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Little Nightmares
19th February, 1891 — The Slums
This was not the first time Leila had been made homeless. It had always been an unceremonious ritual, too, but this was one of the least ceremonious evictions she had faced - including the one when her parents had thrown her out of the house, because at least they’d had the decency to have her things packed first.

She could have guessed this was coming, because her landlord had never liked her anyway and he’d tried to get rid of her once or twice before, but she’d always paid her rent for her rooms and this sham about the building being deemed ‘unsafe’ and an ‘immediate risk’ was entirely untrue, because the crack in the ceiling had been there since she’d moved in. She’d argued against it as long and as vehemently as she could, but obviously on the orders of his wife he’d refused to leave until she did, and had rampaged through the place throwing her things out of the upstairs windows until she’d given up.

Leila kicked the front door in utter frustration, glad that it was getting dark around here so there’d be fewer people on the streets to pry about why there were shoes and a dented washbowl and an open suitcase scattered on the street and one of her petticoats stuck on a nail by the downstairs window frame. She’d put an enlarging charm on the suitcase, then dropped her bloody wand down into it and couldn’t find it in the dark, and was too frustrated to tip everything out and start over, so she reached up to try and pull down the petticoat herself. And couldn’t reach it.

“For Merlin’s sake,” she hissed to herself, backing up a pace - and into someone.
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