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Returning the Favor
November 14, 1890 - Abernathy/Skovgaard Flat, London
@Meredith Edgecombe

When Marie-Louise had moved in with Fallon Abernathy the fall following their graduation from Hogwarts she had felt as if she could do nothing right. Coming from a life of privilege she was used to a maid despite her seven years at school without one, a cook, and any number of staff to wait on her. While at Hogwarts it was true that she had none of these things she had grown up directly with, but there was always a house elf for the cleaning, a professor for the teaching, and a friend to help her lace up her stays and button her gowns. After only a summer at her godmother’s she worried she had fallen back into the habit of needing help from everyone. But it went deeper than that. As a new intern she felt she was a constant disappointment, as a goddaughter she had let her mother’s best friend down with the path she had chosen, and as a roommate she could not help with the cleaning let alone the cooking.

To top everything off the recent loss of her parents was still keenly felt, the knowledge that she could no longer go home, no longer feel the comforting presence of her parents or the life she had once had. She would not roam the halls of her childhood house or wander through the forests that grew on their lands. Her uncle would not welcome her home again, he’d only marry her off to some lower ranking noble on the other side of Denmark far away from anything familiar and far away from the magical world she had grown up in. He’d return the Skovgaard manor to the muggle estate it had once been, returning from his home in the city to ensure that no one else on the odd side of the family might bring such bad luck to it again. Marie-Louise had been quite certain she would never be allowed back as long as the estate remained in his hands and his brisk letters after her parents deaths did little to dispel the notion.

So she had tried to make the best of the situation, standing up for ideals she held and moving out on her own, or rather in with her best friend, to try and make a go of it. She didn’t need a maid, a cook, or a footman, she could be quite self sufficient if she needed to be. Or at least that had been the belief, or more realistically, the hope. It had quickly become apparent that neither of the former Slytherins knew how to cook. At least Fallon knew how to clean but that could hardly fill their bellies and Malou wasn’t about to ask her friend to both clean and cook. No, she had wanted to pull her weight, to prove to not only Fallon but also herself and those of her ilk that she could take care of herself. So she’d tried to teach herself how to cook.

The first attempt had been an utter disaster, she had used magic to pull the water then unwrapped a cut of meat she had gotten from the butcher and threw it in without touching it. To that she had added cut up vegetables at the same time and then left it cooking the whole day. It was a diaster. But she had not let that deter her. She’d tried again and again, never steering away from something that could be made in a pot or a cauldron, avoiding anything that used raw ingredients such as flour. There were more unpalatable meals then she could count and more money being wasted on food that tasted like shoe leather than she had ever thought could happen. More and more she felt like she was not cut out for this life, like everyone had been right and she should just give up and marry as was expected of her.

Then the day had come when Fallon had invited a school friend over to their flat. Marie-Louise had not seen Meredith Edgecome since their fifth year when she had left school, nervous and anxious to prove herself Malou had set about to make stew and biscuits. Pulling the biscuits from the oven they were hard as rocks but that was hardly the most mortifying part, not long after that the stew exploded. Fallon had rushed out to find them food, assuring Malou it would be alright but no sooner had the door shut then Malou, trying not to cry, apologized endlessly to Meri. By the time Fallon had returned with food the two women were busy in the kitchen as Meri instructed Malou how to make her first edible biscuit.

Meri’s lessons had continued past that afternoon until Malou could make something that was not only tolerable to eat but actually fairly delicious as well. With the knowledge of how to actually cook and bake Malou had learned to actually like the task at hand rather than dread her attempts to make something. Now, years removed from the event, she could finally laugh over those early days as she whipped up a batch of cookies of biscuits. It was all due to Meri, a debt that Malou rather felt she could never repay. Which was why when Meri asked her help learning some healing magic Malou had not hesitated even a moment to agree.

“I thought we could start with a simple disinfecting spell.” Malou explained to Meri as she settled onto the couch next to her friend, placing a tray with the tea kettle and teacups on a side table beside them. “Tea?” She asked, reaching to pour the drink for her friend.

She continued on with the task at hand though, recalling what she had taught her nurses and interns at the hospital. “Then we can go through some spells for minor injuries. Of course things like broken bones and more severe things you will want an actual healer. But it never hurts to have a handful of spells for first aid.” The once shy girl was in her realm now, no longer quiet as she delved into the persona she had crafted at work to hide her own reluctance to talk to people.

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