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Julian Fisk
Full Name: Julian Aramis Fisk
Birthdate: March 6th, 1853
Current Age: Thirty-Seven Years
Occupation: Adventure Novelist
Reputation: 8. A Fisk is a Fisk.
Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus ('71)
Wand: Alder, 12 inches, Unicorn hair, Surprisingly swishy
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle Class
Brannon Fisk, Father [1825]
Delia Fisk née Davis, Mother [1832-1884]
Ari Fisk, Brother [1851], and family
Katia Meadowes née Fisk, Sister [1854], and family
Konstantin Fisk, Brother [1857]
Roslyn Ross née Fisk, Sister [1859], and family
Leonid Fisk, Brother [1861]
Xena Fisk, Sister [1861]
Dorian Fisk, Brother [1864]
Nemo Fisk, Brother [1866]
Zelda Fisk, Sister [1868]
Best described as a "gentle giant", Julian might have once been terrifying at a broad and tall six feet... if not for his inability to look like anything other like an oversized teddy bear. His body was once visibly muscular (curse-breaking is a physically demanding job) but after losing his leg in an accident he's grown a little softer around the edges. In fact, he's always been a little soft; his jaw has never never been very pronounced, and he never quite lost all of the baby fat on his face.

His body is dusted with dark hair, which is the most visible on his lower arms and wrists, and he always has visible stubble no matter how recently he's shaved. The hair on his head is a few shades lighter and is scattered with reddish highlights here and there. His eyes are a piercing blue, but their round shape and his soft brows make it impossible for him to look intimidating.

Julian has never followed fashion, but is not clueless, either. He dresses in well-fitted suits but always looked a little disheveled, partially because he finds staying neat too much of a challenge to bother, and partially because underneath his left pant leg is a prosthetic leg. He isn't one for accessories, but always has a watch that's set ten minutes ahead; he's always had trouble being punctual and has finally found a working hack. He wields his wand with his left hand.
1853 | Julian is born to Brannon and Delia Fisk. He's their second-born son and is loved immensely.

1854 | Katia is born. Still under the care of a nurse, Julian hardly recognizes the changes in his family...

1857 | ... until Ellis Konstantin is born. Nearly four at the time of his birth, Julian is hesitant when meeting his brother for the first time, but decides that he'll enjoy showing him the ways of the world (thus is his nature as a Master Backyard Explorer).

1859 | Roslyn is born. Julian is decidedly less excited about the addition of a girl, but he decides she is cute and enjoys playing her protector against fictitious beasts in the nursery. He once knocks a book off a shelf dangerously close to where she is sleeping, and the panic causes his first sign of magic. The book flies into the air and back onto the shelf. He cannot bear to admit to anyone what happened.

1860 | Julian admits to his family he displayed his first sign of magic the year prior, but will not give specifics. He's not sure if any of them truly believe him, but he knows he's a wizard. He just knows.

1861 | The twins, Leonid and Xena, are born. They're a handful from the beginning—as is the way of twins—and Julian detaches from the reality of their existence until they're old enough to interact with. Which, in his estimation, is six months later.

1864 | Dorian is born at the beginning of the year. Julian goes off to Hogwarts in September with Ari, now an incoming third year, and is delighted to be sorted into his father's house of Ravenclaw. With a strong mind and a love of reading, to say that Julian does well in his classes would be an understatement—he thrives. He does, however, get detention for his reckless pursuits, and somehow his parents find out before he opens his mouth.

1866 | Nemo is born during the second term of his second year, and he is allowed to return home to greet the new babe. In September he begins his third year alongside Katia, who is sorted into Hufflepuff. He chooses Ancient Studies, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes as his OWL classes, and it's not long before "adventurer" becomes a viable career choice in his mind.

1868 | Zelda is born during the summer. Julian enters his fifth year with first-year Konstantin in tow, prepared to take his OWLs in the spring—but apparently not to have his first kiss, which he runs away from. (It isn't that she wasn't pretty. No, she was too pretty.)

1869 | Julian takes his OWLs and Ari graduates. Their scores return, and Julian is pleased with his frankly exemplary results—all Es and Os!—and Ari seems happy enough with his as he enters into a healing internship. Not pleased to reduce his course load despite the knowledge that NEWT-level classes are more time-consuming, he opts for the maximum of seven: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms, History of Magic, and Transfiguration.

1870 | He enters into his seventh year just as Roslyn joins their siblings in Hufflepuff, and Julian is almost sad that he won't be there to protect her beyond that year. He does his best to be the best big brother he can be for the time being.

1871 | Julian graduates and spends the summer exploring career options. Of course, being an adventurer is ideal but unrealistic; he cannot afford to go exploring the world without a sponsor, and eighteen-year-old men don't get random sponsors. By the time his NEWT results return—once again, all Es and Os!—he decides to enter Gringotts' cursebreaker apprentice program despite his father's protests. And there are protests. Loud ones.

1872 | Xena and Leonid leave for Hogwarts the week before he receives his first assignment. As a part of his curse-breaking apprenticeship he is sent to Egypt, but not really to do much. He assists in tasks adjacent to the expedition underway—research, rune translations, tea runs, etc.—but is never allowed to lift his wand.

1873 | Julian is still in Egypt at the end of his curse-breaking apprenticeship, and the moment he is able to work directly with the expedition team for the first time is one celebrated by everyone who'd worked with him.

1874 | Julian is given leave from the expedition to attend his sister Katia's wedding. He is temporarily reassigned to the Gringotts vaults in Britain after concerns come up about illegal happenings in a handful of vaults and settles back into routine with his family.

1875 | Reassigned to the West Indies for an expedition a mere week before his younger brother Dorian is set to begin Hogwarts, Julian spends the first two weeks beating himself up over it. He reassures himself that he couldn't have done anything, but still, his brother will forever remember that he wasn't there for it.

1876 | The Indies are... well, they're harsh, and Julian hates everything about the hot, sticky climate, and it shows on his face. He'd always been a jovial spirit, but there's something about constantly peeling his shirt away from his skin that brings out the worst in him. It doesn't help that most of the magical creatures there hostile, and that the task the team is trying to solve seems impossible. In hindsight, he realizes most of the conflicts in his story are inspired by conflicts in the West Indies.

1877 | Finally he is given an "out" of his expedition when Roslyn marries and his request to return home for the ceremony is approved. He stays only long enough to see Nemo off to Hogwarts before he returns to the West Indies. The expedition team—a useless lot, they are—finally figures out how to control the climate around their tents. (Who knew controlling more extreme climates was more difficult than controlling the mild British climate? Literally anyone with a brain, except for the people he's working with. If only he'd perfected his weather spells before the expedition ever began!)

1878 | The expedition is a success, and Julian returns home to Britain... only to be sent off to France for a joint mission with French ministerial curse-breakers less than a month later. Most of his action sequences in his novels come from his time in France, which makes sense considering part of his mission involved calling French aurors for backup after discovering a cult of dark wizards.

1879 | Julian returns home when the France expedition reaches its conclusion. He's there to see Leonid and Xena graduate and Zelda off to Hogwarts in September. Though still employed by Gringotts, most of his workload for the rest of the year (and the next year after that) includes lots and lots of research and plenty of translations. He sharpens his skills in other languages as he's forced to translate everything from Greek to Arabic (with help from others in the office, of course).

1881 | Xena gets engaged, and then unengaged. He's gotten really good at being the aloof brother where family matters are concerned, but still offers his sister a shoulder to cry on whenever necessary. He reconnects with old school friends, who invite him to a brothel. In that moment Julian realizes he's never gotten around to bedding a woman so, naturally, refuses to go.

1882 | sent back to west indies. broke leg off. come home. There is a problem back at the old site of the West Indies expedition. Julian is sent back to the scene with a handful of others, and Julian is terrible at last-minute preparations, and somehow that results in a curse backfiring and severing his leg clean off his body. He is tended to by locals, but eventually is sent back to London to be evaluated by healers. He gets a magical prosthetic leg that functions much like a normal one, but lacks the sensations of a real leg. He is forced into retirement and spends the rest of the year being upset about it. His mother welcomes him back into his childhood home, but he hates looking at his dad's I told you so expression all day. He needs to find something to do. Life doesn't end at age twenty-nine.

1883 | An opportunity appears in the form of Hogsmeade. It's now fashionable to live in the small Scottish village, and even his father—a man who hates Scotland—moves there to be closer to family. Julian joins them, but in his own South Bartonburg home. He begins publishing stories in the local newspaper under his own name. It only takes three months before he is contacted by a proper publisher who wants to sign a book deal with him—and Julian takes it.

1884 | Leonid almost dies, and then his mother does die, and during the laughing plague at that. Plenty of things had been a constant in the Fisk family over his lifetime—bickering, scheduling conflicts, and always plenty of love—but death was never one of them, and it sucks the happiness right out of Julian. He renegotiates his contract with the book publisher in light of the death.

1885 | His first book is published. It's geared towards older Hogwarts students, and is short enough for people with short attention spans but gripping enough to keep the attention of avid readers. It's dark, too—almost too dark, and it's the focal point of many of the first reviews. His book is not a smashing success, but he gains recognition as one of Hogsmeade's hometown authors, and he likes that.

1886 | Zelda graduates and begins work at the Ministry, which seems strange given his other sister's inclination for marriage, but upon reflection, doesn't seem strange for Zelda at all. Xena is kidnapped, but is returned. There are rumors about what happened in the time between her kidnapping and her return, but like most rumors, they fade with time. Julian publishes his second book, which is a greater success than his first and racks in the royalties.

1887 | Roslyn's husband becomes Minister for Magic, which is just... great. He definitely loves all the attention that comes with, especially since Konstantin gets involved in he campaign. He definitely loves it. Definitely. He publishes another book.

1888 | One of the unfortunate side-effects of being so fond of every single one of his siblings is his implicit trust in their judgment. He realizes how bad an idea that is when Zelda disappears at a party only to return hours later, looking completely... ravished. He suspects that she's lost her virginity, but doesn't say anything and brings her home. Ari gets married in December, and Julian publishes another book the week before Christmas.

1889 | Now with plenty of money and his name recognizable to the population of Hogsmeade that reads fiction, Julian hires a ghostwriter to help him publish multiple books per year. At first he is overwhelmingly bossy with his ghostwriter and does most of the work apart from the actual wording, but he soon relaxes once he realizes how well the ghostwriter can mimic his stype.

1890 | He upgrades to a home in North Bartonburg. His father says something about marrying soon, which sends off all sorts of alarms in his head and he deflects with the ease of a novelist with a dozen famous comebacks. Zelda begins courting—apparently without their father's permission—and Julian cannot find the courage to vocalize that he actually likes J. Alfred Darrow.

1891 | Xena is set to marry in March. Julian's eighth book is published.
Adventurous and smart. Those were Julian's defining characteristics, at least through his youth. He's always wanted answers to questions—especially questions that had not yet been answered—and would go to great, often dangerous lengths to answer them. He rarely showed any regard for his own safety, and would come up with excuses for his actions after the fact.

In adulthood, Julian has settled into routine and no longer craves adventure as he once did. Age has taken a toll on his body, but has strengthened his mind—even if he does not always use it properly. Though intelligent and a good conversationalist (not to mention a stellar author, if reviews mean anything) he lacks a sense of responsibility for anything outside his daily routine. He has no difficulty living up to expectations when given the time to plan for them, but last-minute responsibilities are often met with poor handling.

Despite his place as the second-eldest, Julian has expressed no interest in marriage, often deflecting questions with self-deprecating, good-humored remarks such as "I must have stuck my head in one too many romance novels", or "A one-legged man can only get out so much", but in truth, he lacks experience with the ladies and assumes he is too old to begin now.

  • Fluent in native English, along with French, Spanish, and Arabic. His knowledge of each language fades as time passes, but he quickly recovers his conversational abilities when given a chance to brush up on the grammar and vocabularly. He can decipher Ancient Runes, understand Gobbledegook, and can read Latin.
  • A skilled writer and correspondent.
  • Knowledge of curses, curse-breaking, and all sorts of advanced transfiguration and charm work. He's surprisingly never been good at combative magic, but that comes more from a reluctance to cause harm (even to bad people) than magical ability.
  • Although apparition was once his preferred transportation method, he's been advised to be cautious while apparating with his prosthetic leg and opts for the floo network whenever possible.

  • His boggart is an upright coffin with the body of whatever sibling he's been fretting most about lately.
  • He hasn't sniffed amortentia in a while and would opt out if offered the chance to.
  • He is a virgin, not because he thinks it's best saved for marriage (which he does, but that's not why), but because so much time passed without him thinking of women and sex that he's embarrassed to admit that he's never been with anyone when the opportunity arises. At this point it's safer to stay celibate than face the humiliation, right?
  • His adventure novels are geared towards young adults and have a slight "Magic Tree House" vibe to them.

Ancient RunesOO
Ancient StudiesO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicOO

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Age: 21
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