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Sunday Roast
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27th September, 1890 — Evander’s House, Irvingly
He had barely left the office this week, as if swamping himself with work would undo the fact that he was hosting people on the weekend. Willingly, supposedly. This very morning he had woken up hoping for a national disaster or some deathly illness to cancel it.

But it had had to happen sometime - he had been putting it off long enough - and at least this way it’ll be on home territory, Evander reminded himself. It was not ideal, but on the other hand it was not as though he hadn’t thought it through. Meticulously.

Caroline was coming for dinner, because he was courting her, and for that reason she, unfortunately, had to be granted opportunities to get to know his family. (Whether she would still be courting him afterwards was a fair question.) To that end, then, he had no choice but to invite Alfred. And whilst he did want them to get along - obviously - he was also considerably worried that they would get along too well, and have too much to talk about. (Ships.) To appease Alfred, then, he had extended the invitation to Miss Fisk, whom Alfred was ‘courting’ in some fashion or another. And Evander had already met Miss Fisk, so that was a relief. Today could not be worse than the hospital visit.

To throw Alfred off - to weight things a little more in his favour - as well as for propriety’s sake, Evander had invited Miss Fisk’s brother and a man he knew from the Ministry rather well. Thank Merlin Konstantin Fisk was bound to be able to keep his sister and Alfred in line. And thus the inclusion of Miss Evans, poor thing.

He had thought, too, it would be beneficial for Charity to join them all, for whom he had made it a Sunday lunch, and therefore a more relaxed affair. He wanted Caroline to like Charity too, for obvious reasons; he would have rather sat beside Caroline himself, but the point of this was mingling, so hopefully they would have some time to become properly acquainted instead. And in order to even out numbers and to keep an eye on Charity - her governess might make a good lesson of dinner etiquette, he had considered, while it was only family and ‘friends’ in attendance - he had given Miss Clearwater a place.

And now everyone was here, and Evander was dying inside. “Please do come through,” he said, ushering them through to the table set for a roast dinner once people had arrived and introductions had been haphazardly made among them. “Everyone’s met now, then?”

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table plan
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Evander Darrow |---------------------------------------------------------------------| @Charity Lloyd
@Amelia Evans | @J. Alfred Darrow | @Louisa Clearwater

Alfred hadn't really been expecting to have a chance to actually talk to Zelda during this luncheon, since most of her family members had made it their mission of the summer to never allow the two of them time to talk privately, but he was disappointed at the seating plan all the same. Sitting across from Zelda's brother meant he might need to spent time looking at or even talking to Zelda's brother, and he wasn't sure he'd seen this particular brother since the dance when he and Zelda had set about making a scene — so it wasn't as though there was a wealth of goodwill between the two of them. It would also be so much easier to get himself into trouble if he spent too much of the night making eyes at Zelda.

(He also wondered a bit if Evander had been hoping the nanny, seated to his right, would keep an eye on him as much as on Charity — but he supposed he'd never know.)

Having written off the idea of being able to interact in any meaningful capacity with Zelda, he'd come into this luncheon with two goals: first, to make a good impression on Miss Delaney, since he expected she would eventually be his sister-in-law; and second, to antagonize Evander as much as possible without jeopardizing his first goal. He was surprised and amused to see that he recognized Miss Delaney, having met her in quite a dramatic fashion a week or so ago.

"Yes, indeed," he said mischievously, already anticipating the attack of nerves this bit of information was likely to inflict on Evander. "Miss Delaney and I have quite the history together, as it turns out."

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Zelda wanted to crawl out of her skin, but was trying not to look it. She tapped her fingertips against her knee under the table and tried not to stare at Miss Evans - it was not that she did not like Miss Evans, (she was solidly neutral), but rather that she was trying not to get caught looking at Alfred, and Miss Evans was across from her. Also, if she made eye contact with Evander Darrow, they might have to talk, and that was a nightmare.

The Protestant tradition of Sunday roasts was something that Zelda would have happily abandoned altogether; it would have spared them this awkwardness. There was something so much less awkward-feeling about a Saturday roast. (Perhaps it was that it gave one an additional pre-work day to recover.)

Well, at least she could gather some info. With Alfred and Evander talking about Miss Delaney, Zelda made actually-deliberate-eye-contact with Miss Evans: "And how long have you known Konstantin, Miss Evans?" she said, brightly.

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From the moment Evander had told her of his decision to host a luncheon Caroline had been confident in the step. She had been eager to meet his family and friends and the fact that he had been willing to overcome his distaste for such events had given her a great deal of faith in what that meant for the two of them. She was quite certain, in fact, that if anything were to go the slightest bit amiss she should be able to smooth it over for him, demonstrating the very reason she should proceed over such events in their future. A future she was very keen to bring about.

But Caroline had not anticipated was the arrival of the gentleman from the week before. The one who had been involved with her in that dreadful business with the muggles. Quite certain Evander would be mortified to find out what had happened through Ministry channels, Caroline had written him what she had hoped was a reassuring rendition of the event, never realizing that the gentleman she had encountered was actually Mr. Alfred Darrow. Mr. Darrow had said nothing when they had first encountered each other again in the drawing room and Caroline found herself hoping that perhaps he might allow the matter to lie as it should, but unlike a Delaney he didn't.

"I should hardly say a long history." Caroline admended with a pleasant smile, trying to sooth over any tension Evander might have at such a comment. "Mr. Darrow was kind enough to rescue me last week." She tilted her head toward Mr. Darrow in acknowledgement that she was indeed grateful, at the same time hoping that Evander recalled her account of the tale from her letter.

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Charity felt like a woman that morning, because she basically was, she realized, the woman of the house. She had been for past eight months, and would be until Uncle Evander decided to tie the knot with Miss Caroline Delaney. Now, Charity had already decided that she didn't like Miss Delaney. It was unlike her to make such snappy judgments, but how could she possibly like the woman who's one role in her life would be to torment, undermine, and eventually throw her right out of the house? She'd read the books. She knew how step-mothers (or in this case, step-aunts? A regular aunt?) were like.

She faced one dilemma in deciding this before meeting the woman, or two if she was honest with herself: firstly, she could not allow Uncle Evander to know that she disliked Miss Delaney, because she'd been hoping to make her Uncle Evander see her as more of a grownup. Grownups did not make snap judgments about other people. She'd also read that in a book on morality and manners that Miss Clearwater had given her. Secondly, she had no good way to express her feelings surrounded by a group of people that were also important to her (apart from Mr. Fisk and Miss Evans, neither of who she knew and neither of who were of any importance to her to her knowledge. Still, Mr. Fisk was very smart-looking and had a face that she suspected would be much less handsome if frowning.)

After pondering her dilemmas, Charity had found a reasonable solution to her problem. Seated at the end of the table facing her Uncle, she took it upon herself to ignore Miss Delaney entirely and smile brightly whenever she caught Miss Fisk's eye—which unfortunately was not often, given how far apart they were seated. When Miss Delaney did talk, she wore a purposefully blank expression and pretended to ignore whatever was said. (For the record, Charity never ignored Miss Delaney. She was too busy looking for far more legitimate reasons to dislike her.)

Once the adults had spiraled into meaningless chitchat, Charity looked to her governess and frowned.

"I didn't know Uncle Evander knew this many people," she said quietly, already bored by the introductions.
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When she'd heard about this little get together that Mr. Darrow had been planning on hosting, Louisa immediately had a rather interesting feeling that settled in her stomach. While being Charity's governess required her to be well-spoken, this didn't necessarily mean that she had all the social prowess of a well-seasoned socialite. She tried her best not to convey this uneasiness to her charge, but it seemed that Charity was preoccupied by some own internal conflict. Having endured the child's thinly veiled nudges at her approval of the partnership between Louisa and her Uncle, the governess seemed to be able to guess what might be on her mind.

Leaning slightly to her right to give her attention to Charity, Louisa took a glance at everyone. There were quite a few faces she didn't know though she knew the reason why they were all there. Still, perhaps there was room to make this dinner a bit more entertaining for Charity (and by extension, her). "Oh, he doesn't," she said mildly. "I heard the housekeeper stop a few people outside and ask them if they would like luncheon with strangers."
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Miss Delaney didn't seem much interested in having fun at Evander's expense, but he supposed that was understandable. She didn't seem offended by his remarks, though, so Alfred thought things were going swimmingly so far. He was splitting his attention between Evander (to see his reaction to Miss Delaney's comment) and Miss Evans (in case her response gave him a chance to join the conversation and have an excuse to talk with Zelda, even in such a superficial manner as this) when he heard Charity's comment. He smiled and wondered if Evander had heard— then Miss Clearwater's quiet response made him actually snort. (Maybe she was in earnest; Alfred didn't entirely understand why Miss Evans was here).

Leaning in towards his niece conspiratorially, Alfred said, "He had to invite a full table or Miss Delaney might think there was something the matter with him and he was unsociable." Although he had spoken quietly he was sure, due to her position at the table, that Miss Delaney would have heard, and so he flashed her a small, quick smile to let her know he was only joking.
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Konstantin clenched his jaw as the man opposite him smiled as though he were not skating on the thinnest of ice and briefly recalled the childhood habit he and his brothers had of kicking each other under the dinner table. He was in the perfect spot, after all, but each time the urge to be aggressively childish reared its head he rested his eyes on Amelia instead. Whether she knew it or not Amelia was about the only thing standing between the younger Darrow and a jinx to the solar plexus.

Fortunately there was also wine to oil the meal along, for which he was eternally grateful to the elder Darrow.

“Is it a crime to prefer your circle to be comprised of fewer but finer individuals?” He asked sharply, lifting the glass of red to his lips and never once taking his eyes from the man opposite.
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Evander had sat down at an end of the table, begun passing around the dishes and the gravy-boat, and quickly realised that this was some sort of purgatory. Self-imposed, too.

His brother’s first line (‘Miss Delaney and I have quite the history together’) was omen enough of that, the barely concealed glee in Alfred’s tone only making his insides roil unpleasantly. He pressed his lips together so as not to make it obvious he had - already - gritted his teeth, and he was determined not to ask, so that if they were old friends he need not know it, so that if Alfred had waited until now to spring this on him purposefully he would get no reaction from it. Unfortunately, it was difficult to hide his thoughts from those who knew too much of him and his expressions, so he was relieved when Caroline illuminated the matter. Not as relieved as he might have been, however, from what he had put together: the two of them had gotten into trouble with muggles, it had gone badly enough that Caroline had needed ‘rescuing’, if either of them had breached the Statute of Secrecy it was something his own office would have to deal with, and if that was so he certainly did not want the Assistant Head of Law Enforcement, inconveniently at this table, to hear a word about it.

In order to downplay his turmoil and move past that matter as fast as possible, Evander (not looking at Alfred at all, because that was the only sure way not to glare at him) returned Caroline’s smile, and agreed, somewhat stiffly: “That was kind of him. I’m glad if he has had the chance to do the rescuing for once,” he said, eyeing Miss Fisk out of the corner of his eye, though she was busy speaking to Miss Evans. “He’s usually better at getting into trouble than out of it.”

Evander was studiously ignoring the fact that he had first met Miss Delaney when she had aided in rescuing him, once, and merely pitied that she had to be so far across the table from him today, and not within easy reach to spare him such suffering. No, instead she was next to Alfred and a stony-faced Charity, even by Charity’s own standards; even Miss Clearwater, who had spoken too low for him to hear, had caused Alfred to snort, which was a terrible sign, and this contention was not even from a corner he had expected! He didn’t want to know what they were saying, Evander told himself, his brow firmly furrowed.

Fisk had a word for whatever was going on at that end, thank Merlin. “I am so pleased you could all make it,” Evander offered to the table at general, currently grateful for the presence of about three people at it. Determined to keep things cordial but having little else kind to say about some of these individuals, he inclined his head at Miss Evans, feigning interest in her awaited answer to Miss Fisk’s question so that he might simultaneously eavesdrop on anything else Alfred said to Caroline.

Were she able to answer quite honestly, Amelia wasn't entirely clear about the reasons why she was attending this dinner. Most faces were entirely unfamiliar to her, however from the brief introductions she was able to glean that Konstantin's sister was in attendance. And with her, a young man who Amelia knew had managed to cause Konstantin a great deal of grief.

Given her own personal bias, Amelia was inclined to be at least mildly chilly to the man. It was easy to muster up the will to do when he involved himself in giggling in quieter conversations down at the end of the table. It became more difficult to do so when his sister sitting across from her addressed her directly. She felt her spine stiffen slightly, knowing that Konstantin was not happy with the younger Mr. Darrow.

"We met last June," she offered with a smile, hoping to see if she could coax Konstantin away from staring daggers. "It was quite an amusing encounter. Both our dogs got into a rather interesting altercation that we got caught up in." Her smile grew as she remembered it, her eyes flickering to Konstantin before resting back on Miss Fisk.

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