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Jon's Networking Thread
Sherry has been added! Network with her!
Acacia was the same year as her before the ban this last Hogwarts year. Her and Sherry could have likely been close, depending on Sherry's views.

@Ace Lukeson was a seventh year Ravenclaw the year before this last year. They may have not known each other super well, but they could have at least been friendly in the common room.

You know you want more @Claire Bénet posts.

@Jeremiah Tatting is her Head of House. Chat with the teacher.

All my graduated ladies may have known her at some point or another, depending on how social she is outside of Ravenclaws.

Just thread with @Sweetie Whitledge because she should get more house to house bonding (that and I'm pretty sure you've never had a thread with this amazing girl and you should and you know you want to).

Magic by MJ!

SHERRY and....

@Acacia Ruskin - She's pretty open-minded regarding halfbreeds (and blood status) and they're in the same house so for sure, I can see them being good friends. Sherry was probably quite upset when the halfbreed ban came to be - so we could work around that?

@Ace Lukeson - Depending on what he's into regarding school, they could have been study!buddies at leasy (maybe he could have helped her with her OWLs)

@Claire Bénet - yes but HOW

@Jeremiah Tatting - Would love to get into teach talks!!!

RE: Graduated Ladies - She's not social at all, really. Even to Ravenclaws. She's too invested in her parents business and her own studies though she'd be friendly enough to not just outright ignore anyone.

@Sweetie Whitledge - We can definitely thread these. I'm not 100% sure on how they'd get along but it's worth a go.
For Acacia: They could have a thread when she returns after the winter break?

For Ace: He would at least have known the basics from the common core classes, and was good enough to get into the Ministry work. So he could have certainly tutored her. We could thread out some of that, if you want.

For Claire: The fog wasn't always around this summer, and Claire was in London for a bit.

For Jeremiah: YES

For Sweetie: That is completely OK.

Magic by MJ!

Yes to all of those! I won't be able to start a thread tonight but if you want to start any, you're more than welcome!!!!
Edgar is aliveeee (well, kind of - not really)!!! Network with him!
For Argus

Edward and Argus would definitely know eachother, they would have been Aurors together albeit at different points in their careers. While the two of them would not get on politically/socially there could be a grudging professional respect between the two of them. Argus and Edward could have worked together on cases before Edward transferred out of the Aurors. It would be interesting to see how they interact outside of their professional relationship.

For Charles

Your boss here and he's a boss that likes hardworkers. Maybe we can have that discussion about his future goals and ambitions within the department. Edward could even be a role-model type figure for Charles.
I think these two would be really interesting to thread. They'd definitely have opposing views but I see Argus having respect for him professionally.

He's currently locked up at the Ministry for assaulting/effectively torturing his daughter so it's highly possible we could do something there.

Gosh yes please! I'd love to play out some work related stuff especially regarding his promotion. Charles excels at his job and would have made a great auror if his tempremant was right - but he is a superb Hit Wizard.

I was going to have him promoted on or just after his birthday so if you want to work some stuff around that, we absolutely can!

We could start with Charles speaking to Edward via owl and arranging a meeting?
Grant has been added!
So ack you replied to my networking months ago and I never got round to replying but here goessss anyway w/new folks and things:

@Tybalt Kirke & Thomas are rival players / potential friends! Tyb is also planning on leaving quidditch in the near future so he'd probs keep an eye on Tommy's life.

@Jemima Farley is in James' year!

I am down for Woopy and @Aubrey Davis shenanigans any time!

@Oliver Devereaux could be a friend of Andrew's? The same age and both Ravenclaws, and Oliver is a muggle solicitor so pretty involved in the muggle world. Anti-veela but wouldn't bother to yell about it.

@Maximiliaan De Vries has diamond mines in South Africa so might have come across the Browns before? Or Durant, but Max is racist af.

Tybalt & Tommy: Thomas is going through a lot right now and is very close to leaving Quidditch entirely. I think these two could have some sort of civility between one another - especially due to their careers. Maybe if they both leave, they'll have common grounds for friendship.

Woopy & Aubrey - Erm, heck yes to always yes?!

Jemima & James - I can definitely see these two getting along.

Oliver & Andrew - This could work. He's second-guessing his entire marriage rn which would be fun to explore.

Maximiliaan & Grant - I'd love to have a business relation for Grant!
Chester has been added! PLOT WITH HIM!
Well beside the obvious son in law situation for Chester (way to go @Rufus Bixby) I have @Somersby Fudge for Sherry as he is only a year ahead of her and in her house.
Rufus - we need a thread with these two as soon as possible. Maybe start with letters? Or AWKWARD FAMILY DINNER #2.

Somersby - erm YES. I see them maybe becoming good friends or something??
So, I've got ideas for both Marmaduke and Armel, but I'm going to hit the character that could work with either of them first: @Coleman Beasley , because that is a walking bomb there.

With @Marmaduke Warbeck , I could see various avenues but most of them involving drugs lol. 1. He could mistake Coleman's cold-call advertised wares as perfectly innocent merchandise (as I figure any drug deals he's done in the past have been quite blunt about blunts considering his circles). 2. Less innocent drug cruising but his euphemisms make no sense whatsoever and he also doesn't want to just come out and say it.

With @Armel Koch , I could see him being familiar with him through coworkers. He might be mildly interested in legal but controversial substances, and moreso interested in getting herbs and spices shipped in a la to the tune of, "look, if you can get hash past the Floo cumin should be nothing". He could also be intrigued by cultivation talk, and I could see him taking the occasional stab at getting Coleman occupied with hobbies rather than drugs.

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