Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Martha Skeeter
    Full Name: Martha Ann Skeeter nÚe Bagshot.

    Nicknames: Maxwell calls her Mattie when they're alone and no one can hear him.

    Birthdate: 14th February 1835

    Current Age: 48 years old.

    Occupation: Housewife and mother.

    Hogwarts House: Former Hufflepuff due to her great capacity for tolerance and love.

    Wand: Ash, 14 inches, springy with a unicorn hair core. Martha is left-handed.

    Blood Status: Pure blood.

    Social Class: Middle class.

    Maxwell Skeeter | Husband
    Archibald Skeeter | Son
    Barnabas Skeeter | Son
    Antonius Skeeter | Son
    Mortimer Skeeter | Son
    Thompson Skeeter | Son
    Tamsin Skeeter | Daughter

    Appearance: With long blonde hair, porcelain skin and blue eyes she suits Maxwell in many ways and all of their children resemble one or other of them. Despite being considered the prettier of the two sisters Martha never went out of her way to flaunt her many attractions. Standing at 5'4 and with a figure that lent itself to her many pregnancies well she was in her youth a much sought after girl and now she remains a lovely woman, albeit now with signs of age beginning to set in around the lips and eyes. Regardless Martha is still beautiful, to no one quite so much as Maxwell, and her smile is one of the few things that elicit the same from her husband.


    1835: Born the second daughter of Mortimer and Belladonna Bagshot Martha is pretty and happy child and from the very beginning she gets along with her older sister Maria (born 1833).

    After an uneventful childhood, filled with playing and reading fairy tales she displays her first sign of magic at the age of six when the little boy next door stole her daisy chain and she set it on fire in her anger.

    1846: Martha attends Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff almost immediately. She's a fairly average student, hard-working but no genius, except in Care of Magical Creatures and Potions, the latter mostly due to her own diligence but the former because of some deeper instinct with animals she possesses.

    1854: Leaves Hogwarts with mixed grades and considers going abroad for the Grand Tour with her sister but that idea is quashed when Maxwell Skeeter catches her eye and she knows immediately that he is the man she is going to marry.

    5th January 1855: Marries Maxwell Skeeter and learns very quickly that his occasional cold manners don't mean he doesn't love her. It is just as well that she learnt this because Maxwell will never change.

    19th March 1856: A son, Archibald, is born to Maxwell and Martha, named proudly for his Muggle grandfather. Martha feels the bond with him immediately and knows in that moment that she will never feel any higher purpose than her children. She will spend the rest of her life silently pitying any women not similarly blessed, including her own sister, much to Marie's disgust.

    1859: Martha gives birth to a second son, Barnabus.

    September, 1863: Martha's third successful pregnancy produces another son, Antonius: the name is inspired by Maxwell's love of classical history and literature and at no point does Martha object because she has little interest in what the children are called ûMaxwell does so she indulges him û as long as she gets to mother them relentlessly. She falls pregnant again almost immediately, much to her amusement.

    May, 1864: Archie has his first epileptic fit, unseen by Martha. Maxwell struggles with his reaction but Martha's instinct is to cry, hug him tightly and sing him to sleep every night, which lasts about a fortnight before Maxwell forcibly removes her to their bedroom so she can rest in preparation for their fourth child.

    17th July, 1864: Their fourth son, Mortimer, is born, and named for his maternal grandfather.

    22nd May, 1867: Martha delivers a fifth son, Thompson.

    1st September, 1867: Archie leaves for Hogwarts and Martha aches with his absence every day and worries about him incessantly. While she doesn't really care about the house he chose she does wish it could have been any other than Slytherin.

    1st April, 1868: Martha gives birth to their sixth and final child û a much desired girl who becomes the apple of her parent's eyes.

    7th May, 1869: Maxwell's father dies of a heart attack and though her husband is obviously sad Martha can't help but wonder if he'll be so stoic if it was she who died.

    1st September, 1870: Barnabas begins at Hogwarts, and is also sorted into Slytherin, a house Martha learns to make her peace with.

    31st July, 1872: When Archie announces his intention to leave school Martha is initially greatly concerned for his future, however she is not one to rant and rave and instead found a practical solution. Unbeknownst to Maxwell û although she is under little doubt that he guessed even if they never spoke about it û she asked her father to offer Archie a job to at least give him some purpose.

    1st September, 1875: Both Antonius and Mortimer begin at Hogwarts, with Antonius sorted into Gryffindor and Mortimer into Hufflepuff, and Martha is pleased because Maxwell is pleased û at least she might get some peace now!

    1st September, 1878: Thomspon begins at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw and Martha is pleased by the fact that she now has a child in each house, implying a diversity in her children's personalities that her own parents encouraged. She might not be quite as bohemian as the rest of her family, but their influence is still great and she still holds onto some of their notions.

    1st September, 1879: Tamsin is the last of the Skeeter children to begin her Hogwarts education. She is sorted into Hufflepuff, something that further confirms her position in her parents affections.

    May, 1882: Both Antonius and Mortimer finish their schooling, and Martha is heart-broken by Antonius' decision to work as a curse breaker in South American. After so many years of him being away at school she had been looking forward to getting him back but it was not to be and she refuses to stand in his way no matter how sad it makes her. Mortimer's decision to join the ministry pleases her though, as it means he will be closer.

    Personality: A kind soul with a wry sense of humour that has seen her well through her life and long marriage Martha has never been the showiest person in any given room but she is usually someone people respond well to. She is enormously tolerant of her husband's attitude towards the children because she firmly believes that deep down he loves them just as much as she does; she is the only person who sees Maxwell's softer side and this gives her a sense of contentment in her marriage that makes her whole demeanour soft. With her children she's the ideal mother, loving and understanding and she has a great capacity for compassion that is very welcome to the children given Maxwell's completely opposite attitude. She loves him deeply and unendingly despite his shortcomings and she has never considered them anything other than incredibly lucky to have each other.

    Sample Roleplay Post: See Helena.


    Name: Lauren.

    Age: 23.

    Contact: PM. MSN. Yahoo.

    Other Characters: Helena MacMillan, Margaret O'Neill, Reuben Pendegast.
    [Image: 2v3gaqb.jpg]
    prettiful set by Bex
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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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