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January 6th, 1891 — Library
This was not the group that Sirius would have assembled for himself. They had a mudblood, the unhinged Selwyn, an apparent street rat, a vampire's sister, a Hufflepuff he had never heard of, and a literal mute. Oh, and Hesper Gamp, who was the only person in this little group Sirius had any interest in actually speaking to. He'd been a little snippy through this whole meeting in the library, persistently tapping his quill on the table as they took notes on Queerditch Marsh.

"Research aside, obviously we should use real brooms," Sirius asserted, having already lost interest in the assembling information stage that they were in.

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"That's a good idea. And for the flying rocks, we can just enchant some rocks," Milo suggested, noting these ideas down. Black had been a little uppity throughout this meeting but Milo wasn't going to let snobbery derail his grades - he was mildly used to such things. "Any one else got a idea in mind they're dying to share?" He would have preferred to group up with his friends but at least Cameron was in his group - he could even tolerate Selwyn most of the time.

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Merlin! A performance! There were few things that sounded more like hell to Cad than a performance of any sort! Only made worse by the fact that he had been paired with Gillenwater. Cad assumed that most teachers thought he and Gilly were friends - year mates, house mates, former team mates, it was a sensible enough assumption, but there was almost no world in which a middle class muggle born could count the heir to the Selwynns as a close friend. None of the others he had any particular problem with, and he was practiced at deception at any rate. Even Gilly, although their animosity bubbled just under the surface, the two had somehow managed to keep their loathing for each other veiled, even if the veil was rather thin.

What saved this assignment was perhaps only the fact that it was about Queerditch Marsh! He doubted there was anyone with even the vaguest interest in quidditch that wasn't familiar with Queerditch marsh. Cad had joined his study group pretty well prepared for the session, a few personal books of his own on the history of Quidditch that might be of some use for their work, and a small flying model of one of a quidditch player, as much for fidgeting as for work. He perked up when Black asked if they could use real brooms, 'Thats an idea!' he acknowledged, 'Stage a re-enactment? One of the girls can do the narrator, maybe pretend they are Keddle?'. He poked the figurine which made a flying circuit of the table.

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Oh, good old groupwork. On the upside, if they were flying around staging a quidditch re-enactment, that saved Nelson from speaking. On the downside, with as big a group as this, and none of his friends or housemates amongst them... he was not convinced anyone would listen to his input.

Still, he listened along to the ideas, fidgeting with the book before him by running a thumb over the pages until he accidentally gave himself a papercut; at the mention of brooms, Nelson scrawled a hasty chalk message on his slate. Have to make the brooms look old. Make them look roughed up, a bit, use some old beaten-up school ones, or enchant some old branches to fly instead. He propped up the message and - while he had everyone’s attention, hopefully - scribbled another. Can everyone here fly? He knew Black could, and the Gryffindors, and even the little first year was a Seeker, somehow, but who knew about Nox or the girls. They might not have flown since first year.

Though he supposed that might add authenticity to the re-enactment.

Had it not been for Sirius this group would have been verging on nightmare fuel. That was perhaps a little dramatic but for starters the boys outnumbered the girls and Miss Farrow was so rough around the edges she may as well be an honorary boy. Not that Hesper was judging her or anything but she rather thought this year's first years were a rather unruly bunch, thanks in part to a few memorable etiquette classes. To her credit, however, Miss Farrow was the one person there making her feel less like an infant. There was a much older girl whom she'd never met before but was apparently a Hufflepuff. Sirius, of course, the seat next to whom she'd claimed with almost unseemly alacrity.

And... Well the rest were much older boys and she knew precisely none of them. She thought she knew partial names of some and knew some by sight, but she'd never spoken to any of them in her life. Hesper didn't know anything of adolescent boys, Sirius had been her only example of an older boy but he was barely older than her.
Would they reproach her if she spoke up or think less of her for being a wallflower? Sirius hadn't wanted to be friendly with her last year because she was younger, did it get worse for boys the greater the age difference? She had been of a mind to take her cue from Sirius but he seemed to be a little agitated for some reason.

Hesper hoped she wouldn't have to fly on a broomstick, she hadn't flown since her last flying class and her great aunt had given her at least three lectures on how unladylike broomsticks were as a mode of transport. That said she didn't think it likely that she'd be chosen for Keddle when she wasn't the eldest girl present. She didn't really want Sirius to see her on a broomstick, he played quidditch it'd be mortifying.

One of the boys was holding up a note - Hesper didn't think she'd heard him speak the whole time they'd been there - but she chose to pretend she hadn't seen it yet. She technically could fly but she wasn't sure if that was what he meant. "We could perform it near the lake?"

"Sure, the lake," Sirius said, less because he had strong feeling on the location and more because he didn't want Hesper to think he was ignoring her. He glanced at the mute boy's slate - the first comment was right, and he nodded, and the second was a good point. Sirius cleared his throat - "Can you raise your hand if you can't fly?" he asked.

Cad cast his eyes around the group as the non-fliers responded to Black's questions. Cad was unsurprised by those who raised their hands - despite the fact that he was not on the quidditch team this year (Stupid fucking Darrow - and he did indeed blame Darrow for the decision) he was still enjoyed flying and his loss of his position on the team, as well as his captaincy was still something that smarted.

'One of you should be the narrator then.' he stated, [b'Any volunteers?[/b] there was also the benefit that perhaps the narrator would do a lot of the actual library work which was by far the most tedious part of any subject. 'Higgs, you can be in charge of working out the aging of the brooms' Then realising that that was likely be transfiguration work, as much as art, 'I can help if you like, but I'd rather like to be flying as well.'he added hastily

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