Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptable Family Members
    The Abberton/Cromwell Family
    The bits with a / between them are preferred options.

    Playby Pic
    Solomon Abberton
    Lower Class Muggle, Respectable Occupation
    Born in 1849, Solomon Abberton is the third of nine children, and was the first of the family to marry. He knows the truth of his wife, children, and in-laws, but is not entirely sure how he feels about it, even ten years later. He dislikes that he has only had daughters, but he is a doting father and he and Grace are still trying for more. Suggested playby is Zachary Levi, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Grace Abberton née Cromwell
    Lower Class Pureblood, Healer/Nurse
    A respectable, lower class pureblood born post-September 1855 who completed her NEWTs, Grace married Solomon fresh from graduation - not what she originally planned to do, but it was what came to pass. She was sorted into any house other than Hufflepuff, and is clearly non-purist. She hated keeping magic secret from Solomon, claiming to go off to work as a seamstress when in reality she was working as a healer. She is still employed, though now in Irvingly. Suggested playby is Aisling Loftus, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Charity "Cheri" Abberton
    Lower Class Halfblood, First Year (house)
    The second of the four sisters, Charity is a first year sorted into any house except Gryffindor. Her personality is open, but she and her sisters must get along. Her aspiration is likely follow her mother's footsteps. Suggested playby is Diana Danelia, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Mercy "CiCi" Abberton
    Lower Class Halfblood, Child
    The third of the four sisters, Mercy was born pre-September 1878. Her personality is open, but she and her sisters must get along. Her aspirations likely follow in Aunt Hope's footsteps. Suggested playby is Ani Geasaljan, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Patience "Tia" Abberton
    Lower Class Halfblood, Child
    The youngest of the sisters, Patience was born in 1880, preferably winter or spring. Her personality is open, but she and her sisters must get along. As a child, her ambitions are yet to be fully determined, but she likes pretty things. Suggested playby is Milana Garaeva, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Hope _  née Cromwell
    Lower Class Pureblood, Potioneer/Mediwizard in Hogsmeade
    As the eldest of the Cromwell siblings born pre-September 1853, Hope is highly maternal. She was sorted to Ravenclaw during her tenure at Hogwarts. She is married, though the exact status of that marriage and any children is open, and I will alter Tansy's application to include this information!! Suggested playby is Michelle Dockery, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Joy _  née Cromwell
    Lower Class Pureblood, Librarian/Reporter, Activist
    The third of the Cromwell siblings, Joy was born in 1857, likely in autumn. She is likely the most radical of the family, philosophy-wise. She was sorted into Hufflepuff during her Hogwarts years. She wanted to be an auror, but a late-school leg injury prevented this eventuality. She settled for writing for a little known liberal publication, about the virtues of being true to one's self. This possibly also includes an Ask Joy column. She is married, though the exact status of that marriage and any children is open, and I will alter Tansy's application to include this information!! Suggested playby is Poppy Drayton, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Playby Pic
    Justice Cromwell
    Lower Class Pureblood, Hit Wizard/Quidditch Player
    The youngest Cromwell and only son, Justice was born pre-September 1859. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and likely played on the house Quidditch team as Chaser or Keeper. If he is a Quidditch player, he is probably playing for either the Appleby Arrows or the Kenmare Kestrels, as first-string. He is unmarried. Suggested playby is Brendon Urie, with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.
    Utter adorableness courtesy of Tiffany
    [Image: mvy4eTb.png]
    [Image: 30nj5gn.png][Image: zoj88z.png]

    29-30 | UCPB | Former Slytherin | Socialite | Gio Ott
    Bellamira ------ (née Lestrange) is the sister of @Violetta Lestrange. Born in late 1857, Bellamira attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. While not a rebellious girl by any means, she always had her own vision for her future and that frequently clashed with the ideas her parents had for her.

    Following her graduation, she met and married a man her parents disapproved of. With stubbornness being a trait that definitely runs in the family, they cut ties with her and let her live her own life away from them. She was never disowned, but society was aware that there were disagreements between parents and daughter.

    In 1885, almost a decade after Bellamira was removed from the family will, she rekindled her relationship with her parents and has been attempting to fix things. The hardest bond to mend has been that with her younger sister, Violetta, who always thought her decision to marry against their parents' decision was a bad one.

    Bellamira was formerly played as Bellamira Dawlish, the wife of Herschel Dawlish's son. Whoever takes her can resume that identity, or they can have her married off to a different family. However, I would prefer that that family was a "old" UCPB family. Her first name is also open to negotiations.

    Sometimes You Just Can't Get It Right
    Sullivan Fisk is an MCHB wizard born in 1827, younger brother to @Brannon Fisk, uncle to the entire Fisk clan, and father-in-law of Sandition Resort proprietor @Herbert Fudge. Sully is not a bad person, but did make some highly questionable decisions early in life which have come back to haunt him every since. He was in any house in Hogwarts, but was expelled during his fourth year after being caught doing something he shouldn't have been.

    Sully was married at eighteen to a woman he'd knocked up; the two were very poor and very unhappy during their entire marriage, and following the birth of the pair's second child in 1847, she ran away. His two children-a son and a daughter-were subsequently adopted by his childless but much more responsible younger sister, and Sullivan began the long uphill climb towards fixing his very screwed up life.

    Things began to look up for Sully when he met the love of his life in 1850, and married her (in the respectable way, this time!) After two children in as many years, his second wife found out that she was, in fact, his second wife--and that their marriage was invalid as he had never properly divorced the first. She fled to her parents to ask for advice, and they immediately removed her from the country so that she could make a respectable match to someone who was actually able to legally wed her. Sully was desperately in love with her, and pursued her out of the country, leaving their children to be raised by his father. He searched unsuccessfully for years before he finally returned to England.

    By this point nearly a stranger to his children, Sullivan once again set about trying to rebuild his life, and lived with his father and his youngest offspring until the former's death in 1873. At that point, Brannon technically inherited the house, though he gifted it to Sullivan's son Oscar (b. 1851) because all respectable years aside, it just didn't seem like a good idea to give Sully his own house. He may either live there (in Ottery St. Catchpole) or may have moved since.

    Sully currently has some respectable but nonprestigious MC career (reporter,  shop manager, low-level Ministry, Hogwarts caretaker, etc), and mostly stays out of trouble.

    PB is open but pictured is Hugh Laurie. Character is Irish/English and sixty so his face should fit that. Haggard/worn look preferred.
    [-] The following 3 users Like Brannon Fisk's post:
       Elsie Beauregard, Herbert Fudge, Souri Avninder
    Percy is looking for his beloved sisters to be played. But especially Miss Felicity. Most details about his family can be found in his profile but here’s a good sum up:

    Felicity Adlard
    The youngest of the Adlard children Felicity, or Lissy as her brother and sister call her, is a MCHB. She graduated from Hogwarts in 1884, the house can be determined by you. Felicity is her father’s favorite child and while she has been engaged since 1886 she has pushed the wedding off and lived at home for their father’s sake as he is often convinced he is on his deathbed. Felicity is mentioned as the culprit for dragging her brother out of his abode to be social, often convincing him to be her chaperon to various events and subtly trying to set her brother up with some young woman or other. She is described in Percy’s posts as being vibrant, social, charming, outgoing, kind, sweet,  and constantly seeking social engagements.

    Catherine Smith, nee Adlard
    Also known as Cat or Cathy, Percy grew up being the closest to Catherine. Percy described her as bright, high energy, and prone to getting into trouble in their childhood. Not much has changed since then. Catherine is a MCHB widow (from the plague) with two young children (Alfred “Fred” & Constance “Connie”) who Percy absolutely adores. She graduated from Hogwarts in 1878, house is up to you, and married Timothy Smith in 1881. She had her first child, Alfred, in 1882 and was pregnant with her daughter during the plague. After the death of her husband she moved in with Percy until a cure was found at which time she stubbornly removed herself back to her old home and has remained there since. Cat has been portrayed as strong willed, kind, loving of her family, stubborn, cheerful despite her odds in life. She also worries for Percy and is looking for a wife for him, but she generally leaves this to Felicity.

    One day Fallin won’t be too lazy to add Percival Sr, Lissy’s loveboy, and the adorable Fred and Connie to this list. But that day isn’t today. Feel free to reserve them too if you have ideas. PM @Sisse Thompsett

    Wonderful set is a work of art from Lynn!


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