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Make Believe That I Impress
October 20, 1890 - Hogwarts Library

Since the fight with Sloane Sisse had been throwing herself into her homework with extra fervor. In fact she was so far ahead on this particular night that the only assignment left was her palm reading assignment Divination, which, she decided as she closed her History of Magic textbook, she might as well complete now. Surely she could find someone who wouldn’t mind her asking them here in the library.

Sisse’s preferred table in the library was a small table tucked into the back of the library near the restricted section. It had a window that let in light when it was sunny and was near enough to the aisle that if anyone came near she’d be forced to actually focus on her work and look studious, but it was also far enough away that she wouldn’t be required to socialize. Lately she’d taken spending more and more time in the library where she didn’t have to keep up any pretenses about how she felt.

It was after supper and already the sun had sunk down past the horizon, most students had returned to their common rooms by now. Sisse would be lucky to find someone she could draft into her project, but she wasn’t ready to go back to the common room yet so she figured she might as well try. With how quiet the library was she didn’t bother to pack up her bag, she simply grabbed her divination book with some parchment and quill.

A few aisles away she spotted Ned, nose deep in his homework. The sight of him sent her stomach bouncing unbidden and a soft smile on her features that she didn’t even realize was there. Surely Ned wouldn’t mind helping. After all he’d already seen her almost drown, scared of water, and crying. Palm reading couldn’t be any more mortifying than any of those events, she reasoned.

Squaring her shoulders and placing a bright smile on her face she approached Ned, “Think you could help me with an assignment?” She asked by way of greeting, having stopped at his table often enough to editing papers and discussing points she was stuck on, especially lately when it seemed she focused on schoolwork and nothing else.
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