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A Charitable Cause
16th January, 1891 - Dueling Competition

Entering the dueling competition had not been Bertie's idea of a good time. While a skilled wizard, he was not skilled at dueling. He was perhaps too pensive for such pursuits - his reactions were far too slow. No, he was much happier watching the duelling than he was participating.

He had come for two reasons. Firstly, to watch the dueling - but secondly he wanted to support the charitable cause. Bertie had already made a donation. As well as used it as an excuse to make a sizeable bet on the outcome of the event.

Bertie stood amongst the crowd. His mother had chosen his outfit that day, so he was dressed in sharp muggle fashion. He studied the pavillion, watching the comings and goings. He was particularly on the lookout for the competitors, trying to assess their mental state and how that would affect their duelling. Perhaps that would affect his betting for the day.

"My money's on Avery," he said to the person next to him, "He is an auror after all. That is surely highly advantageous."

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