep some flexibility as things unfold. Generally, the wants and needs detailed here are not all-inclusive, I am wide open to your ideas. For my part, I'll do my best to keep this up-to-date and all replied to so I don't leave you hanging!

Updated 01/06/19

The amazing tab coding is courtesy of Lynn!

CALLIOPE @Calliope Riley
26 | Slytherin | MC->UCPB |  Rep 8 | Widow
A social-climbing bitch, Calliope is ambitious, materialistic, and looking to stir up drama with:
UC/MC society women— fair warning that she will bitch about anyone, including her friends.
A pet project— a debutante yet to marry, whom she might mould; potential husbands to shove mercilessly at her useless sister Loretta.
UCPB men— for hurls, platonic friendships or potential business contacts. Calliope is drawn towards the ambitious and political sorts; she's a widow with step-daughters and a daughter of her own and enjoys her independence, but she would consider marrying again if it seemed advantageous, e.g. they could help bankroll a lavish lifestyle.

18 | Slytherin | UCPB |  Rep 10 | Jerkface on holiday
Kristoffer likes power, and likes abusing it even more. Just out of Hogwarts, he is looking for:
Friends— with whom he can laze about, possibly to do some grand-touring with, and definitely explore some questionable habits.
Ministry contacts— Kristoffer wants to be a Big Name, but is in no rush to get there, or to start at the lowest Ministry rank. Would like to mull over possible career paths in his own time, both by meeting successful professionals in social situations and sneering at his former classmates' choices whenever possible.
People to terrorize— what's new?

27 | Ravenclaw | UCHB |  Rep 7 | Romantic Poet
That's capital R Romantic, people. Porphyria is morbid, opinionated, and an aggressively proud spinster, and could use:
Friends— the more eccentric the better.
Literary types— for friendships or rivalries or long-winded debates, whatever.
People to piss off— she's not, ahem, everyone's cup of tea.
Tumultuous affairs???— she's allergic to romance, but is theoretically bisexual, and I'm not averse to putting this to the test.

ARI @Ari Fisk
37 | Hufflepuff | MCHB |  Rep 8 | P&PP Healer-In-Charge
A responsible eldest sibling and seemingly straight-laced workaholic, Ari could use:
Friends— he has a group of best friends, but he's a loyal, earnest friend to have and is nice to pretty much everyone, so should definitely meet more people!
Hogsmeade Hospital employees— I'd love to thread him more with his colleagues, and am always available for interesting healer/patient threads.
Gay friends— he's as enamoured of Benedict Sterling as ever and isn't nearly as conflicted as he used to be, but it would always be affirming to learn he's not alone.
Drama— he doesn't go looking for drama, but more often than not, drama finds him. He is always free game to be messed with, and I would enjoy people nosing into his private life.

29 | Gryffindor | WC->MCHB |  Rep 9 | Broommaker
Affable, hardworking and mildly eccentric, Elias shot to fame in 1879 with his first major broomstick, the Oakshaft. He always needs:
FamilyMake his parents, I will love you forever.
Friends— he's an easygoing guy, and a non-discriminatory friend, though probably has good friends in both WC and MC circles, plus UC business acquaintances or customers.
Hurls— all the hurls! MC or WCAB, anyone goes, I'm not fussy (although Elias is, since apparently he's waiting for that special ~spark before he'll consider actual commitment)

EVANDER @Evander Darrow
40 | Hufflepuff | MCHB |  Rep 8 | Head of Improper Use of Magic
A grumpy-faced, rule-following, socially-awkward bachelor, Evander could use:
Friends— He probably only has one or two close friends, and sticks to respectable MC circles.
Work stuff— Probably works closely with a few Ministry departments, and has been there long enough to have some work-friends and acquaintances. At the moment his priority is rounding up the transfigured child statues. Also down for threads with people generally using magic improperly!
The Former Flame— Evander only came close to courting once. Around ~1882, he was ready to make a move but missed his chance, and the woman in question likely moved on and married someone else. She would likely be MC, younger than him, and have still been single in 1882. Her feelings towards him then and now are totally open, but they were at least friendly back then.
Current hurls— Evander has pretty much given up on marriage and has impossibly high standards, but is still halfheartedly looking. Potential hurls should be MC, respectable, aged 17-35. (Or throw him a curveball, and be completely not that. xD)

WARTY @Ewart Fraser
54 | Ravenclaw | MCHB |  Rep 6 | Experimental Charms Committee Member
Hello, meet Weird Dad Friend, with a passion for history and for his sexy wife. Ewart requires:
Old friends— must accept him for who he is. Interests in history, charms, pets, good food or reenacting goblin rebellions, or a healthy appreciation for his wife's lingerie line, always bonuses.
New encounters— he always likes to meet new people, even if they do find him bemusing.
Arch-nemesis— not that Ewart does enemies - he is unflappable, and friendly to all - but I would enjoy a continuing feud with someone who is his total opposite, and with whom he will never see eye-to-eye on anything.

28 | Slytherin | UC->MCHB |  Rep 6 | Activist
Once a Ministry lawyer and wealthy only son, Jude now spends his time championing an ultra-liberal array of causes with:
The Revsmake one! If you already have one, let me know if you ever want threads!
Social justice allies/converts/enemies— strongly agree with equal rights? Strongly disagree with equal rights? Have no feelings either way but could be convinced? Have a run in with your earnest neighbourhood progressive!
Potential causes— plotting something the revs might support (or not?) or have someone who could use some allies? Let us know.
People from Jude's past— childhood friends or enemies, classmates, people from circles Jude dropped out of years ago, etc. (Or make his mother.)
Got opinions on werewolves?— watch him try to keep a clear head about this one.

LORCAN @Lorcan Byrne
28 | Gryffindor | MCHB |  Rep 5 | St. Mungo's Mediwizard
Lorcan lives on the bright side of life, never thinks anything through, and flirts far too much for his health, even if he is married. He could use:
Family— he's one of those pesky Connollys, though doesn't let the extended family cramp his style. If you have one, let's thread.
Friends— he's lively and fun and irresponsible and doesn't care much about rep, so Gryffinfails abound! Coworkers, too!
Judgey people— to be judgey at him, especially since he spontaneously eloped with a baker's daughter last year.
Bad decisions— he's been living in the honeymoon phase long enough, and Lorcan's good streak can't go on forever. Throw your freespirited ladies at him, your questionable acquaintances, your mistakes-in-waiting, and let them make a mess.

38 | Verlichten | MCPB |  Rep 8 | Diamond Magnate
A businessman through and through, Max likes to mingle with the upper classes and flaunt his new money everywhere, and could use:
British acquaintances— be they business contacts or just friends he has cultivated over the years on his trips from South Africa! One of his sisters (Lotte, b.1855) married a wealthy Englishman, so he may have met some people through her!
Business stuff— interested in diamond or gold mining? Want to invest/buy/etc? Max is ready to persuade you!
Hurls— since his first wife, @Nicolina De Vries née Dippet, died in 1882, Max has decided it's long past time to remarry, so he's on the hunt for a pretty young European wife, preferably with a good family name he can throw about to propel himself even higher in the social sphere. UC/MC any blood... and obviously there's drama attached.

21 | Ravenclaw | MCHB |  Rep 10 | Third Year Auror-in-Training
Theo was a confident, popular, overachieving type in school, and now he's feeling a little lost, so he could use:
Friends— new ones, old ones, whatever, past classmates from Ravenclaw or around the same age as him! He mixes equally with bookish or sporty sorts, as long as they're not purist.
Quidditch sorts— since his father's "death"/disappearance, sponsorship of the Chudley Cannons passed on to Theo. Would love some threads with the team, other sponsors, or the quidditch-involved world.
Bad influences— Also since his father's "disappearance", Theodore has been teetering on the edge of breakdown, and I would like any and all the things to exacerbate this downward spiral. The end of his Auror training has already not been going to plan, but there's definitely room for worse...

23 | Gryffindor | MCMB |  Rep 8 | Dueling Commission Employee
Charming class clown turned professional quidditch player turned reluctant young Serious Ministry Man, Tyb needs:
Work acquaintances— Tyb left quidditch/the Howlers at the end of the 88-89 season, and I would like to thread with his former colleagues/quidditch rivals just to really rub it in. Tybalt is also floundering in his new Ministry worklife, and desperate to get a grasp of this new career. Would like to meet Ministry people willing to make his transition easier... or harder. xD
Ladies— The reason for his change of pace (hi, Elsie) is not publicly known, so officially Tyb is very single and it now looks like he's trying to Get Serious, for some intriguing reason. Anyway, he's available for some accidental flirting.

CONALL @Conall MacKay
52 | Hufflepuff | WCHB | Rep 8 | Magizoologist
Grumpy Irishman who loves animals and hates people, seeking:
Old friends— he hasn't been in Britain properly for a long, long time, but was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts way back in the day. WC, maybe MC. He takes a bit of patience to deal with and doesn't say much, but if you broke through he'd be extremely loyal and would awkwardly try to reconnect.
New Connections— Irvingly residents! People he can annoy! The 40+ crowd! Magizoology connections & possible acquaintances! Awkward half-arsed romance hurls for a salty, emotionally-constipated widower if that's your kind of thing?

ISHMAEL @Ishmael
133 | WC Vampire | Rep 3 | Black Marketeer
Shady undead dude who just wants to live his afterlife in peace, seeking:
Vampires— he currently splits his time between the vampire caverns and slums of Hogsmeade and the shady magical areas of London with Monty Morales and a gang of criminals. Has been around Britain again since the 1870s but keeps a low profile and steers clear of the Ministry.
Black market connections— criminals, thieves, pickpockets, anyone who buys/sells/trades in less-than-legal items or substances of any kind. You're his kind of people.
Human bloodbanks— Need to make a quick buck or a bad decision? Ishmael could use you. He'll pay you well for your blood (if you're desperate working class) or drink from you for free, if that's your kind of thrill. He also collects blood donations to pass on to the caverns or other vampires in need.
Descendants— want a vague family connection? Maybe one of the Zahirs born in the 1760s survived; hit me up if you want a shady vampiric fairy godfather (great-great-uncle? etc) casually looking you up and watching over you from a distance. xD

LEILA @Leila Scott
24 | Slytherin | MCHB -> WC Werewolf | Rep 3 | Maid at The Hog's Head
Bad-tempered publicly known werewolf who's moved to Hogsmeade to be a pain in the ass, seeking:
Friends— probably few and far between because she takes a while to open up to anyone, either undiscerning WC types or bleeding heart pro-halfbreeds and monsters types, though she'll take less kindly to the latter.
People to give her a hard time— be they Hog's Head clientele, neighbours in the slums, the better-off of Hogsmeade / acquaintances of her old family, or Ministry workers.
Former friends/acquaintances— calling Hogwarts schoolmates or St. Mungo's folks who might remember her or the attack! Also people she might have met lurking about in London in ~1883 after she was turned and very lost in life.
Romance? ...A long shot, but we'll see!

32 | Hufflepuff | WCHB | Rep 5 | Ministry Welcome Witch
Sweet, soft-spoken romantic in a marriage that's falling apart, needs all the things:
Friends— all the working class ladies please! Bonus points for anyone over the age of 25, though she will happily be a doting motherly/older sisterly type to younger WC girls.
Neighbours— Hogsmeade people, particularly in the Slums and Pennyworth! She especially dotes on kids.
Ministry people— she would be loosely acquainted with most employees! I'm sure she has her favourites aka the people who stop and chat, versus those who don't give her the time of day, versus those who are a pain in her ass (do volunteer to test her patience, please) xD Otherwise, she's always happy to help, and also mildly nosy about their lives.
A romantic affair— Sarah is super ready to fall in love again... or form an ill-advised emotional attachment, whichever. This is incredibly open! Throw your men at her, single, married or complicated: could be an UC man in want of a mistress, or a WC man she wishes she'd married instead, a charming rake, whatever. You are more than welcome to break her heart.

AUBREY @Aubrey Davis
30 | WCHB | Rep 7 | Hedgehog
Former footman living as a hedgehog since 1878, save him. He needs:
Connections to @Elijah Urquart— if you're Urquart family, you may remember him from his footman days, but current schoolfriends and Slytherins definitely know "Davis" as Elijah's pet. He's one grumpy hedgehog.
Hogwarts people— come September, I will be throwing him about everywhere at Hogwarts again so hit me up if you would ever like a thread set there.
Former relationships— Aubrey was last a human a decade ago, but would have had: family!, friends - either his age from his 1st year at Hogwarts or just other WC men and women - and potentially a girl he was crushing on? Aubrey was fairly easy to get along with before he... disappeared from existence.
Ridiculous hedgehog threads!

34 | Ravenclaw | MCHB |  Rep 7 | Ancient Runes Professor
A happy-go-lucky nerd, widowed lesbian archaeologist turned overly-enthusiastic new professor, Carmelina needs:
Old friends!— female or male yearmates at Hogwarts or thereabouts; nerdy, bookish, academic types (or into languages or art); MC women in general - Carmelina is a chatterbox, so would attempt to make friends with most anyone even if they have completely different interests. After she got married she was off travelling between 1876-1885, so may have fallen out of touch with some & started reconnecting when she came home.
Lesbians — for flings/potential romance! And/or women to quietly fancy, whatever their sexuality. I don't really know her ~type yet if she has one, but it probably doesn't take much for Carmelina to start crushing xD
Hogwarts people— Runes students and Hogwarts staff, she's very interested in the lives of both.

16 | Hufflepuff | MCPB |  Rep 8 | 5th Year
Sunny but shy and the epitome of teenage insecurity, Jemima needs:
THE LOT!— friends, rivals, crushes, teachers, drama, you know it.
Familyfind the Farleys here!
Diary developments— in January '89, her private diary got posted up about the school. Cue much drama, and many embarrassments for her. Let me know if you'd like a thread in that vein; while the initial shock has died down, Jemima definitely hasn't shaken off the humiliation of this, and won't for some time.

SONNY @Nelson Higgs
14 | Ravenclaw | UCHB |  Rep 7 | 4th Year
Smart and adventurous, though you might not know it, because he's been mute since the age of nine. Nelson needs:
THE LOT!— Friends, rivals, crushes, teachers, drama, you know it. He has a tight-knit friendship group and is probably considered a bit odd by his schoolmates beyond that, but Ravenclaws and OWL students would at least be familiar with him. I'd quite like him to have an enemy, someone who delights in pushing his buttons because they know he can't mouth off.
A mentor— Nelson excels in his theory-based classes, but, given his need to cast everything non-verbally, sucks at everything practical, and is slipping further and further behind his peers. This would have to be a kindly professor, or a very patient and proactive NEWT student, because Nelson isn't big on asking for help.


Everything up there should be roughly up-to-date! I'm currently looking for:


@Evander Darrow
@Ewart Fraser
@Nelson Higgs

and... NEW RELATIONSHIPS & THREADS for the rest!
[-] The following 1 user Likes Elias Grimstone's post:
   Tilda MacFusty

Okie doke, here we go ;)
I'm not sure if we've established their relationship at all, but seeing as @Amelia Evans is a spinster now (cackles) I could see her and Phyri getting along! Amelia might indulge Phyri in her macabre tendencies, but it would be out of nothing but love xD I think they're both quite opinionated so they might clash in opinions sometimes, but they might be good friends?

Good Ol' @Benedict Sterling might catch Kris' fancy career wise since he's at the ministry and used to be head auror. I'm not sure if Kris would look down on him for that position change or not, but they're both Slytherins!

Obviously, we need more BenAri threads once we wrap up their last one ;) we can chat on skype about that more tho. I would like a thread between Ari and @Tilda MacFusty though, I think they'd get along, and if I'm not mistaken they might have already had a thread a long time ago?
@Kingsley Wells works at St. Mungo's, but I think they'd both get along well should they ever meet.

I think we had a Tilda and Elias hurling thread a while back that I let die if you'd want to either revive that or try for a new one.

I might also see him and King get along well!

Lol so I kind of want to hurl Amelia at him, but I'm not sure how she'd react to his grumpiness, nor how they'd meet. She did get in trouble when she was at Hogwarts for setting Barney's robes on fire...But yeah ut if you're up for it I am!

Ben works at the Ministry so he and Evander would have probably seen if not heard of each other, but I'm not sure how they'd do as far as getting along; probably in a professional setting, but not more than that.

Ahhh I think him and Ben would definitely get along, if not Ben would find him amusing.

We've got him and King, but he and Amelia would have been at Hogwarts around the same time, though he would have been a year older than her.

Amelia and his wife are friends, or at the very least acquaintances, so they'd have connections there. King works at St. Mungos so they're co-workers!

He and Ben are co-workers! I'd be down for a training thread with them if Theo is someone that would look to Ben. He and Tilda are former Hogwarts classmates, so they'd be friendly at least I think?

I've always got Tilda for hurls, but aside from that, I'm not sure if anyone else would have come in contact with him? I could also be wrong, it's late and my brain is not the best right now haha

Amelia is friends with his daughter! They might bond over feeling a bit more comfortable with animals rather than people. #AntiSocialSocialClub4Lyfe

We have @Azazel and Ishmael, which I'd like to see more of them >D mostly him annoying her and vice versa, but I'm always down for more plots!

The only connection I could see between them is Azazel, but I'm not sure they'd get along very well? I feel like it'd either be they are okay with each other or they hate each other lol

I could see her and Amelia getting along, though Amelia might have needed some coaxing on her part. She'd warm up eventually once she trusted Sarah. Ben would also probably have harmlessly flirted with her in the past xDD

Aaannnddd that is all I have for you! xDD You know me, hit me up on Skype too if you don't want to clutter this as well. <3

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   Elias Grimstone

[Image: b8x9oM.jpg]
I think I have a few connections for your new people, but not many.

For Nelson!
@Thomas Montgomery is in his year and house, so they're roommates! Thomas isn't the super judgy sort, so I imagine he'd be pretty okay with his being mute and try to horse around.
@Archer Belby has probably sat near/next to him in the common room a few times, knowing he won't chatter his ear off! rofl
@Clementine Rookwood hates bullies, and it's highly likely she has stood up for him a few times if anyone has made fun of him for being mute.

For Ewart:
If he ever pops into Whizzhard Books, @Zachariah Binns probably finds him to be a delight and indulges his new obsessions by helping him find all sorts of information.
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   Elias Grimstone

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
@Tilda MacFusty

So the long and short of it is yes please to all the things. xD On first-things-first for potential threads, may I humbly request an Amelia thread? I would love Phyri and her to be good friends, and think she and Evander would make for a fun hurling thread if nothing else (does she live in Irvingly? I can definitely figure out a way for them to cross paths). Also she's like the one character of yours I feel like I rarely get to thread with - take your pick of friend/hurl/work thread and I can add to my list!

I would also love to thread with Azazel some more! She and Leila would probably amusing to thread with even if they don't get along, because werewolf blood tastes awful so she wouldn't be remotely scared of getting eaten. xD

Those are the things that leapt out at me but if you have anything else you're gunning for hit me on skype, and shout if you want me to start anything!

@Billie Farrow

Oooh yes student connections! Yeah I can see Thomas and Nelson getting on well enough - Nelson would be more comfortable amongst his roommates than most people, although he's definitely silently intimidated of Thomas' transfiguration aptitude.

Haha Nelson is probably very fond of Archer already from being quiet common room buddies. I bet Nelson finds him an amusing subject to watch. And bless you Clem, Nelson would simultaneously appreciate that and be annoyed that people have to come to his aid xD

Also I can tell you with utmost certainty that the delight is reciprocal, Ewart will come by all the time if his obsessions are encouraged like that, and is happy to pay for Zachariah's time in gobstone matches lololol xD
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   Tilda MacFusty

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