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1st August, 1890 — Staff Room, Irvingly Infirmary
There was a particular feeling that came with the clocks striking midnight – metaphorically speaking of course – in the intermittently silent wards of the infirmary, or at least there was as far as Temperance was concerned. Sleeping patients had been seen to, floors and walls made sterile by the impressively stealthy cleaners and the usual hustle and bustle was significantly reduced; with less to keep her occupied Temperance often found herself possessed with a pulsing expectancy thrumming through her blood as she anticipated springing to action at any moment to deal with an emergency.

Tonight though the emergency had already come and gone, taking with it the life of a village woman and her first child.

Temperance had whispered a prayer for the pair she had been unable to save and had shared a heartfelt but brief moment of condolence with the healer who had failed in his duty just as much as she had hers before escaping to the staff room. There would be no one here, there never was at this time.

Gripping the sill below the black-sky window Temperance breathed in slowly through her nose and back out through her mouth. It was always terrible – no less for someone as sure as she was that the Lord would, even now, be taking them into his embrace – and it was just as habitual for a loss like this to hurt her pride as much as her soul.

Which was another thing she would need to repent for.

“I want to be a-” Glancing sharply over her shoulder she was surprised to see the girl – the one with delicate, dainty little hands who Temperance suspected had never cleaned up after herself in her life, much less others, but who, she would begrudgingly admit, was more dedicated than the other intern by leaps and bounds.

She had also been hovering at Temperance’s shoulder for the duration of the birth, handing her things as requested and now, the midwife thought with a sigh, she looked white as a sheet. Turning slightly towards the girl, but maintaining her attempts to dig her fingers into the knotty wood below the window, Temperance did not offer her a smile but she did her best to soften her voice.

“Are you alright?”

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Normally this was Adrienne's favorite time of day — well night, really. She sat in the courtyard of the infirmary where she'd spent the summer interning, reflecting on why she'd chosen this area to pursue. Often, the calm of the night energized her. Made her feel awakened as it came alive with the sounds of nocturnal animals and rustle of trees in the wind. Tonight, it was a cool balm on an ache left by the day's turn of events.

It was the first day she'd witnessed casualties. Throughout the summer, all patients she'd seen come and go were not without their own difficulties. Each posed their own challenge for the team, which Adrienne did her best to take into stride. Each had their own emotional toll, but this time...it was not only the first life that she'd seen leave this earth, but soon the second.

She was not extremely religious herself. But witnessing two lives be taken away one right after the other had knocked the wind out of her, and she'd felt her fingers lace together in a quick, fumbled prayer.

As she went through the events of the day in her mind, Adrienne found herself moving towards the staff room, nary an end goal in mind until she stumbled upon Nurse Fairchild. Having been around Ambrosia Selwyn for the past half a decade, Adrienne found something about Nurse Fairchild's "take-no-prisoners" demeanor rather familiar, though by no means less effective in lighting a fire under her. Despite her demeanor, Adrienne greatly respected the nurse as her expertise and tutelage were indispensable at times.

As such, she hesitated as she entered the staff room and Nurse Fairchild turned to her. For the first time in what felt a long time, Adrienne took a deep breath. Seeing the older woman — always so steady and immovable — be affected by the death of the mother and child reminded Adrienne that, really, everyone had their breaking point. This realization was both sobering and uplifting. They were only human, no matter how strong one may seem, and as such were at mercy of what life decided to throw their way. "I would ask you the same," she said, taking another step in.

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