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February 10th, 1890 — Potions Storage; Hogsmeade Hospital
The decision to move to Hogsmeade and Hogsmeade Hospital had not been made lightly. There had been a factor of things leading up to it, the main one being their apartment building being closed down. He had not really been to Hogsmeade a whole lot after graduating from Hogwarts. There had been little need for it with the rest of his family being London-based. With his and his roommates combined income, they found that they would be able to easily afford a place in Pennyworth. Which had much nicer homes than what they could afford in London.

He was settling in slowly and it was his first day on the job. Things were mostly the same as they had been at St. Mungos with minor differences so it wasn't too bad.

"Hello, I am Garrett Cavey and I'll be your healer today," Garrett informed the patient as he entered the room and made sure the privacy screen was closed. "Could you begin by telling me your symptoms?" There didn't seem to visibly be anything wrong.

It was not unusual for Josie to mess up while trying to perform magic. Last time, she had accidentally turned the teapot into a rabbit - her intention had been to simply boil the water inside. This time, she had tried to change one of her dresses from pink to blue. Try being the apparent word.

Well, actually. She had succeeded. The dress was indeed blue. And so were her curtains, and one wall of her bedroom, and half of her bed sheets. The dress she had been wearing at the time was also partially blue.

And so was her entire right arm. And half of her torso.

The room and her dress had been sorted quickly enough. Her father had seen to that. But it was decided that when it came to her body, it was best she came to the hospital. Josie wanted to curl up in a ball and die. At least thankfully, with a dress on and gloves, you couldn't tell.

So that was where Josie found herself. The healer came in and introduced himself. Josie was already deeply embarrassed. What made things worse is that she recognised the man - he had been in Hufflepuff only a couple of years above her at school.

Oh Merlin.

"Well..." Josie started quietly, "I was trying to turn my dress blue. And... well... I often have accidents while trying to do magic, you see. I do it all the time..."

Josie left a few seconds blank, her mouth open, trying to find what to say.

"Well. It seems I've turned myself blue." she stated.

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Garrett could tell that she was embarrassed. He waited patiently for her to get to the point of her visit. He wondered for a moment where she had turned blue before realizing that part of her embarrassment was likely due to the location of the discoloration. "No worries, Miss. I'll get you all fixed up but first a couple more questions: has there been any swelling or itchiness in the areas that are now blue? or bloating?"

A potion to fix discolored skin would not work at all if it turned out that she had turned herself into a blueberry by accident like a young man had last week.

Well he hadn't been rude or mocked her yet. Which was good. It was also his job not to be rude to her, but Josie always worried.

Josie always worried.

"No?" she stated, although the change in pitch in her voice made it seem like she was asking a question. "None of that. I'm just blue." she admitted, with far more shame than was necessary for the situation.

With a heavy sigh, she began to pick at the fingers on her right glove, before pulling it off. Revealed was one light blue hand that she held up to him, as her eyes studied the floor.

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