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Rupert Price
Full Name:
Rupert Hugo Price
Rob, Bert
April 1st, 1875
Current Age:
Fifth Year Student and Inspiring Entrepreneur
9 – While no one outside the main four know of Rupert’s true heritage, the speedy marriage of his ‘parents’ raised some browns, even more so considering the difference in their class and how quickly after he was born. Rupert laughs off the silly suggestions, saying he was just ready to enter the world, but he also cannot help but wonder…
Wellingtonshire, Hogwarts during the school year
Hogwarts House:
10 inches long and made of elder wood, with a unicorn hair core.
Blood Status:
Social Class:
Believed Family
Father: Warren Price – 18xx
Mother: Muriel Price Née --- - 18xx
(Half) Sister: Hazel Price - 1880

Unknown Blood Family
Father:  Trystan Selwyn– 1848
Grandmother: Rhea Selwyn – 18xx – 1880
Uncle: Emrys Selwyn – 1851
Uncle: Daniel Selwyn – 1854
-- Aunt: Freya Selwyn née Benwick – 1865
Aunt: Tanwen Selwyn – 18xx
Aunt/Half-Sister: Anthea Selwyn – 1865
Half-Sister: Liliana Selwyn - 1872
Half-Sister: Adrienne Selwyn – 1874
Half-Brother: Aristide Selwyn – 1874
Half-Brother: Cadawalader Selwyn – 1874
Half-Sister: Hortense Selwyn – 1877
Half-Brother: Arianwyn Selwyn- 18xx
Half-Brother: James Fletcher - 1878

Rupert stands at 5′ 6″ and he is rather insulted with the fact. His goal is to be at least 6’ like his father and hopes that his late teenage growth will get him there. He is rather slim and has always believed he was born to have the body of a seeker yet the passion for a beater. If only his eyesight would allow him to play… instead he needs to wear glasses for fine work like reading. He has a terrible habit of ‘forgetting’ them. He is always well dressed and immaculately kept, either in robes or clothes – usually a suit. He has a strong Scottish accent. Rupert is right handed for both his wand and quill.

Sometime After July in 1874
Muriel, chambermaid of Ambrosia Selwyn, falls pregnant after an affair with her husband Trystan Selwyn. Terrified, she admits as much to the lady and finds herself and the baby shipped off to Scotland where she is to be married to a friend of Ambrosia’s, Warren Price. Warren was an older man who had yet to marry and hence had no heir. He agreed to the deal on the promise that the Selwyn’s would have no contact with the child and that he could raise them as he saw fit. So started the lie that was the Price’s. Muriel and Warren married within the month under the deception that they had fallen in love, planning to hide the pregnancy under the falsehood that she had conceived on their wedding night and that the child was born early but thankfully healthy.
Rupert Price

Rupert was born on April 1st in 1875. The family was living in his father’s estate in Scotland. As far as Rupert knew growing up, there was nothing different about his parents. His mother cared and smothered him with love, his father was stern on him but loved him in his own way. His father took pride in his work, the magazine always seeming popular. For as long as Rupert can remember, he was almost always in his father’s office, learning and soaking up the world of quidditch. It was on his fifth birthday that his father told him that this was his legacy, that one day the magazine would be his. For a long time, Rupert loved the idea.

After the attack on the Queen in 1877, his father decided it was best if they followed suit and moved to Hogsmeade with some of their neighbours. The family bought land and build their house in Wellingtonshire and his father moved the main office of the magazine to the small, growing town as well.

Unknown to the five-year-old, his parents who acted in love in public had never once shared a bed. That was until the questions had started. Why was a young wife who had passed a healthy boy not producing more heirs for her husband? How long could rumours of miscarriages go on? In an act to keep more mystery from clouding their family, Muriel and Warren decided to have a child. In 1880 Hazel Price, Rupert’s quieter sister was born. Rupert was not sure on her at first, but the older she got and the more… human, the more protective Rupert felt over her.

The 1883 Quidditch World Cup was held in Hogsmeade, and while Rupert was sad that the usual father son trip to it was cancelled, it was still awesome to attend it in his hometown. Even more so when they got their own local team to cheer for.

His parents tried to hide them from the events of 1884 to the best of their ability. But it was a bit hard to hide his father’s anger and annoyance as his office went up in smoke on High Street. Thankfully, they managed to keep the magazine going from the old office while they rebuilt.

Did Rupert make his father take him to London so that he could get on the train with all the other kids? Yes. He did not want to miss the excitement or the bonding session that came on the train. It was an adventure he had not wanted to miss out on. He had spent most of the ride walking from carriage compartment to compartment meeting every person he could and trying to make a list of people he could consider friends.

No one was more surprised than him when he was sorted into Gryffindor, he had always considered himself a Slytherin. However, not one to take things to heart he dived right into his new ‘family’. That night he convinced as many of the Gryffindors as he could to stay in the common room for a small party to get to know each other. It was only the start to the parties he would toss on a whim.

The next morning, he had been reading a copy of his dad’s magazine when he notice that a boy named Cameron kept looking over at it. Did he know then they would be best friends? No, but as soon as their shared passion for the sport came to light, Rupert knew he would not let anyone harm the boy. His friend group would slowly expand as the days went on, even into his second year as they adopted some of the new first years into their group. While he knows most of his friends do not agree with half the things he does – the things they know he does – he is still keenly protective of them and would do anything for them.

In terms of academics, it became noticeably clear very, very quickly that Rupert was not a potions master. If the exploded cauldrons he seemed have collected every year was anything to go by. Not that he was bad at the theory behind it, just making them always seemed to be a challenge. What was more surprising to him and his family was is apparent green thumb he had, catching on and excelling in herbology, a subject he had not given two thoughts to before taking the class. He also loves charms and transfiguration, but that is more so he can keep his business hidden from the teachers and his friends who would lecture him about it or even turn him in. He also picked up arithmancy which he plans to continue with into his N.E.W.T.s. Potions he is planning on dropping the moment he can.

After looking and looking through the charm and transfiguration books during his first year, Rupert had spent the break between then and his second year developing ‘The Quaffle Membership Card’. To the plan eye, it looks like a subscription card for his father’s magazine, but in reality, with a special code phase and tape of the wand, it revives the membership to his gambling group. Rupert knew how much trouble he could get into for running it in the school, but he had made sure each member knew the cost for losing their card or giving away their secret. For the first couple of years he kept it simply to school matches, but towards the end of his fourth, and through being convinced it was something the members wanted, he opened a section for the World Cup games as well. He is not to worried about being found out. The cards he had developed were continually being changed and improved, his bookkeeping book was well charmed and looked like a normal notebook. There was no way for anyone to know unless someone turn him in… always the part he would not be able to control. Which was annoying but required. Hence why his close friends had no idea of his little operation.

One thing he could not hide from them were his parties, but besides a bit of annoyance from them, he knew they secretly enjoyed the events. Some become yearly events, others small close gatherings and others he tossed together of a whim because he could. Going into fifth year he planned for them to be bigger and better then ever. Mind you, if his friends knew he had hidden wine at the bottom of his trunk, he might not be allowed to hold any more… But he was keeping hold of it for the right moment… plus he had connections now if he wanted to sneak more into the school… but he is waiting to see how the first bottle will go down…



Bold, Rational and Practical, Original, Perceptive, Direct, Sociable, Insensitive, Impatient, Risk-prone, Unstructured, May Miss the Bigger Picture, Defiant

  • Bold and Original: Rupert is always full of energy and of life. He loves to create and discover and does not care about pushing the boundaries to do so.
  • Rational and Practical: what is the use of information you cannot use? Rupert loves to learn – if he can put that knowledge to use.  Arbitrary facts and conversations are of no possible help, so why would he want to be involved in them?
  • Perceptive: if he is perceptive or just able to see things differently, Rupert can see small shifts in habits and appearances, rather useful information that he can then use to help create connections with others. It also helps him keep from getting caught when he notices someone onto him and his tricks.
  • Direct and Sociable: That being said, Rupert is not one for mind games. When he communicates, it is clear and supported with factual questions and answers. He enjoys being around people, enjoys having a good time. If there is a party happening, one can safely assume it was Rupert’s organisation.  For better or, usually, worse.
  • Insensitive: Emotions are… hard for Rupert. There is no fact in them, and they can mess with his sense of ‘reality’. When a situation is emotional, they can get awkward and uncomfortable rather quickly with his inability to full acknowledge people, and even his own, emotions. His direct way of speaking does not normally help either.
  • May Miss the Bigger Picture, Impatient, Unstructured and Risk-prone: There is nothing worse to Rupert then being told to slow down or to hold back. He gets annoyed when people cannot keep up with him or when he is focused to stay on a single detail for too long. He lives in the moment, if he wants to have fun, he will find a way. If he wants to study, he will rush off to do so. Rules and social expectations are often ignored for the moment. He often will miss the forest for the tree so to speak, often far to focused on the here and now rather then what could happen down the path.
  • Defiant: repetition, hard-line rules and sitting quietly while they are lectured at are not things that Rupert enjoys and require extraordinary effort from him to stay focused. He enjoys breaking the rules, but at the same time, enjoys getting away with breaking the rules. He isn’t stupid, he knows covers his tracks.
  • Pets: Toad name George
  • Odd Skill: Drawing
  • Amortentia: broom polish, fresh lavender and coins
  • Boggart: His sister or friend being hurt
  • Fact: Rupert is an ambitious quidditch geek

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