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Lady's Graphics
Character Name: Charlotte Beauregard
Play By: Katherine Langford
Sig/Av/Set: Set, please!
Size: Whichever's easier for you to work with? I'm not too fussed!
Pictures: Here! I would love to keep her current profile pic as the avatar, but you do you!
Text: 'Charlotte' or 'Lottie'
'With time, there's never quite enough
But I find no reason to rush'
Mood/Colors: I'm feeling spring/summer-ish!
Other: Could I get a border, please - like the one on Amelia's? Thank you! <33
[-] The following 1 user Likes Charlotte Beauregard's post:
   Elsie Beauregard
@Meserimus Valenduris here you are dear! <33 holler for changes!!!

[Image: 3orULm.jpg]

[Image: 3ori38.jpg]
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   Aldous Crouch, Benevolence Montague, Charlotte Beauregard, Jupiter Smith, Roberto Devine

[Image: sSB70X.jpg]
Character Name: Pablo Medina
Play By: Santiago Cabrera
Sig/Av/Set: Set
Size: 700x200
Pictures: sig | av
Text: Pablo & "all good things are wild & free"
Mood/Colors: spirited, wild, adventerous, more earthy colors
Other: I'd like a border on both the sig and av please <3

magical set by mj!

Lilypie Maternity tickers
@Elsie Beauregard Eavannn <33 ugh she's a beaut. Holler for changes!!

I also couldn't decide between what kind of border, so you get choices xD

[Image: 3osYwx.jpg] [Image: 3osWWF.jpg]
[Image: 3osftm.jpg]

[Image: 3osVjO.jpg]
[-] The following 5 users Like Amelia Evans's post:
   Charlotte Beauregard, Elias Grimstone, Fletcher Langley, Holly Scrimgeour, Roberto Devine

[Image: sSB70X.jpg]

also hi, it me, I'm back

Character Name: This asshole.
Play By: Dacre Montgomery
Sig/Av/Set: set please!
Size: the usual
Pictures: these! or these if you don't mind b&w these are my favorites  esp that third one with the smirk
Text: Beckett or B and "I'm looking at that fine little dress you got on / Don't get me wrong, girl, I love it / Now I just wanna talk you out of it"
Mood/Colors: nada you do you!
Other: Do like that border look ty ty ty!!! <3
[Image: ScaredUnlinedAnemoneshrimp-size_restricted.gif]

Thanks so much it is beautiful

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
Love love love

love and this set is all you neeeeed

She's perfect and I love her and this entitles you to one post where she isn't bitchy to Adrienne <3
[-] The following 2 users Like Ambrosia Selwyn's post:
   Adrienne Selwyn, Meserimus Valenduris
@Charlotte Beauregard Lotieeeee <333 Holler for changes, Miri!!

[Image: 3xIrNP.jpg]

[Image: 3xIFAF.jpg]

[Image: sSB70X.jpg]
Character Name: Finn Falk
Play By: Grey Damon
Sig/Av/Set: Set
Size: 700x220
Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 I hope these work, but feel free to look for others if none of them work <3
Text: Finn Falk
When it's time to close your eyes
They will see us in the sky,
We'll be the stars!
Mood/Colors: Not bluntly dark, but deep moods. Greenish-blue. More focus on the green.
Other: Provided the pictures are HQ, I'm able to do slight eye-color changes. Keep in mind, special requests have the potential to require more wait time though.
@Roberto Devine Holler for changes Kit!! <33

[Image: 3xpjZN.jpg]

[Image: 3xp55O.jpg]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Amelia Evans's post:
   Elias Grimstone

[Image: sSB70X.jpg]
eeeee Beautiful, thank you! <333

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