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September 13th, 1890 — Chuddley Cannons Pitch

Cee had had her eyes on Abbas al-Benali since earlier that year. She had been reading the most prominent international Quidditch newspapers and they had all been talking about what an upcoming talent he was. She had been very happy when Morocco made it to the finals, in Britain and she had pestered Theodor to fight so that the Cannons get him. She had heard that other teams also wanted him, so she was incredibly pleased when he accepted their offer.

She knew that the first Cannons practice with Mr. al-Benali would take place that morning. As such, Cee had woken up before dawn herself and flood to the Cannons' pitch. She had opted for robes, so she wouldn't stand out in the stands.

During a break, Cee found the opportunity to fly her own broomstick closer to the players. She greeted some of the other players, who weren't overly surprised to see her there. Then, she headed to Abbas al-Benali.

"Hello!" Cee greeted the man with a huge smile on her face. "I am so happy to meet you! I'm Cecily Gallivan and I told my brother not to dare not recruit you."

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So much had happened so quickly: they'd won the Quidditch World Cup, he'd received a number of offers from British league teams, Hassan had received offers, and suddenly the two of them were renting a flat in London together. He'd been cussed out and called a traitor by the sponsor of his Moroccan team, but his parents, always the adventurous type, had agreed that this could be a new opportunity for him (and, as they'd reminded him, his future children. Whatever.)

When he'd accepted Theodore Gallivan's offer, he never realized that he'd be slated to play alongside the beater that killed the woman, but he was willing to put that aside for the sponsor's pretty blonde sister. He loved Moroccan women, but there was something about blonde hair that was so... exotic. New. He wondered what his parents might say if he brought her home, but then scrapped the thought altogether when she ran up to greet him.

"Then I shall credit you with my British residency," he greeted in return, mustering the most charming smile he could. "It is a pleasure to finally be formally acquainted, Miss Gallivan. The other men tell me you're very involved in the team?"
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Cecily wouldn't let a talent like Abbas al-Benali play for a different team. The Chuddley Cannons needed someone as talented as him. It was time they celebrated successes, after her father's "passing". Other than the loyalty and love towards the team, it was also the Gallivans' largest investment.

"I would be lying if I said that they're wrong," Cee replied with a smile. She was pleased to see that he didn't seem to mind her involvement. Most men completely disregarded her love for the sport.

"But don't worry, I won't get in your feet too much! I just love the Chuddley Cannons. My father has been sponsoring them since I was a child, you see. To me, you are all like cousins."

There was a pause, before she asked: "How are you finding Britain so far? Do you like your broomstick? We use the latest model of Grimstone broomsticks on our team, but you are free to use your old broomstick if you find it more comfortable. And please, feel free to share your more... Morrocan ways I suppose when playing. I was actively looking for something... different, you see."

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She was a chatty one, but he found that he did not mind. The corner of his lips twitched into a smile, and his gaze subtly followed the line of her silhouette before he met her eyes. It was unusual to meet a woman so tall and yet so pretty; she was broad but still feminine, and her dress was made of a fine fabric that spoke to her family's success in the industry. If she had not mentioned thinking of all the men as cousins, he would have questioned how she hadn't found a husband among them. (From the way some of the players talked about her, he was sure they would not mind such an arrangement.)

"Do not worry about stepping on my feet," he said, smiling. There were far worse things to contend with than the peppy sister of the team's sponsor. He still had yet to train under the Cannons' coach, to meet all the players; he expected less of a warm reception from them, at least initially. He was not ignorant to the unwelcoming gaze of some British wizards and witches. He was certain he would have to prove himself essential to the team before he found friends among the players. Fortunately for him, he still had Hassan despite their newfound status as rivals.

"I welcome the guidance of one who knows the team so well. I haven't had the pleasure to test out one of your Grimstone's brooms, but I've been looking forward to testing out the British models. I've never been one to turn away from new things," he said, unconsciously straightening up. He was not much taller than her, but it was not an embarrassing difference. He wondered if she'd ever played the sport before.
"So I've heard," Cee replied with a smile. She had been following Abbas al-Benali from the time he played in Morocco. The openness to new things and the ability to take risks was one of the key qualities a good Quidditch player had.

"Mr. Grimstone makes the best broomsticks in Britain and I would certainly rank him amongst the best broomstick makers in Europe," Cee continued. "Mr. Zagorov has a long legacy, after all." He was a random Russian broom-maker that I came up with for the sake of spicing up their conversation.

"We can take a spin if you'd like?" she then suggested. She had her own Grimstone broomstick with her and his own was with the other players' brooms.

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