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Love You Like I Used To
November 15th, 1890 - Miller Residence
@Beau Miller

I don't love you like I used to
This gets better every time you kiss me like this
It's stronger the longer I'm with you
More than every single day before

Though things were hardly settled in regards to Odina and Toby, Eva was, for all intents and purposes, very settled in her own life. She felt like she was the size of a small erumpet, but there wasn't much to be done about that. She'd been assured you could hardly tell that she was pregnant from the back and that she was all belly, which she supposed was true, but her aching hips and feet didn't agree.

Thankfully the house was pretty much all set, she couldn't sit idle for very long, (though she did nap quite a bit these days) and she was taking it easy, thanks to the random pains she kept having, but she'd wanted the inside of the house to be as ready as possible before winter. Thankfully magic made that quite a bit easier and she wasn't overworked, just bored. Also quite fortunately, she had Fergus for company both days as Beau and Murph were picking up her slack at the zoo these days.

She was curled up in bed, a fire roaring in the hearth of their room, snuggled up with a book of pictures from when she was little. Some included her mom, most of it was of their travels around the world, but she was in the mood to reminisce a little. The baby was quite active at the moment, the little one doing their (she was convinced it was a girl) somersaults, which had become quite the nightly routine shortly after dinner. Eva was highly amused until one pretty good jab to her ribs left her breathless for a moment and she had to push back on what she assumed was a little foot. Still, she had to laugh.

This was where Beau found her, curled up under an old afghan of her mother's creation, the book and pictures sprawled around her as she smiled up at him. "I think she likes what we had for supper." She chuckled, pushing again against the little foot in her ribs.

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The situation with Odina and Toby was ... complicated. There was no doubt in Beau's mind that the boisterous young boy was, in fact, his own flesh and blood, but with Odina dragging her feet on any kind of unification between father and son Beau's hands were effectively tied. He wouldn't — couldn't — out her, he would never doom his child to the life of a bastard. But, that didn't stop the yearning in his heart to somehow parent his son. He knew all too well what it was like to grow up without a healthy relationship with his father, he knew the lifelong pain it caused. That Odina refused to even acknowledge it as a future for Tobias only made Beau angrier.

He tried to reign it in and be more present for Eavan's sake. It wasn't his wife's fault that Beau suddenly had life changing revelations happening left and right, nor was it her fault that he couldn't process anger the way most people could. Fury festered within Beau, like bacteria in a swamp. Multiplying and poisoning everything around it until there was nothing left to be consumed. Eva hadn't signed up for that. In fact, the short redhead would probably be better if Beau hadn't forced her into such a life.

Conall had every right to kill him.

Beau had shooed Eva off to bed and took care of the washing from dinner and joined her as soon as he was done. His long hair (Lord knew he ought to chop it off sooner or later) was loose and hanging down his back in tangled waves, his shirt already mostly unbuttoned. "Oh?" He asked with a raised brow and settled down besides her. "We'll have to have lamb more often. Can't have the princess not enjoying her meals."

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