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A Fuse That's Still Lit
"With all respect to your face," Peregrine said with a smirk, "This will require a fair deal of organization on my part." Venue, advertising, handling bets - he pulled a piece of parchment out of his pocket and smoothed it out. (Yes, he'd started some planning already.)

"There will be a very small admissions fee - from my estimates we'll use fifty percent of that to pay off the venue itself, ensuring there's a bartender and enough individuals to take bets, and advertising et cetera. Wormtail and his manager will take twenty percent for their own purposes - ten percent for the winner - and twenty percent for us to split."

"And that's not getting into the bets themselves, which - we should expect to see five percent of the money involved there, regardless of outcome," Peregrine said. This math was not necessarily necessary to everything, but he wanted to show off that he'd spent a lot of time thinking about it: "I'm happy to split the twenty percent of the admissions and the five percent of the bets down the middle, and of course if you win you'll get that ten percent outright. The bets will of course represent a significantly larger sum."

He paused for a long moment as if thinking, but Kit had always been intelligent—and good with numbers. As Umbernauld spoke, the auror assessed, and found the proposition quite reasonable, but it was always good to leave them dangling a bit.

"Sounds fair," the wizard answered, after lengthening the pause with another drink. He almost threw in a warning that he would not throw the match before realizing that few would be betting on him anyways.

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"Perfect," Peregrine said brightly, because it was. "Well, I'll keep you updated as things progress."

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