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Ladies Duel: Miss F. Abernathy vs. Miss M. Macnair
March 6th, 1891 — Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom

One of his own versus a formidable and former Healer-in-Charge of the Potions & Plant Poisoning unit. An interesting match, if he ever thought of one; Auror Abernathy was certainly talented and more than capable of holding her own. Once he introduced the contestants and read the rules, Faustus motioned for Mrs Macnair to begin.

— @Mariana Macnair/@Ursula Black
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   Fallon Abernathy

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An auror eh? This would be interesting.

Mariana bowed almost as sharply as she drew her wand shortly thereafter. Seeing as her opponent was an auror there was no point in holding back, as such she sent a rather nasty hex her way. If it hit its mark it would cause her skin to burn and blister which ought to make it difficult to retaliate.

@Fallon Abernathy | @Melody Crouch

Thanks, Rune, for a beauteous set <3
Ever since the men's tournament Fallon had been itching to duel competitively. Granted, this tournament wasn't as exciting seeing as she was primarily competing against socialites and debutantes, but at least it was something.

Grateful Mrs. Macnair didn't appear to be biding her time, Fallon attempted to redirect the hex to land back on the original caster.
@Faustus Prewett
With a nasty gurgling sound, boils erupted all over Abernathy's skin, crackling with a most grotesque noise. Faustus watched as his employee was rendered unable to retaliate. "This point goes to Mrs. Macnair." he stated, as Abernathy's condition was restored. "Auror Abernathy, please begin when you're ready."

— @Fallon Abernathy/@Melody Crouch
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[Image: 3ojKV8.jpg]
She hissed in pain at the boils erupting, though vowed not to allow any lingering sensation to detract from the rest of the duel.

With a flick of her wand, Fallon conjured a dozen snakes designed to wrap around Mrs Macnair in a full body bind.

@Mariana Macnair

sexy af set by Bee
[Image: FcwU3c.png]
Mariana was pleased to have won the first round but it was hardly time to celebrate just yet. She decided to see off whatever spell Miss Abernathy was sending her way with a good old fashioned shield charm.

@Faustus Prewett | @Amelia Evans

Thanks, Rune, for a beauteous set <3
Abernathy's spell worked in a trice, and in the blink of an eye, Mrs. Macnair was bound in a swarm of slithering snakes. As Faustus waved his wand to vanish the snakes, he nodded at Auror Abernathy. "Auror Abernathy, this point goes to you. Mrs. Macnair if you would please begin our tie-breaking round."

— @Mariana Macnair/@Ursula Black
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[Image: 3ojKV8.jpg]
She hadn't expected her shield charm to fail but she had to say of all the spells for it to fail on a horde of conjured snakes was possibly the least concerning for her. She'd handled more venomous ones this morning! Just because her opponent didn't know she was particularly fond of snakes didn't mean the outcome of the round would be any different, especially when said snakes were physically restraining her.

Once freed, Mariana felt inspired to keep to the theme of snakes and tried to curse her opponent's hair into an angry clump of attack snakes reminiscent of Medusa.

@Fallon Abernathy | @Melody Crouch

Thanks, Rune, for a beauteous set <3
Delighted by her win of the round, Fallon threw up a shield to deflect the incoming curse.

@Faustus Prewett

sexy af set by Bee
[Image: FcwU3c.png]
With an influx of hissing, Abernathy's locks immediately were rippling, writhing snakes. "Mrs. Macnair has won this round. Auror Abernathy, my comiserations."

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[Image: 3ojKV8.jpg]

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