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"Angelica" Warrington for Myles Warrington.
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Annual Charming Pumpkin Smash
Annual 2k20 Pumpkin Smash


[Image: giphy.gif?zoom=2]

Pumpkin Smash is back with more prizes to win and a fancy stamp! As always, there are pumpkins scattered around the board and your job is to smash 'em all! (And by "smash" we mean just send them in a PM to me xD see below for further instructions) The pumpkins this year are in the form of various GIFs, like the Bird Hunt was, and they're scattered all throughout the board.

  • There is a total count of 13 pumpkins to find.
  • The pumpkins are all in the IC sections (this includes Witch Weekly and DP).
  • As of placing them, none of the pumpkins are in the archives, however, that doesn't mean some threads might be swept into the archives at some point.
  • To submit your entry, please PM @Amelia Evans
  • WHEN SUBMITTING please send the link to the thread, with the thread title & formatted as such:
    THREAD TITLE — link to specific post within thread

Prizes are listed below!

Against the Odds — AMY
Immortality Discount
Featured Want Ad
MJ Set
Lady Set
Lady Moodboard

Additionally, everyone who successfully completes the pumpkin smash gets this lovely trinket for their Stamp Books!

<img src="https://cdn.nickpic.host/images/IV63rx.png" title="Smash those Pumpkins!" />


[Image: F9qwAz.png]

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