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Time to Wake Up! [OWL DADA]
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25 Sept 1890 — DADA Classroom

They were so close to the week-end, Octavius reminded himself he had to keep the class focused. There was always an air of relaxation in the hours just before dinner that any teacher struggled through just as much as the pupils. He was hoping this class would wake the students up a bit more than usual.

After all, there like was nothing like being doused by a stream of water that kept students on their toes — besides a Boggart, though Octavius' ironic sense of humor would reserve that lesson for perhaps closer to Halloween.

With a wave of his wand, Octavius cast a bubble over the room, which would protect any of his instruments from being caught in the crossfire as well. "Today's goal is to freeze a larger amount of water. In pairs, one of you will cast the Aqua Eructo spell. Another will try and freeze the water with the Glacius spell before it hits you." With a small smile, he looked at his students. "Not to worry, leaving the bubble will render you dry, however, I suggest placing any valuables you may have with you outside the bubble." He also had a spell on hand in case anyone needed to be thawed out or defrosted.

As they shuffled about to get themselves organized, Octavius stepped into the bubble. "Begin!"
This is open to all OWL-level students (grades 3-5).

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Meta was a more fire kind of person, but today's class had the potential to be very fun. She knew exactly who she wanted to be paired with. She spotted the blonde head and with a big mischievous smile, she approached her:

"Scrimgeour!" was Meta's warning before she cast the water spell on her. She couldn't stand the Slytherin and that made her the perfect partner for these kinds of things.

@Holly Scrimgeour sorry >.>

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Archer despised when the professors left them to their own devices in choosing a partner. He never knew who to pick, or who would even want to practice with him. He was such a disaster when it came to public displays of magic.

Turning to the first friendly face he could find, he non-verbally raised his eyebrows as if questioning whether they wished to partner up with him. When he received a positive response, he nodded and set out to get into position, attempting to cast the water spell. "Aqua Eructo."

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When it was determined they would need to locate partners, Ned immediately sought out Alice. Out of their friends, he enjoyed studying with her the most, Sisse coming in close second in that regard. He also knew her discomfort with the subject, and he was determined to continue to keep that fact a secret from the others. He knew how it embarrassed her so.

"Pretend it's just us," Ned whispered, shooting Alice an encouraging grin.

He shuffled away so that they were an appropriate distance apart, waited until she declared she was ready, and set out trying to cast the water spout charm with a few second delay. He didn't put as much oomph behind it as he could have, hoping Alice would be able to freeze it and thus boost her confidence. Knocking her off her feet with a stream of water wouldn't leave her hoping to try again. He wouldn't ever do that to her. Cameron, maybe, but never Alice.

@Alice Dawson
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It didn't happen every time, but it happened often enough that Holly was always on high alert when the professor announced that they were doing practical defense lessons. She already had her wand out when the new Professor d'Orsay told them to pair up (Merlin, if he know what he was getting himself into).

"Glacius," she cast quickly in response, because Bree assumed that was the proper incantation but she couldn't be bothered to look it up with fifteen other tabs open on her computer. If only there was a way to send her ice flying back to Meta...
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Cam loved practical lessons. It was probably the one part of the one subject in school he did decently well in, and the added fun of trying to soak their opponent made him all the more eager to pair up. He, naturally, looked towards Sloane with raised brows and cocked his head towards the floor. (There was no greater amusement than watching Sloane get soaked to the bone. You know, as the result of something that did not involve nearly drowning in the Black Lake.)

Once they stood opposite of each other, Cameron held his wand up and cast, "Aqua erecto!"
@Sloane Bixby

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Ugh. Despite the fact that Professor D'Orsay's lessons were fun usually, she was still terrible at them.

Dueling was not her forte either and she moved to pair up with Alice (trying not to make things obvious) Ned beat her there. Cam was by no means her second choice, but it was extra difficult to pretend like things were normal when they were playfully shooting water spells at one another.

She squared up in front of him, comically small as always, and flicked her wand, "Aqua Eructo!" Just as he did the same. Whoops. One or both of them were going to end up soaked, she just knew it.

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Defense was not her strongest class, but on the flip side it also wasn't one of her worse. She held her own with a little assistance from a few friends. She probably liked it because it was one of the classes that they spent the least amount of time coped up behind a desk. She'd never done well, trapped inside and forced to sit still and remain silent. On the other hand, it did not mean she particularly enjoyed sending spells straight after her friends but after the one classes in first year where one boy had tried to set her on fire, well her friends were the safer option. At least she could count on them not to try to set her on fire... intentionally. Cam and Sloane might do it accidentally.

Grinning, she pushed from her chair in hunt of Sisse a few seats down. "Which do you want to try first - soaking me or freezing my attempts at soaking you?" One the blonde had made her choice, Calla took her place and shot off the spell Sisse hadn't picked.
@Sisse Thompsett

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Despite Calla’s lessons on swimming Sisse still wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of water - not that she’d let anyone know that. She glanced around for Calla, grateful when she arrived next to her. “Soaking you, if you don’t mind.” She admitted with a bit of a sheepish smile. She wasn’t quite sure she was ready for soaking wet clothes clinging to her as a reminder.

They stepped into the bubble and squared off. “Aqua Eructo.” She cast toward Calla, hoping Calla was successful enough that she wouldn’t end up drenched.

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DADA had always been an interesting class, but this term's change in professors had been a major improvement. Professor D'Orsay was the epitome of what Bastian strives to be so who on earth wouldn't want more lessons from him? Being so suave and dapper certainly started with impressing in class. Not surprised that the Gryffindors chose each other, as if it was possible to ever join that circle, Bastian saw one of the third years looking about for a partner. Nodding his agreement to partner, Bastian raised his wand.

Allowing Mr. Belby a moment to cast, Bastian raised his wand and confidently cast his counter spell. "Glacius!"

Cad thought he might like the new DADA professor better than he had liked Professor Sleptov, there had been something about the Russian that Cad had just never liked. Professor d'Orsay was his new head of house, but he didn't strike Cad as someone who would be inclined towards the sort of rampant favourtism that marked some of the other heads of house.

He turned to whoever was beside him, and without waiting for an invitation he cast the spell as the professor instructed. 'Aqua Eructo' he cast, having indicated that he would take the offensive position for the first pass.

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Alcyone perked up to attention as the professor spoke. It was odd to have a new one but Alcyone could roll with it. They were to be put in pairs and Alcyone listened keenly to what was expected of them. As they paired off, she found herself with Cad.

"Glacius," she cast when Cad cast the first spell.

Alice despised Defense Against the Dark Arts. The further along she went in her studies the more confident in that belief she became. Every lesson introduced them to the evils of the world, to the possibility that they might one day require these spells, and the knowledge left her deeply unsettled. The private lessons with Edison helped her some, for at least now she knew the wandwork if nothing else, but her abilities were still subpar in comparison with her classmates. Just two more years. She could make it that long.

Shooting Edison a grateful look, Alice took up the defensive position and tried to cast the Glacius spell. Merlin, she hoped it didn't fail like all the others.
Perhaps Professor d'Orsay seemed to sense the longing looks out the windows of the students as they filed into his classroom, or perhaps he simply needed something different with his day, whatever his reason Sybille didn't mind. The assignment was a welcome change after a long boring History of Magic lesson.

With a smile at the student next to her, Sybille partnered up and stepped into the circle, being polite enough to offer to freeze the water first. She generally was pretty good with wand work so perhaps she wouldn't end up drenched after all?

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Underlined names denote the winner.

@Meta Lestrange / @Holly Scrimgeour

Always excited, that Miss Lestrange, however, Octavius observed she seemed more eager than usual to demonstrate the full range of those capabilities when Miss Scrimgeour was around. Luckily it seemed that Miss Scrimgeour was equally prepared for these such assaults and the water immediately froze before reaching the Slytherin. "Well done, Miss Scrimgeour." He said from his spot outside the bubble. "5 points to Slytherin for being the first to successfully block your partner. Now reverse." He added as he waved his wand to get rid of the ice.

@Archer Belby / @Sebastian Urquart

As he circled around the classroom, he saw what was quite possibly the opposite dynamic of the previous pair in Mr. Belby and Mr. Urquart, both of whom were rather mild-mannered. As he saw Mr. Urquart successfully block Mr. Belby's spell he gave a nod of approval. "Well done you two. Reverse please." He stated, getting rid of the ice before moving onto the next pair.

@Edison Moony / @Alice Dawson

Though he could see that Miss Dawson might have had her reserves about this lesson (frankly he got a more reserved feeling from her the more that their lessons continued), he smiled kindly in approval as Miss Dawson impeded the water shot at her by Mr. Moony. As he told them to reverse and moved on, glad he didn't need to deal with two many water-logged students.

@Cameron Gillenwater / @Sloane Bixby

Clearly he'd spoken too soon. The sight of the two Gryffindors soaked by each other's spells made Octavius stop in his tracks. "A reminder, Mr. Gillenwater, Miss Bixby," he offered with an amused smile tugging at his lips. "That in order for this exercise to work, one of you must try and stop the other one." He motioned for the two of them to step outside the bubble. "A few seconds should do it. It's quite toasty outside the bubble too, so don't wait too long unless you'd like to deal with some singed eyebrows as well." Octavius chuckled to himself before moving on.

@Calla Potts / @Sisse Thompsett

So far, it looked like no other students seemed to have to step outside the bubble. Octavius gave the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor pair an approving nod. "Well done, both of you." He said. "Miss Thompsett, your turn to try and block please."

@"Cadwalader Selwyn" / @Alcyone Slughorn

As he fell into a rhythm of walking around the pairs, Octavius got quicker at observing the pairs. "Well done Miss Slughorn — Mr. Selwyn, your turn."

@Sybille Lukeson / NPC

As Miss Lukeson came under fire of a barrage of water, Octavius motioned for her to step outside the bubble to dry off. "Try once more, Miss Lukeson," he encouraged — she was generally proficient in her wandwork, but everyone had a bit of trouble now and then.

Octavius speaks with a French accent
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