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February 15th, 1891 - The Irvingly Arms
It wasn't often that Benji found himself in Irvingly; mostly because taking the floo meant he felt the need to have a reason to go there, and he usually didn't have a reason. Seeing Joe, though, that was a reason, and he was looking forwards to it - they were pals, and it was always nice to get a pint at somewhere fancier than The Hog's Head. (Benji refused to go to The Three Broomsticks.)

They met that evening after their respective workdays - for once Benji actually had a pretty easy workday, in that no one had succeeded in hitting him - and had just gotten their first pint at the table.

"And how're the lads?" Benji asked. They lived in similarish circumstances, sure - namely, a house full of working class men - but Joseph's house was a lot more chaotic than Benji's was, and it was polite to ask before they really cracked into their conversation-slash-their-pints.

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Ah yes. This had what Joe had been waiting for. After work Irvingly Arms. He had his pint in his hand on the table in front of him. A good session bitter. Sitting with a friend. This was what dreams were made of. All the stress and tension of the day - poof, gone.

"Not too bad," Joe replied, almost surprised to say that, "Managing to stay out of trouble for once in their lives."

"How's work?" he continued, he too doing the polite catch up, "Anyone try to kill you recently?" That was one of the many reasons Joe liked the zoo, no one tried to murder him there.
The lads would surely be back in trouble sooner or later, and Benji was pleasantly surprised that he'd never had to arrest any of them. "Did I tell you that the secretary stunned me in December?" he asked, with a grin, "Not on purpose, but it still happened. I bet that doesn't happen at your job." He raised his pint at Benji, as well as his eyebrows.

Wow. Joe had to spit the bitter in his mouth back into his glass. He howled with laughter. That was fantastic. He was truly tickled by Benji's story.

"Wow Benji," he replied, once he had finished laughing, "Merlin save the people of Hogsmeade if a secretary can take you out." Obviously, Joe had absolutely no issues with this secretary. He knew first hand that witches could be powerful too. Sex did not determine magical ability.

But Benji being taken out by a secretary? There was no way Joe wasn't going to rag him about that.
Benji laughed, sheepishly, into his glass. "In my defense I was trying to restrain a criminal at the time," he said. It was funny - he knew objectively that it was very funny - but he did want to add in some of the less emasculating details. Especially before he followed up with an even more sheepish: "She's really into the church thing too."

Joe threw his head back in laughter. "Wow." he stated again, shaking his head. "Not just taken out by any secretary. You got taken out by a churchy secretary. Wooooow." He purposely extended this last word, and shaking his head for dramatic effect. He stared disapprovingly at Benji as he took a long sip of his pint.

After his drink he grinned. "No, I'm only joking," he continued, tone much more serious, "Maybe it was the power of magical Jesus being channelled through her." Joe was aware of the Church of Magical Jesus. He was not sold on it.
Benji was willing to admit that this was an area where he probably deserved the ragging, and laughed into his pint glass at the idea of magical Jesus being channeled through Blythe.

"Yeah, alright, fine," he said, "You try taking on a churchy secretary, see what happens."

Joe shrugged. "Fair," he replied, "I feel like I'm not known for my duelling skills. I'm sure your secretary could take me out just as easily."

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