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Charming has a number of lonely plots looking for love. Why not take a gander and see what hijinks your character can get up to? — Kayte ( Submit your own)
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Clare Victoria Basiltree for Christopher Basiltree.
Meddlesome mother, but make her a squib <3
The thought of marrying Cecily Gallivan had occurred to Fitz in the way that the thought of marrying any attractive young lady did: a firm maybe and a hasty step away to more pleasurable topics, like sport or brandy.Fitzroy Prewett in Well. That took a turn.
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Complete five threads where your character experiences good luck, such as finding a sickle on the ground or being saved from a fall!

Out of Context IC Quotes
Stolen from the old site:
Quote:The concept: You'll quote parts of your threads which aren't meant to sound naughty but they sound naughty when they're out of context.

To start off, @J. Alfred Darrow in Crashing Into You
Quote:It was a shame that none of her clothes looked to be easily removed
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Quote:“Surprise me!” the slytherin smirked. “A lady loves to be surprised.” And she slightly leaned forward to observe him stroke his broom.
@October Lynch in this thread
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magical set by mj!
Ford/Billy had a zillion of these but this was particularly egregious:

Ford shifted uneasily and rubbed his thumb over the shaft of his wand, wondering if he might be called upon to use it at some point during this interaction.

Brain Freeze
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Bree made this because she loves me <3
In which @Charles Macmillan is just a gem at all times in A Girl Worth Fighting For

Quote:He swallowed hard as a show of defiance against the tip of Macnair's wand, the pressure of it almost satisfying

Quote:Charles really did feel an urge to resume their struggle but he was admittedly feeling a little fatigued, he'd had a full day of work before rolling around on the floor after all.
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