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A Peculiarity of Patronuses [NEWT DADA]
Cane had not done particularly well which he had foreseen. Taking a deep breath, he made another attempt.

[Image: jnUC4x.png]
Citrine had managed a wisp last time but it looked like she was going to have to work back up to that level. She could do this, she thought to herself. And so, after focusing once more on her happy memory, she cast the spell.

His cousin had managed a wisp which made Sage even more determined. He tuned everything else out and refocused before casting the spell once more.

Hermia wasn't surprised she wasn't greeted with a patronus on her first attempt. It would be highly unlikely for any first attempt to produce a satisfying patronus, but Hermia was incapable of quitting. She could recite Virgil in Latin, why on earth would she cower before a spell? Focusing on the joy of the World Cup, the excitement and anticipation, Hermia tried again. "Expecto Patronum!"

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