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He pulled her towards him, and Juliana hooked her arm around his bicep without thinking, digging her fingers into the fabric of his coat. This might have been a perfectly natural position had he offered her his arm, but he hadn't, and when it occurred to her a moment later what she was doing she felt distinctly embarrassed by it. She glanced up to see if he'd noticed and got the distinct impression that he had, which only made matters worse.

"— my apologies," she said briskly, letting go of his arm and taking a step out in front of them despite the snow. The weather immediately assaulted her now that she was no longer under the protection of either the charm or of his silhouette (he was much larger than she was and had effectively blocked at least some of the wind and snow), and she couldn't help but shiver, crossing her arms over her chest. "If only I'd known to dress for snow today," she said, shaking her head. She did not wait for a response, but forged ahead towards the Leaky Cauldron, the hem of her skirt already soaking in the melted slush below her feet.

He felt the absence of her more than he had felt her presence, and Balt hastened—as much as the weather would allow—to keep pace with her as they continued their quest for the Leaky Cauldron.

"Miss Binns," he called over the growing wind, "perhaps we might try a more direct approach?"

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Juliana hadn't the faintest idea what he meant by a more direct approach, but stopped to look at him at the suggestion. A shortcut, perhaps? She thought she knew Diagon Alley fairly well from years of working there, and from living in London her whole life, but magical streets could be tricky sometimes, so it was possible there was a better route that she hadn't realized. Anything to cut down their time in the snow would be preferable.

"Oh," she said, arms still wrapped tight around her chest. "Of course."

She waited for him to offer some indication of what she ought to do next.

Without further ado—for which it would have been far too blustery—Balthazar placed an arm tightly around Miss Binns' shoulders, disapparating them both with a sharp pop!

Their destination—the alley behind the Cauldron—formed just as suddenly about them, though a cold sensation in his legs was the first thing to alert Balt to the fact that he had apparated the pair into a snow bank that now trapped him up to his waist.

"Merlin's beard!" he exclaimed.

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As someone without an apparition license, apparating to their destination had not even occurred to her. She didn't realize what he meant until she was already being tugged out of her current position. Between the unexpectedness of this development, the disorientation of side-along apparition in general, and the unevenness of their landing in the snow bank, Juliana promptly lost her balance and fell over, sinking into several feet of snow.
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"Miss Binns!" Balt exclaimed, the solidness of the alley wall and the inn itself largely sheltering them—for now—from the blizzard. Hastily, the wizard manoeuvred the best he could, reaching into the snow for her hand before toppling over on top of her.
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"Ooof," Juliana exclaimed as the breath was knocked out of her. Minister Urquart's elbow had dug right into her stomach as he'd fallen. Obviously, she wanted to remedy this situation as soon as possible, but since he was both considerably larger than her and on top of her she wasn't sure she had much recourse. She tried to squirm to one side slightly, so that he wasn't all over her, but the mass of snow cocooning her made it difficult.

Giving up, she stopped moving and looked at Mr. Urquart's face (which was sort of difficult due to its proximity to her own — she couldn't focus on both of his eyes at once with him this close). "Well," she said helplessly. "This has taken a turn."

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