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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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April Writing Challenge
April Writing Challenge

April Showers: Complete a thread (with 8+ posts, 4+ must be yours!) involving personal hygiene (or lack thereof)! Is your character taking a bath? Did they notice someone smelling particularly foul? Has an owl shat in their hair? Have fun with it!

For the thread to qualify, it must be started, finished and posted for archival all during the month of April, as well as linked in this thread! Please post below if you’ve any questions.

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