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Poppying Out Another
February 14th, 1891 - Pebble Cottage

If being woken by the familiar pains of labor was not exactly how February thought she would be spending her St. Valentine's. She had anticipated schmoozing her husband into a back rub, a long warm soak in the tub after Violet was in bed and some canoodling that she was too big now to end in the good way, but snuggling was acceptable.

There went those plans.

She'd lay in discomfort for a little while before slapping Edric awake after a particularly long contraction. She needed him to get Mrs. H and summon the midwife. Thus the day of labor began. If Violet's was anything to go on, at least it wouldn't be too long. Wasn't the second one supposed to be easier too? In the glow of becoming a mother and then the subsequent pregnancy (which had been blissfully easier than Violet's!) the pain of childbirth had been completely forgotten. It was just as bad as the first time, of that she was certain.

Luckily it had been quicker, Mrs. H and the midwife, a Miss Moony this time, had commended her quick efforts to expel the newest addition of the Umbridge family— another girl. Much like the first time, they two experts left and Edric was readmitted to the room. "We have another girl," Merlin she hoped he was alright with that. He had to be, Febs was already so smitten.

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February as spent most of her time as Mrs. Umbridge pregnant, and by the eight-month mark Edric was beginning to miss being able to toss her around like he had in the first months of their marriage. Violet was a blessing, and this child would be, too; he didn't know he planned to ask her to plan accordingly so they wouldn't have another for at least a few years, but that wasn't what he was worried about today. Today was about his wife. Today was about their child.

The tension left his shoulders as the two women left the room, Mrs. H touching him affectionately on the shoulder as she told him everything was well. The moment they passed Edric turned and speed-walked into the room, surveying the scene. Febby was on the bed, looking tired but healthy, and in her arms—

A beautiful baby girl.

A smile broke out on his face, and in another two strides he was at their beside. He peeked down at the infant, which had been sensibly wrapped in a towel and placed against Febby's chest. He couldn't see her face, but her hair was as dark as Edric's and her skin lily white; Edric was immediately smitten as well.

"Whatever will we call her?" he said, almost teased as he sunk to the floor on his knees to get a better look. They had a Violet—if they wanted to continue the trend, they could go for colors, or even flowers.

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Like with Violet, Febby had worried momentarily that Edric would be disappointed that the baby was a girl, but again she hadn't needed to be concerned. She smiled sleepily at him, leaning back on her pillow, body aching, but her heart was full.

"I have ideas about that." Febby had been thinking about it, but had also been convinced this one was a boy. Scratch those until next time. Which would hopefully be in a couple years. That might be hard though, considering she and her husband were so fond of their bedroom time. "Since we have our Violet, I thought maybe another flower?" Colors could be an option as well, but Febs hadn't been able to come up with any she really liked.

Flowers had been more fun, trying to think of some obscure ones. Then again she wasn't even sold on having a theme to the kids' names. Just look at what had happened in her family after all. "Ivy, Daisy, Poppy, or Magnolia?" She was very fond of the last two, but wanted his input as well.

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