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8th February, 1891 — Ministry of Magic, DMG&S Offices
@Josie Jones
“Miss Jones,” Tybalt hissed from the Duelling Commission’s corner of the floor, across to the secretary’s desk where Miss Jones was sitting, thankfully alone. Josie Jones, he mouthed, as soon as his scheme to get her attention from here had worked, “HELP ME.”

He made his best pleading look and beckoned her over, fairly certain he could count on her to help him and not say a word to any of his superiors. Firstly, because Miss Jones was a model worker, a people-pleaser, a kind, compassionate human being - and secondly, because in the last year and a half, Tybalt had needed her help before.

Bit of a problem,” he said, when she had gotten to his desk and he was certain he would not be overheard. Technically speaking, this was a Tyb-problem and not a Josie-Jones-problem, so she could leave and wash her hands of this if she pleased and be no worse off for it. But she’d been here longer than he had, and whether or not he fixed this, he could not be expected to flounder alone.
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At first, Josie had not heard the faint cries from across the department of magical games and sports offices. However, when she finally heard them, she immediately looked in the direction of where Tybalt Kirke's desk sat within the space. Her assumption was proven correct as when their eyes met, she could see his mouth making some kind of plea for help.

Dutifully, she placed her quill down on her desk and stood up. She quietly made her way over to his desk, as if all were well. Even though she knew full well, that clearly something somewhere had gone awry.

Once again, upon reaching his desk, her assumptions was proven correct.

"Right," she replied, very matter-of-factly, "What's happened?" If she was going to fix some mess, she needed to know what the mess was.
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Bless her! Now that she was here, he felt half inclined to whisper, but that would make things look worse than they were, and if he feigned that everything was fine, everyone would go on assuming everything was fine, except Miss Jones, who could see the mess that was his desk.

“Right,” Tyb said uneasily, shuffling some papers on it just to look busy, “So. They came round this morning to pick up a box of old records to get rid of -” they, some man whose name he didn’t know who picked up waste parchment and ported them off somewhere to get dusty, he had always supposed. (Unless they vanished them? Merlin, please not let them vanish every old thing immediately, please let the Ministry hoard their useless records for a few years first, please.)

“And I left them here -” he pointed out the box, which was still sitting here and had all the useless rolls of parchment that he didn’t need still happily in it, “- but I also left a pile of important stuff out and I thinkthey’vetakenthoseinstead.” He expelled all this in one breath and ran a hand through his hair, which made his hair look as frantic as he felt but otherwise did nothing. “Please tell me you saw it go past?” (Please let it have only been two minutes ago, and not a half-hour ago before he’d sat through a whole meeting, blissfully oblivious to the important documents he was in the process of being responsible for losing.) “Or that you know where they take all the rubbish.”

Right. This was going to interesting. She spent a few moments contemplating the situation. What they could do, what their options were. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell him when these men had come as she had been away from her desk for some time, only returning shortly before the end of the departmental meeting.

"We'll sort this." She told him, tone decisive. It couldn't have been too long since they had been past, there would be a way to get the paperwork back. "Although - I can't lie to you Mr Kirke, I've been sorting some files today and I didn't see them come past." She admitted. She could see that Mr Kirke was finding the situation less than ideal. The last thing Josie wanted was to make this any worse for him.

However before he could get too down about the situation she raised her hands up and said "But... surely there's something in place if something like this happens. I'm sure if we go down to maintenance and ask them, they should be able to point us in the right direction - yes?"

Josie looked to him, craning her neck towards him ever so slightly. She wanted to hear confirmation from him. Hopefully that would ease him slightly.

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He had screwed up his face in fear of hearing her answer, that she had seen them leave forever ago and the important records were probably all shredded and gone by now. Because then he was going to have to think up some good excuse for why a month’s worth of duelling records were missing and he should not get fired for it.

But Miss Jones, at the very least, sounded positive enough, or sounded determined enough to give him a little hope. He relaxed his shoulders, stopped wringing his hands together, gave her a thankful grin.

“Well, I can’t think that anyone wandering past would have been interested enough to steal them,” Tybalt pointed out in a more joking tone, as he pictured it. (Although there were some confidential details in them that he probably should not be responsible for losing.)  “So at least that’s something?”

But he nodded, returning her look with profound gratefulness. “But thank you, yes,” Tyb agreed, making a start away from the desk with a spring in his step that was just a bit more erratic than usual. At least Miss Jones had an aura of calm. Maybe that would help. “Do you... uh, know where Maintenance is?”

Josie looked to him sympathetically. She would do everything in her power to assist him. For a brief moment, Josie pondered where was this calm when she herself was stressing about some mishap - although she had always found it easier to help others than to help herself.

"I do." she replied simply.

Without saying a word, she turned to the exit. One hand beckoned him to follow. "Come with me." she commanded.

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