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Missing Baby Dragons
February 4, 1891 - Diagon Alley

The day had been quiet again in the office when the tip came in. There was a rumor of a dragon seller on Diagon Alley. A ridiculous rumor, Asha was sure, but the type that on a day like today he would pack up his gear and race with Kieran to discover the truth of it. A picture and a story of such a thing if it were true would be a headline in the morning paper.

But now, walking along the street, no dragons in sight, seemed simply to be a good excuse to be out of the office. "Suppose it would be my luck to find a baby dragon stumbling home from the Augery at night rather than out searching for it." Asha admitted with a chuckle.

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Looking for baby dragons was not necessarily Kieran's idea of a good time, but it was absolutely under the purview of his job, and at least he got to look for them with Bilton. "I think that we're probably better off not finding them," Kieran said, standing on his toes as if a dragon was going to pop out of nowhere. "Don't tell Pengloss I said that, though."

"Scared of a wee dragon?" Asha teased. "Although I suspect you are quite right. I'd rather keep my remaining limbs attached." He'd risked life and limb enough through out his years, memories of the pyramid and Kirke and him almost being pummeled to death still all too easy to summon up.

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"I am ecstatic to admit that I'm scared of dragons," Kieran said. He was constantly surrounded by brave people, even if they weren't all Gryffindors, and there was a distinct level on which they did not make sense to him. "But. Since we probably should try, maybe we should check out Knockturn Alley."

While Kieran was fully comfortable in Knockturn Alley - he used to make a significant portion of his income from selling his blood, it was difficult to phase him - it was another thing entirely to be there in a Prophet capacity, and he wasn't looking forward to it.

Asha grunted a laugh. That was the best part of Kieran, always the brutal truth. No mincing words or playing at something beyond them.

Knockturn Alley was not an area of London that Asha frequented unless for work. He figured he already stumbled into enough tough situations there was little reason to invite it along at a faster pace. “Right, that would make sense.” He agreed as they changed directions and started for the sidestreet.

Perhaps the seller enchanted toy dragons and the tip was wrong?” Asha found himself asking as they started into the darkened alley. He wondered if he would have bought Loren one, a snapping dragon with enchanted flames? Thoughts of toys and candies always brought about the thought of his long missing son.

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"And maybe we'll find a leprechaun handing out real gold," Kieran suggested darkly. He wasn't trying to be in a bad mood, but it was hard to feel as if this would not simply go terribly for them. "Oh," he said, a few steps into Knockturn Alley. He glanced at Bilton, "Keep an eye on your wallet, will you?"

Asha was always having terrible luck, and Kieran didn't want to accidentally cause another robbery just by suggesting that they come here today.

At least it would make a good story.” Asha suggested cheerfully, ignoring the note in Keiran’s voice. Sometimes the man was simply too morose for his own good. “And we wouldn’t be condemned to a dull afternoon in the office.

Kieran’s warning was that of a friend who knew him well and Asha found himself chuckling. “I’d keep a hand on it too if I thought it’d do any good.” He shrugged. It wasn’t like he had much to lose if the thing were taken. Only a few coins, he didn’t make much of a habit carrying things around with him, it had a habit of not making home if he did.

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"I really just don't want you to get bitten by one," Kieran said. They were in the thick of the alley now, and he had an added level of awareness about him - Kieran was at ease in all London, but he also didn't want to go traipsing into unnecessary trouble in Knockturn Alley, especially when they were already seeking it out.

Speaking of - there was magical writing on the alley wall. Kieran grabbed Asha's arm to stop him and pointed. DRAGONS - THIS WAY was written, with an arrow pointing further into the alley.

"Ugh. Christ," Kieran said.

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