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Snakes Are Scary Enough
On any given day there were approximately ten things that could go wrong, and on any given day Bella usually did a good job of preventing anything from gong wrong. However, that did not matter much when one very big thing went wrong—unless, of course, she could solve the problem before it became known. Unfortunately this was one problem that was unlikely to be solved with ease: one of the young occamies had escaped its enclosure, and occamies were tricky bastards when it came to their hiding spots.

(Well, she had another problem: she was bleeding, and - well, one had led to the other, but  she personally thought it a very good excuse. She would have time to explain later, once she had the occamy.)

Bella knew there were only a finite number of places to hide in the section of the zoo where the occamies resided. There were plenty of tanks, but most were properly enclosed. It was unlikely that the occamy would escape to the wild, either, because the herpetarium was designed to prevent things from happening. There were tunnels to navigate, sure, but space was limited.

The only problem was, it was very difficult to not look suspicious while carrying a small cardboard box while wearing a tag that indicated that she worked at the zoo. Bella in general was a suspicious-looking person, as she was always on alert while on the job, and on top of that her light brown sleeve was soaked with blood. So. She was determined to seem relaxed and happy, though, and thus wore a smile as she scanned the tunnels for any sight of glittering blue scales.

But it was only so long before trouble happened, and this trouble was that she'd stumbled upon someone—who, upon closer inspection, did not seem to notice the occamy hanging from a poll behind them at eye-level.

"I don't mean to trouble you," she said, her smile spread tight as the sudden anxiety of the situation overwhelmed her. Merlin she was going to get caught, and then she would have to explain. "But would you mind not moving for a moment?"

While Joe's job was indeed a groundskeeper, he often found himself dealing with beasts more often than he'd like. Yes, they were interesting, and some of them were cute. But, he also didn't want to get scratched or bitten, or have any fire breathed on him. No. It was not for him. While he never had to directly deal with the beasts - or the non-magical animals either - when it came to check on the enclosures, dealing with some creatures usually came with it.

But, Joe did was he was told. Dutifully, he came to the occamy section to fix something or other that had been reported by some guest. Guests were never particularly specific, and sometimes Joe had to search long and hard to figure out what they meant. And today was one of those times.

He stood there, one arm on his hip, the other on his face, studying the tanks very closely. Joe hadn't realised how lost in thought he had become until he heard a familiar voice speaking to him. He turned to see Miss Scrimgeour, stood with a box for some reason, but Joe shrugged. "Sure?" he replied.
After her initial panic, Bella recognized the man not as a guest but as the groundskeeper. A wave of relief accompanied that realization, followed by a swift panic: as an employee, he would not go to the papers and complain about her mismanagement of the situation, but as an employee he might complain to her supervisor. She supposed it was the better option, but neither would ensure her continued employment.

"Now, I am telling you this because I trust you not to panic," she said slowly, her eyes not on Mr. Backus but on the creature peeking around his head. Occamies were not usually aggressive without reason, but for some reason the creature looked as though it knew what Bella intended to do. Bella took a step forward and took a deep breath, the opening of the box facing Mr. Backus. Her gaze flickered back and forth between man and creature. "One of the occamies escaped." A brief pause. "It is right behind your head."

Oh Merlin. This all sounded like the kind of thing Joe liked to avoid. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He hadn't imagined occamy wrangling to be part of his day. The voice of reason in his head told him to just have an easy day and leave. But no, he couldn't do that.

And he could hardly leave Miss Scrimgeour to have to deal with it by herself.

"Right," he replied calmly, not moving his head a single inch, "You're the magizoologist. You just tell me what you need me to do."
Thankful for his calm reaction, Bella found it in her to take a deep breath as well. She was no expert on winged, feathered reptilians, and neither did she know much about occamies, but she did know one important fact about them: they grew and shrunk to fit their surroundings. They had a default size, but any sense of a threat and it would grow so large—large large.

"Well, I could spend all day listing the things you ought not to do. Don't poke it, don't scare it, don't yell at it, don't grab its tail. Figuring out what to do - well, that's the hard part," she said, her voice one pitch higher than usual. The stress was setting in.

"Right. Yes. I think I can do that." Joe replied. All of those things sounded exactly the opposite of what he wanted to do. So, he was happy to follow that advice.

He could see that she was getting stressed. And she was the magizoologist.

True to form though, Joe remained calm.

"We'll figure something out," he told her, looking her straight in the eye, his own eyes warm, "I won't leave you to do this alone. Alright?"
He was calm. Too calm. It was confusing in a way, because if their roles were reversed Bella would have done exactly what she was told not to do—not because she enjoyed sabotaging others' efforts, but because in stressful situations she could not stay still. Besides, most people were not patient with her anyways, and he was being exactly that. It was mildly unsettling and even more stress-inducing.

"Well I hope you won't leave me alone," she said, her gaze nervously flickering back and forth between the groundskeeper and the creature. "It might bite you if you try. Occamies don't like sudden movements," she added unhelpfully.

"Well, lucky for you I have no intention of getting bitten today." Joe joked, his tone perhaps too jovial for the situation. However, while his tone was indeed jovial, his mind was set on getting this occamy back in its enclosure.

"Is there... some kind of spell we could use to contain it?" he suggested. Surely as a magizoologist, she would have used something similar before.
Spells, spells, spells. She knew she knew some, but it seemed that they'd completely vanished from her mind in the midst of her panic. Surely there were ways to subdue an occamy before it grew so large it became a threat?

"I think we'll have to trap it," she decided, shaking the box in her hand. It was the only foolproof way she knew, and it would have to do. "We have two options: you can distract it while I trap it, or I can distract it while you try to trap it."

"Right..." Joe replied, nodding slowly as he thought about it. She was the magizoologist. She was the one who knew stuff about magical beasts. And Joe could hardly let her be the one who had to distract the occamy. While he did not doubt her capability, he did not want to allow her to get mauled in case he messed up. If anyone should get mauled, it was him.

"I'll distract it." he told her decisively. Yes. It was the right thing to do.

"I'm ready to go if you are." he announced.
Bella gripped the box tightly in hand, prepared to do what she needed to do. He was going to distract it, and she was going to sneak up behind it, and everything would be just fine and - "Oh, wait," she whispered quickly, reaching into her pocket and pulling out what looked like an old piece of bread. Then she pulled out her wand and quietly cast a spell that turned it into a caterpillar, or at least what looked to be a caterpillar.

She held it out for Mr. Backus to take. "You have to get its attention with it," she explained, "and then we might be able to catch it."

Merlin. What had he signed up for? He spent a few seconds staring at the newly formed caterpillar. But, they did seem to be on a tight schedule. After a big gulp, he attempted to force a smile onto his face, and tentatively pinched the caterpillar in between his middle finger and his thumb.

He reminded himself again and again what he was doing this for. He couldn't leave Miss Scrimgeour to do this alone. He couldn't leave Miss Scrimgeour to do this alone. He couldn't leave Miss Scrimgeour to do this alone. No. That would be unfair.

"Thanks." he told her, his smile more of a grimace.

Tentatively, he stepped back across the room. Trying to get some distance between the two of them so she could swoop in to get the occamy from behind - and so if anyone was to get mauled, it would be him.

He supposed he had to say something to get the creature's attention. So he went with a, "Eee, you!" he called towards it, "I gots this for you!"

Joe shook the caterpillar.
She wasn't sure what she expected, but she should have expected something.

The occamy did not take notice of the caterpillar, not immediately, and instead seemed to take offense at the sudden movement and turned its eyes on Bella. She instinctively took a step backwards, and the creature followed. It slowly began to grow... and grow.. and grow... and suddenly the small snakelike creature reached at least six feet long and slipped to the floor, unable to be supported by the pole any longer.

Only when it started closer did it catch a whiff of the insect, and sharply turned its head towards Mr. Backus.

Bella's eyes widened, and she emitted a panicked noise. "Caterpillar," she squeaked, nodding to her box.

There was a small period of time where Joe truly and honestly believed he would die. This wasn't how he was intending on dying. There was just something about having his throat ripped open by a big snakey thing that just didn't appeal to him.

He watched with wide eyes as the occamy kept its gaze fixed on Miss Scrimgeour. What if it went for her? Oh Merlin would he have to sacrifice himself for her?

Thankfully these worries could wait, as the occamy finally took notice of the caterpillar. He chucked the caterpillar in the cardboard box, and prayed that this plan would work.
Bella had endured plenty of scary things in her life. She'd been taken from the family who raised her, tormented by bullies, assaulted by her father, and been disowned. But in that moment, nothing—nothing—was more terrifying than the six-foot snakelike creature lurching forward in her direction. It was a miracle she managed to hold onto the box at all, because she was certain the moment the occamy dove for the caterpillar the weight of the six-foot creature would knock the box to the ground and her right with it. But by some miracle (or logic, since this is what occamies did) the creature began to shrink mid-air until it unceremoniously dove straight into the box after the caterpillar.

She glanced up at Mr. Backus with wide eyes, paused briefly, and then as if realizing how dire her actions were in the next ten seconds she slammed the box shut with one free hand. And then, in the most dramatic and Bella-like fashion, she dropped the box and sunk down to the floor next to it, coming to rest on her knees. She let out a sigh, a frown replacing the look of alarm, and looked up at Mr. Backus.

"It's not too late to reconsider your career path," she said, though she was more considering her own path than his.


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