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whiling away the afternoon
January 23, 1891 — Great Hall; afternoon
@Addison Chatham
It was a lazy Saturday afternoon for Milo Nox. He had no one on his tutoring schedule for the afternoon so his time was entirely his own until dinner time. As per usual, students were filtering in and out of the Great Hall, most using the space as a hang out. It was looking to be another normal afternoon which made Milo sigh inwardly a bit. He could have done with some entertainment but he had no clue where his friends were.

Walking between the tables, Milo caught sight of one of his Ravenclaw friends. This was good for him since he had been meaning to ask Addison Chatham about classes. "Good afternoon," he said in greeting once he had reached the other boy. "I have been meaning to ask if you plan to keep Herbology next school year. They would be sixth years that coming September which meant getting to drop the compulsory classes and choose which courses they wished to continue.

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Addison looked up at Milo with a smile, "Nox!" he said in delight, though he was afraid of using too much familiarity. Apparently calling a Miss Theophania Hazeltree-Trefflin, 'Tiffany' in Etiquette class was not acceptable, and if Addison truly wanted to do well he also had to impress Madam Benwick as well.

"Good afternoon to you, too." he said, inviting him to sit with a gesture. His brow furrowed as his friend continued talking. The topic of classes in the next year was one that, for now, was rather disappointing to him. Though he did wish to be a Healer, in which case he would be taking Herbology, but as it was...

"I don't think I'll be coming back next year, anyways," Addison said, "I would, though."
Milo accepted the invitation to sit. His brow furrowed in mild worry and a touch of disappointment when Chathan said he might not be returning. With how mixed Hogwarts sometimes was, it sometimes slipped Milos mind that some of his friends would not be able to return even if they wanted to. "Oh? Is there anything that can be done?" He knw very high grades could net a scholarship but sometimes that also was not enough.

Magical set by MJ

Addison shrugged and shook his head, "Not much. Robes are expensive...books are expensive...besides that, there's lots of things to do with OWLs."

None that he actually wanted to do, but even then, becoming a Healer might always have to be a daydream. Staying at the top of his grades had allowed him to make it this far, which he did appreciate. "But you get to," he said, trying to redirect his friend's attention, "I heard things get twice as hard during NEWTs."

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