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Albert Aaldenberg
Full Name: Albert Lucas Aaldenberg
Nicknames: Bertie
Birthdate: 18th September 1858
Current Age: 32
Occupation: Magical Bugs Healer-in-Charge @ Hogsmeade Hospital
Reputation: 8
Bertie is 32 and still very much a mummy’s boy (and is quite open about this).
Main Home: Swallowbury District, Irvingly
A large and spacious home, although not as large as his family home. Equivalent in scope to a London townhouse.

Also: Ketwell Hall, Devon
A large stately home, bought by his father in 1850. It had been previously owned by a baronet who had squandered his fortune betting on horses.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Alder, 12”, rigid, unicorn tail hair.
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Social Class: Upper Class
Lucas Aaldenberg, 1820-1885 - father
Georgina Aaldenberg (née Elliott), born 1830 - mother
Olivia ------ (née Aaldenberg), born 1851 - sister
-- and family
Jane ------ (née Aaldenberg), born 1854 - sister
-- and family
Matthew Aaldenberg, 1857-1890 - brother

William Elliott, born 1817-1880 - uncle
Louise Elliott (née ------), 1827-1879 - aunt

Bertie stands at a fairly average height of 5 feet and 9 inches. He has a slim build. He prefers wizarding robes, although is often put in muggle fashions by his mother (who still often chooses his clothes for him). His wand hand is his left hand. His hair is black, and his eyes are brown.

1858 | Bertie is born early in the morning in his father’s home city of Amsterdam. He is the last of four children, and the second son. The Aaldenberg family does not stay in Amsterdam long. They return to England soon after, where the family had been living.

1862 | Even though Bertie barely remembers it, a day when he is three years old changes his life forever. Out and about with his mother - with whom he is inseparable - and while chasing a dog, magically freezes the dog in place. Bertie is too busy cuddling the dog that he doesn’t think twice about his magic. Meanwhile, his mother is shocked and concerned - and knows this needs to remain a secret.

1866 | Many years pass before Bertie experiences magic again. This time, he is with his father and brother. There is an accident as Matthew is playing with a gun, and it shoots in Bertie’s direction. He would have died, had he not conjured a magical barrier to stop the bullet.

Bertie’s father is stunned by these events. He gets a priest involved to exorcise his son, and begins to try and remove the magic from his son by force.

1870 | During the summer months, Bertie receives a visit from a Hogwarts professor, explaining he is a wizard. This does not shock the Aaldenberg family, as Bertie’s magical capabilities had been shown on numerous occasions. Despite this, Mr Aaldenberg is adamant his son will not be going to a magical school for magical children - he shall go to a proper school for proper boys.

Many arguments occur between Mr and Mrs Aaldenberg. Eventually, Mrs Aaldenberg accepts the place at Hogwarts, and sends Bertie off to live with his aunt and uncle. Mrs Aaldenberg suffers at her husband’s hand because of this - but she does what she must to allow Bertie to escape.

Bertie misses his mother in his new home - but is well treated. He still occasionally gets to see his mother, but not as often as he likes. He goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. He is a very nervous and shy boy at school, but makes good friends with various nerdy boys.

1872 | After having much of his first two years of Hogwarts go without incident, Bertie picks arithmancy, ancient runes, and care of magical creatures.

1875 | Bertie spends much of his fifth year preparing for his OWL exams. He does extremely well, partly due to his natural intelligence, but also because he works extremely hard. He starts his NEWTs and takes charms, herbology, potions, and transfiguration. At this point, Bertie knows exactly what he wants to do when he grows up - he wants to help people and be a healer.

1877 | Bertie leaves school and starts his internship at the brand new Hogsmeade Hospital, choosing a specialism of magical bugs. In the same year, his Aunt Louise dies, and Bertie is devastated.

1878 | Bertie completes his internship and becomes a fully-fledged healer. It is at this point he meets his first love. She joins the department as an intern. Bertie is too shy to say much beyond what he needs to for his job. Before the year is out she drops out of her internship to get married.

1880 | A year later, Bertie’s uncle too dies. He leaves Bertie some money, which Bertie uses to buy himself a home in Hogsmeade.

1884 | Bertie is promoted to the magical bugs assistant healer-in-charge.

1885 | The death of Bertie’s father brings zero sadness to his life. In fact, Bertie is overjoyed to be able to be fully reunited with his mother. He sells his Hogsmeade home, buys a home in Irvingly, and together they move there.

1890 | Bertie is promoted to the magical bugs healer-in-charge. Not a month later, Bertie’s brother dies. Bertie feels largely apathetic about this, as he barely knew his brother. Bertie’s mother meanwhile is devastated - this is what hurts him. He also inherits the family fortune and the family home, which is strange. He isn't quite sure what to do with the money.

1891 | The new year comes and Bertie is still living in Irvingly with his mother.

Personality: Honest | Kind | Sweet | Serious | Political | Preachy

Ancient RunesO-
Care of Magical CreaturesO-
Defence Against the Dark ArtsO-
History of MagicO-

Name: Rosa
Age: 23
Contact: PM Josie Jones
Other Characters: See character directory
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