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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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March 31st, 1888 — Breakfast Table at Fort Lestrange
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Antigone had left the room before him that morning, which was a relief. He'd pretended to be asleep until he'd heard the door close behind her, to avoid speaking to her again. He had nothing to say, and no energy to fight with her. At least, not before he'd had breakfast. Man could not survive on bile and spite alone.

His wife had left before dawn, and where she'd gone, he frankly didn't care. She wasn't at the breakfast table when he reached it, though a few other family members had already filtered in and taken places sporadically along the long table. The definition of family was far too inclusive for his tastes, this weekend, but there was nothing to be done about that. With any luck, he could get through at least his first meal of the day without needing to socialize with anyone he didn't care to.

"Pass the coffee, please," he said curtly but politely to the relative next to him, as he turned his mug over and glanced around the table to see what was being offered that morning.

Open to anyone who might be at the breakfast table; Evelyn Abercrombie dibsed one of the two rooms bordering Anti's but open to one other who could hear them arguing the night before.
Evelyn Abercrombie should have slept well the night previous. After all, her uncle’s guest rooms were nothing if not comfortable, and she and her husband had been very active just prior to bedtime. Unfortunately, she had been awoken by an argument next door that had evolved into something altogether different, and even when the noise had stopped, the memories of it had lingered.

Knowing that breakfasting in bed—as most married women did—would do little more than furnish her with an excuse to hide in her quarters until lunch time, Evelyn instead had arranged to take breakfast downstairs, though as she dressed and her maid fussed with her hair, she found herself wishing she had made other arrangements. The witch stifled a yawn as she entered the dining room.

She halted in the doorway when she saw that cousin Tiberius was already there, mind flooded once again with images of him—all imagined at the time, as they were now—in the throes with his wife. Evelyn took a deep breath before continuing forward, keenly aware that the only available seats at the table were beside the relative in question or Uncle Priam and his ridiculous new faith. Optimistically, the witch decided she could ignore her discomfort with her cousin if it meant avoiding the ‘blessings of muggleborns’.

“I do prefer a human staff, I think,” Evelyn offered conversationally, though she did not meet her cousin’s eye as she passed him the requested beverage, “to one staffed with house elves. I always feel as though I am back at Hogwarts when I visit such homes, and I think it’s much cleaner to simply have a footman serve.”

Did her tone betray her discomfort, Evelyn wondered? Did Tiberius know that she knew?

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Tiberius imagined he must have sat down in the middle of a conversation about the benefits of human staff over house elves, because he could not see why on earth Evelyn would have said such a thing had it not been part of a larger conversation. On its own, it was inane, so he assumed he must have been missing context. Surely she couldn't have been addressing the comment to him. If pressed to have an opinion, he supposed he preferred house elves to human staff, as the former could tolerate much more abuse and had a more natural proclivity towards discretion where the goings-on of their masters were concerned. That being said, he really would have preferred not to express any opinion at all. Maybe she was speaking to one of the other women at the table... if this was the sort of thing that housewives were supposed to care about, he supposed. Antigone had never seemed interested, but then, Antigone wasn't interested in much that didn't directly benefit her.

"Mm," he mumbled noncommittally as he poured. "We've a mix of both. I don't know what my wife's preference is," he admitted, tone clearly implying he had no particular desire to learn. "But it isn't as though we host a great many dinner parties."
That much did not surprise her, if what Ellory had to say on their cousin’s wife was to be believed. Then, of course, there was the fact that she had—as a married woman—been briefly interred at the school for finishing. In those regards, Antigone Lestrange was not suited to the role of society wife. Unfortunately, Evelyn knew too well that Mrs. Lestrange was wifely in other regards.

“Well, not everyone is altogether suited to hosting,” she allowed with a false cheerfulness. “Particularly those of a more private disposition, like our uncle—though I will say that he and Mrs. Lestrange do a lovely job when so inclined.”

A lovely job at hosting, the witch emphasized to herself silently. Merlin forbid she get images of them doing a lovely job at anything else dancing throughout her mind!

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Tiberius took a sip of coffee and tried to banish the idea of ever having to host anything from his mind. He was quite convinced that his uncle Lucius wouldn't have felt inclined to do so had it not been for the recent changes to his character wrought by his new wife and the additional son. The Lucius Lestrange that Tiberius had grown up beneath did not host frivolous parties, full of useless people — and although everyone at this event was, in a manner of speaking, 'family,' a good many of them were also useless.

He supposed at some age or other he would have to host some people — if he ever had any children survive to adulthood, that was. At the rate they were currently going, it didn't seem very likely. They'd already dispatched with the unnecessary daughter, and the malformed son, which left them now with only one with the potential to survive to her Hogwarts years. While his scheme to get himself an heir might see him saddled with two sons at some point in the future, he was hardly going to take in extra baggage when it came to his offspring — and, luckily, he did not think he would be anyone's first choice when it came to assigning wards from deceased relations, so his house was likely to stay a quiet one.

Evelyn was too frivolous to understand the need for solitude, he thought, so he merely commented, "I imagine this is mostly Mrs. Lestrange's doing. Family get-togethers were never quite so inclusive before."
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Evelyn raised an eyebrow. Was that some sort of veiled criticism? While it was true that Uncle Lucius had never been the sort to open his home to the brood at large, he was hardly an unsocial man—or he would not have accomplished all he had, politically. Frankly, while Lucius Lestrange was quite an intimidating sort, she was affronted on his behalf that Tiberius would imply this change was a bad.

Evey pursed her lips in displeasure, remembering her mother’s old adage: if you cannot think of anything nice or clever to say, keep your mouth closed lest you say something stupid instead.

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The meal table lapsed into uncomfortable silence, but Tiberius was entirely oblivious to the tension. He had never been good at picking up social cues unless he was particularly looking for them, and he had no reason to devote such attentions to his cousin Evelyn at a mundane breakfast. The lack of conversation seemed to him to be a decided improvement, and so he did nothing to break it as he continued to eat.

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