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These are things I need to know.

1. Do we have a female boarding home? - for MC, or WC women who live respectable enough lives.

2. Does Hogwarts provide financial discounts to family members of staff- this is a thing in quite a few schools that I know of.

3. I'd also like some careers counselling on midwifery and information about earnings

4. Feedback on what it might take to become a Hogwarts portrait (Cause I'm snooping on Damara Dodderidge and trying to figure out what she'd need to have done or something) as she was a portrait and is here as a person
Cannot provide any clear answers to #2, but I can provide insight into the others :P

1. I don't think we have a clear established female boarding home, but individual characters have been said to live in them. @Dionisia Fisk lived in one in Pennyworth before she married, and I think a few other characters have lived in boarding houses here and there. Just because they don't have names doesn't mean they can't exist; you're free to make one up while apping. I know I have xD

3. By all accounts on the web, midwifery was seen as a skilled labor in the late 1800s and most underwent training as an apprentice. That being said, I don't think it requires any formal magical education, and would likely be somewhere within the level six range. I would check with a staff member first, though!

4. A magical portrait is a portrait that has been enchanted to capture the likeness of its subject via mannerisms and personality. Usually it's a shallow representation of who a person once was with a focus only a handful of personality traits. Portraits are not sentient beings but the most complex ones (like Hogwarts headmasters) are often enchanted to a degree where it can offer simple advice. A person and a portrait of that person can coexist at the same time, though I can't imagine that portrait of her existed at Hogwarts yet.

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Oh with 4. I was trying to figure out if she needed to do something great and reputable to get a portrait at Hogwarts.
I've been operating under the assumption of no for #2.

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
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  1. What Bree said. There isn't currently an established boarding house in board canon but you're more than welcome to make one up. We do mention the existence of a boarding house here so I'd stick with Pennyworth as an area if you do!
  2. Not that I know of but if your parent or guardian works at Hogwarts they probably earn enough for you to buy the books/robes/etc. that you'll need.
  3. Midwifery was definitely a skilled job but it was specifically women's work and therefore I doubt it would have been especially well paid or require any formal training in magic. I would probably put them somewhere between level six and seven on our pay scale, depending on how impressive their professional reputation is. So for example I would imagine Temperance gets a bit more money than Winnie because she's been doing it for decades, but not much more.
  4. Monetary donations, being a notable member of society, curing a disease, being a friend of the current Headmaster, significant contribution to the Ministry, because you bribed someone, because you did something iconically embarrassing, because you were once the Queen of England for three years, because there's a you-shaped space on the wall, etc. I think the requirements for having your portrait put up in Hogwarts are fairly arbitrary so the world is your oyster in that respect!
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fabulous set by Lady <3
My school (which was super snooty) took donations of paintings of people who thought of themselves as notable alumni. Most were usually just filling space, but the more notable you were the more you moved up in spots (from the back ends of the school and common rooms, to the dining hall and main hall etc) the place was coming down with paintings of bishops and lawyers! I imagine Hogwarts snobby-ier alumni did the same - once you got head of department or society success you donated a portrait just in case you made a big enough splash to be of note.

I had a character AGES ago inspired by one of Kaytes wanted's whose portrait was a fairly good personality match for her because she had had it painted when she was a debutante and had kept it into her 70's. My understanding is that the longer the portrait is with the subject the more it comes to be like them, as well as the extent/skill of the magic involved.

I can't remember if it's canon, or maybe some fanfiction I read, but that Hogwarts headmasters have their portrait done immediately upon starting the job and it hangs out in their private office, soaking up their personality until they leave the post by retiring or die, which is usually years and years, which is why they are better than the average portrait.

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Kit made a lovely gift! <3

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