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David's Dramatic Posse
Player Name: David
Contact: Discord (BurningBridges#7040); if you do not have Discord, PM @Edward Carter

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back and I've decided to start fresh (terribly sorry to anyone I left hanging with threads and plots!), so, of course, I need a new networking thread to display all my lovely idiots in for you!

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Edward is a talented dueler and a master of charms aswell as a painter. He served as a member of the Committee of Experimental Charms for a number of years after finishing his education at Hogwarts before taking the job of Charms professor in June of 1890. He is middle-class, pureblooded and single but reluctant to mingle.

Age: 44
House: Ravenclaw
Grad Year: 1864
Class: Middle class
Reputation: 9
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Charms professor, painter

For platonic relationships, I'm looking for anything from friends to co-workers to acquaintances. Is your character currently a member of the Committee on Experimental Charms or just a regular charms afficionado? Perhaps your character is a respectable, pure-blooded with or wizard who needs a portrait made of them? Maybe just a student who'd like some extra lessons in charms or isn't quite getting last class' subject matter? Or you're feeling sorry for Ed because he's reached such an... ahem, respectable age and want to get him set up with a nice lady you think would suit him well (read on below if this is the case)? Let me know!

In terms of hurls, Ed is more on the shy side. He might be sweet on a woman every now and again, but the chances of him pursuing said woman on his own accord and without any help are slim to none. The ladies he crushes on are of good financial standing and reputation and employed in a respectable field. The likelihood he'll pay the next issue of Charms Weekly more attention than he'll pay you should not be discouraging; if you make the first move or make it clear you're interested aswell, you might just be in for a surprise!
Hi David, I have a few people~

@Edmund Evermonde is a sixth year Huffie whose favorite subjects are Charms and Art, so I assume they'll get on well enough.

If Edward lives in Godric's Hollow he might be familiar with the Gillenwater-Bell family and thus @Cameron Gillenwater. (Cameron is not a good student, though, and on the opposite of the spectrum: muggleborn instead of pureblood, goofy jock vibes instead of nerdy artist vibes, does not do well in his classes).

@Edna Shacklebolt is the new Divination professor and a mother three students who are in his class~

@Annie Moneypenny is a first year who wants to know everything, so.

set by MJ <3
Welcome back! I have a few options!

@Phineas Black is the headmaster and a reclusive prick, but since Edward is pureblood, he probably tolerates him alright.

@Nell Dawson  is the Ravenclaw HoH and Magical Theory professor; her main goal in life is to be everyone's grandma.

@Sloane Bixby  is my only student, she's a 4th year Gryffindor who plays quidditch, is terribly outgoing and improper and is a mediocre student at best. She does alright in Charms, but it is not her best class and she needs to work on it.

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
I have a few options for you:

@Edison Moony tutors people in Charms, and he hopes to become an auror.

@Thomas Montgomery is rather good at Charms. His favorite subject is Transfiguration, but he hopes to, someday, become a member of the Committee of Experimental Charms or the Ministry Research Committee. (After he works for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.)

@Billie Farrow is likely struggling a bit in his class, but doing well with practical applications.

@Deanna Benwick is the etiquette instructor. She's likely cordial, especially since he's a pureblood. She might try to shove eligible ladies his way.

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Hi David!

In terms of adults, my best bets are @Ewart Fraser, who is older but on the Charms committee, into academia and history, and is generally eccentric, and @Carmelina Cramming who teaches Ancient Runes, both of whom would probably like him!

On the student side, I have @James Fletcher, most obnoxious first year of 1890, Charms NEWT student @Jemima Farley, and @Nelson Higgs who is mute so failed all his practical OWLs terribly because he can only try to cast spells non-verbally, but was getting extra tutoring from the previous Charms professor and would still be interested in privately practising charms at his own pace if Edward has time for him!

Hey David!
My discord is jen#4684

But I currently have @Anthea Selwyn whose currently part of the Committee of Experimental Charms, but she only joined this year (because she's only 25). She has absolutely no interest in children, or marriage or men really, she actually aspires to be a spinster and career woman ...

for students I have first year @Greta Gillenwater who has lofty aspirations of being the best though her foundations.... need work so she'd love any sort of help or extra lessons.

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