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October 16th, 1890 — Irvingly Casino -Charity Luncheon

Addie had been in England for some months, establishing herself as a deb on the social scene. There were times she forgot why she had returned, sometimes she just enjoyed being a normal young woman, she had made a small circle of friends, none of whom knew anything of Hermione Villefort, nor did they care to know. She could just enjoy balls and parties without feeling that twisted little ball of rage in her stomach threatening to claw it's way out. This invitation was one such event. She got to put her father and Mister Dantés' money to good use for something other than frivolity, but a little public press on just how much money she was dropping for charity wouldn't do her any harm either.

She had been sure to wear a tasteful and suitably complimentary gown, in all of the right ways- it was clearly expensive but not the sort of ostentatious appearance that would imply new money. 'Is the charity very close to your heart?' she asked the other person looking at the list of the silent auction, Addie lifted the quill and doubled the last bid on a Halloween floral arrangement

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Lionel was more than happy to put his money towards the charity. He had known many hit wizards in his time, some who had been lost to the job, others injured. But to say it was close to his heart would probably be an overstatement. "I wouldn't say very close but it is dear to me," he said in answer as he put a bid down for some random object that he probably didn't need. It was for charity, though. "It does feel good to help those in need, though."

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