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A Helping Hand
January 2nd, 1891 - Salem Square
When it came to his wanderings around Irvingly, Josiah at times came across odd terms that only existed in the wizarding world as far as he knew. Or at the very least, he assumed so when it came to big words he did not know. Like the young, denarian man who had told him that he had a venomous tentacula in her greenhouse. Josiah had grown ever more curious about that side of town ever since the incident with one of the lords. The man was a fellow muggle and had been sent a bludger that had caused quite a ruckus in the mans home. 

Indeed, life was very interesting at times. He wondered how things would be in another decade of living alongside wizards. His own brother was one! Josiah looked into his mailbag to deliver his next package which had come undone a bit enough for Josiah to see that someone was getting a tin full of decapod morsels from someplace called Tennessee. Or maybe that was the senders name? Josiah had no idea and was not the type to snoop so once he had made his delivery, he continued on his way.

Josiah went on to decimate most of his postman tasks for the day before heading back with only a decimal of the mail he had originally set out with, as was the case on most days. Josiah went into Salem Square, with the idle thoughts of getting a bite to eat when he came across someone who seemed to be having quite a decangle of a problem if the exasperated words emitting from them were anything to go by. "Do you need help?" He asked, willing to lend a hand if the other needed though he was not sure what good he could do. But even so, if he were to be struggling with something, Josiah would hope someone who noticed would assist him.

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