Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Helena Rose MacMillan
    Full Name: Helena Rose MacMillan nÚe Pendergast.

    Birthdate: 12th of December, 1837.

    Current Age: 45.

    Occupation: None, however she secretly publishes racy pamphlets filled with suggestions about equality and gender that would shock anyone that knew it was her, along with morbid and scandalous poetry.

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

    Wand: When Helena was a child she received her first wand, 9 inches, rosewood with dragon heart-string - the sort of wand that was strong, powerful, befitting of her family and Helena used it with proficiency if not notoriety. However, following the death of her children her wand became broken during an emotional scuffle with her husband that ended in sobbing and things being thrown. Her new wand was 15 inches, pliable, hazel and possessing a Veela hair that made her magic as temperamental as her moods.

    Blood Status: Pure blood.

    Social Class: Upper class although Helena has sympathy for those of a lower class having spent time with other women who've lost children and learning that grief knows no class boundaries.


    Albert Pendergast - Father, Deceased
    Rebecca Pendergast nÚe Bludgeon - Mother, Deceased

    John MacMillan | Husband
    ù Edward MacMillan | Son
    ù Charles MacMillan | Son
    ù Elmer MacMillan | Son
    ù Howard MacMillan | Son, Deceased
    ù Lawrence MacMillan | Son, Deceased

    Reuben Pendergast - Brother
    (M) Celia Penderast nÚe Fawley - Sister-in-Law
    ù Emma Pendergast - Niece
    ù Minnie Pendergast - Niece
    ù Walter Pendergast - Nephew
    ù Samuel Pendergast - Nephew

    Albert Pendergast II - Brother, Deceased

    Philip Pendergast - Brother
    (M) Olivia Pendergast nÚe Lestrange - Sister-in-Law
    Regan Pendergast - Nephew
    (M) Aoife Pendergast nÚe Ward - Niece-in-Law
    ù Stella Charlotte Pendergast | Great-Niece
    ù Ramona Harper Pendergast | Great-Niece
    Winifred Cambridge nÚe Pendergast - Niece
    ù Wesley Wilkinson | Great-Nephew, Deceased
    Evelyn Pendergast - Niece
    William Pendergast - Nephew
    Rosalind Pendergast - Niece
    Ellory Pendergast - Niece

    Appearance: Though not overly tall Helena takes great pleasure in the fact that she can easily look her husband in the eye and congratulates herself on not marrying a tall man. She has long, dark hair that would never curl when she was a child no matter how many times the servant's used to try and grey-blue eyes. While never considered a great beauty exactly as the only daughter of the powerful Pendergast family she was considered a match worth making, and always questioned whether the attention she received was because of her family connections or her own personal charms. After twenty-five years and five children her figure perhaps isn't what it was but she was becoming increasingly content with her appearance before losing her two youngest sons and plummeting into such a pit of despair that she doesn't care anymore.


    1837; as the youngest of the Pendergast family. Being so much younger than her brothers who were away at school she spent many years more or less alone and enjoyed the attention of her parents and nannies. When her brothers came back she sulked although they weren't unpleasant to her, just disinterested. She enjoyed hearing about Hogwarts nonetheless.

    Attends Hogwarts: 1849, sorted into Ravenclaw house fairly quickly and much to her surprise, having always been told that Ravenclaw was the destination of those of a significanly more studious nature than Helena, who used to hide from her governess as best she could and to limited success.

    Leaves Hogwarts: 1856 with half a dozen or so NEWTs of a high grade, that indicate her intelligence despite her lack of interest in studying. She's a far cry from being a genius but she discovered whilst revising for her exams that she has a remarkable quality that allows her to recall things with clarity, something that will certainly not come in handy when she tries to suppress the grief for her sons.

    Marries John MacMillan, already pregnant at the time: Winter 1856. Though Helena was everything respectable during the courtship they had known each other at school and gotten on rather well despite the immaturity of their marriage and when they were waiting for the wedding they managed to sneak away together occasionally. Reasoning that it would all be well when they got married anyway they consummated their relationship a month before the wedding and found that it was just as well they were getting married so soon because Helena was in the family way.

    First child Edward born: Autumn 1857. The apple of both his parents eye despite the fact that he cried when either of them came near him and only seemed to calm down for the nanny. Helena kept her on as a nanny for all the children until Elmer went off to school in 1874, at which point she promptly retired her off.

    Second child Charles born: 1860. Despite being the staunchest of all her children Charles is the one Helena finds it easiest to be fond of.

    Third child Howard born: 1861. Following hot in the footsteps of his brother Helena begins to question whether its wise for her to keep having children or if it'll be detrimental to her health so at some point she visits a herbologist specialist who supplied her with something to prevent more children. It proves to be useless when...

    Fourth child Elmer born: 1863. Helena is not best impressed by the woman who sold her the herbs and anonymously gets her in trouble. It is at this point that she realises how much more power it is possible to have when one works under an assumed name.

    Howard dies suddenly: 1864. Throwing Helena into a deep despair; she blames herself because of the potion she took and believes that it is her punishment for her own actions and she becomes increasingly interested in elmer's well-being, certain that he might be next.

    Fifth and final child Lawrence is born: 1866. Throughout the entire pregnancy Helena frets and worried that something will be wrong with him or that she'll lose him, however, he is born strong and healthy and for a time all looks well. Until one day he begins to show signs of weak lungs and quite quickly and without the family or the healer's being able to do much for him Lawrence dies in 1868.

    Personality: Helena is a polite woman, brought up to behave well and enact all the proper duties of a wife, however, there was always a rebellious streak that she felt kicking inside her every now and then and it was this streak that led her to get pregnant before her marriage and then try to take control of her child-bearing. Before the loss of her children Helena never truly noticed the injustice in the world, however, with grief comes perspective and she certainly sees it now in her own family as well as the rest of the world. The loss of the world they once knew seemed only fitting to Helena and she finds it difficult to resent the restraints put upon her when there are plenty worse off than herself. So when she picks up her pen to write she indulges herself by spewing out all the contempt for society in the form of essays and lewd poems that she knows would scandalise her family if they found out. The thrill of that little danger amuses her. Despite her generally pleasant demeanor Helena can also be rather cold - she is unable to talk to her once-adored husband in the same way since they lost their children, and she thought nothing at the time of dismissing a faithful family servant purely because she had no further use for her.

    Sample Roleplay Post:

    Helena tapped the quill against her knee as she sat back in her chair, enjoying the moment of peace before the post arrived and she would have to think of a way to turn down her sister-in-law's plea to attend the party so and so at the Ministry was giving in honour of...what was it? Something to do with goblins?

    She couldn't remember and couldn't say she much cared to. She rubbed her fingers together, keeping them moving in case inspiration struck and she could think of something to write, however, nothing was forthcoming. She'd intended to compose something before John rose for the day and so she'd come into his study, scaring the house elf that was cleaning half the death before sending him to fetch her some tea without a second look, and settled down but her mind was empty.

    All she could think about was the stupid party and the owl that would imminently arrive. She had a perfectly penned response to that already in mind: a symphony of polite avoidance that might just do the trick this time and keep her at bay but there was no point writing it down until the letter itself actually came.

    She dipped the nib into her ink pot and dabbed it on the blotter, holding it poised over the virgin parchment for a long moment and...

    Nothing. The spot of ink dripped off her quill and she rolled her eyes at the mark, wishing she'd thought to pick up her wand from her bedside before coming down here but it hadn't felt necessary.

    She scrunched the parchment up into a ball and threw it over her shoulder for the elf to clean up when it finally came back with her tea. Helena closed her eyes and tried to think. Last night in bed her mind had been racing with things she could and should write about but now it all blurred into meaningless phrases that she wrote down just in case they came in handy later, and jumbled nonsense.

    She turned her head sharply when she heard a noise and saw the ridiculous snowy owl she had been expecting hovering outside. When the elf came back she told him to fetch it and a new idea began to form in her head - perhaps the party wasn't a terrible idea after all? It would certainly give her some inspiration to be amongst those that made her angriest!


    Name: Lauren.

    Age: 23.

    Contact: PM preferable. If you require an email address I'd be happy to send it to you privately.

    Other Characters: None as of yet!

    How did you hear about us? Linked by friend.
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