Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptable Family Members

    [Image: 400x150]
    Clarissa nee Beckett
     25 | Ravenclaw CLASS of '79| MCHB

    Born April 15, 1861, Clarissa was a Ravenclaw in school and very bright, though she did not seek an occupation post graduation! Married in the Amortentia scandal of 1883, she has one child. Previously played as @Clarissa Lockhart she can be married to anyone UC/MCAB. She is close with siblings. Playbys should be blonde/light brown hair and age appropriate!

    [Image: 400x150]
    Branwen Beckett
     17 | Hufflepuff class of '87| MCHB
     Seventh Year

    Born May 29, 1869, Branwen is Brendan's favorite sibling. She's happy, bubbly, and makes good grades! She is career-oriented and could be LGBT if you see fit. She's been previously played so please register with extra characters. Playbys should be redheaded or blonde and age appropriate!  

    [Image: 400x150]
    Harper Beckett nee WHATEVER
     21 | Gryffindor class of '83| MCHB

    Born in1864, formerly played as assistant to Thom Pettigrew, and Vice President of Quality Quidditch Supplies, she was very into Quidditch but never played. THESE DETAILS DO NOT NEED TO BE KEPT. Brendan affectionately calls her "Harps" and their relationship was very organic in development. Married for love rather than money, the pair have a son, Rory born in April 1886. Playbys should be age appropriate!

    Brendan also has a brother, Cailean, who is also available for pickup as a plottable. I'll link it when it's done!


    [Image: 400x150]
    Kindness Worthy Todd
     27 | ANY class of '77| MCHB

    Born in1859, the eldest Todd was very academic and settled into a excellent job prospect post graduation. Very true to his name, Kindness is kind, hardworking, and driven. He is hurlable.Playbys should be age appropriate and blonde!

    [Image: 400x150]
    Innocent Delta nee Todd
     26 | ANY class of '79| MCHB

    Born in1860, not nearly as academic as her siblings, Innocent was always a bit more on the daft side. A pretty face, she graduated and married soon after. She is happily married and has several children.Playbys should be age appropriate and blonde!

    [Image: 400x150]
    Fountain Lord Todd
     19 | Gryffindor or Slytherin class of '85| MCHB

    Born in1867, and simply called Lord, this unfortunately named Todd has always been a bit more active and brash in comparison to his siblings. He is probably an AIT or Hitwizard trainee to compensate for his personality! He is diligent, courageous, and hard working.Playbys should be age appropriate and blonde!

    [Image: 400x150]
    Fairness Onward Todd
     17 | ANY class of '87| MCHB

    Born in1869, Fairness is bookish and quiet, and similarly to brother Kindness, embodies fairness as a personality trait. She reasonably could go into Healing or being a librarian post graduation. Playbys should be age appropriate and blonde!
    [Image: oGpxmp.png]
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

    [Image: 347b884.jpg]
    Elizabeth "Betsy" Bott
    19 | unmarried | open profession | MCHB
    Suggested PB: Charlie Murphy

    Betsy is the oldest of the Bott siblings and a dutiful sister if there ever was one. She took over the role of mother after Alfie and their mother died and before her father remarried. She visits Alfie at least once a week and lives in London to be closer to him. She continues to maintain a motherly role towards him and Bobby, who her new stepmother doesn't really care for all that much. After all those years of mothering, she is now intent on enjoying the freedom of being a working woman for a while before looking to marry (she is technically looking for a husband, just not that hard). She attended Hogwarts for all seven years as her stepmother wasn't keen on having her at home, so she would have good job prospects, but her position is up to you, though it would be in London rather than Hogsmeade to stay nearer to Alfie. Her suggested PB is Charlie Murphy, but, really, I'll accept any appropriate PB with brown hair.
    Reserved for Ocean

    [Image: 33nkk8x.jpg]
    Robert "Bobby" Bott
    16 | 6th year Slytherin | MCHB
    Open PB

    Bobby is your standard angsty a-hole teenager with a little extra angst thrown in on the side. He was only six years old when Alfie died and is technically still his little brother even though he appears to be about nine years older than him. He blames Alfie for their mother's death and is just generally angry about being  the brother of a dead child who just decided to stick around. He's certainly not happy that Alfie has tagged along to school and has warned him away from having any contact with him whatsoever. It's entirely up to whoever takes him if he acts the same way with his classmates. You could make him an angry loner or a generally social, well-liked guy who just resents his family. As stated above, the pb is open. The picture above is just a placeholder. I've always pictured Bobby having brown hair, but it's really up to you.

    [Image: 2eocxac.jpg]
    William "Billy" Bott
    7 | slightly spoiled child | MCHB
    Open PB

    Billy is your basic, fun-loving kid with a doting mother and a father who wants to give him the carefree life he couldn't provide for his last set of children. As a result of his parents' attentions, he can be somewhat spoiled, but nothing out of the ordinary for a kid whose father earn enough for them to be comfortable. He is Alfie's oldest half sibling and the two of them get along famously, especially now that they're "the same age". He doesn't get to see his ghostly half-sibling much, though, as his mother doesn't like him spending too much time around Alfie lest he end up abnormal. In fact, the reason Alfie was sent to "live" in the museum was that Billy had started trying to walk through walls. Like Bobby's, his pb is open, though I would prefer Billy to have light hair.

    [Image: 4loi6w.jpg]
    Charlotte "Lottie" Bott
    3 | Daddy's girl | MCHB
    Open PB

    Lottie is the other of the Botts without an alliteration name, but that's about the extent of her connection with Alfie at this point. She has never lived with him and visits him infrequently enough that she's a bit frightened of him when she does. She takes to her father more than she does to her mother, much to her mother's chagrin. Otherwise, her personality is relatively open, though I would rather she not be a spoiled brat. Her pb is open, but, like Billy, I would prefer for her to be light-haired.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Alfred Bott's post:
    While Alfie is technically seventeen years old, he looks like he did at age seven, when he died...only, you know, more silvery grey, see through and floaty.

    Want to play the brother or sister of a friendly, little ghost?
    I'm Expanding The Thing
    Please PM me on the account associated with the ad you're inquiring on.

    The Drummond Family

    EXPANDING!!!! Woohoo! Please contact @Dove Drummond if you'd like to claim any of these lovely humans.

    Playby Pic
    Nightingale ?? née Williams
    Dove's elder sister. Married into the middle class with at least three children of her own and a respectable means of employment. Nightingale sends Dove a galleon or so a month, making sure that her niece and nephers are healthy in that way. She is a halfblood, and was most likely in Ravenclaw, probably living in Hogsmeade or Irvingly. Suggested playby is Florence Welch with alternatives to have similar red hair and light eyes.

    Playby Pic
    Rabbit Williams
    The youngest of the Williams siblings, Rabbit dislikes his name, but doesn't really have something better. However, if you even try to call him Bunny... Anyway. Now something of a thief, Rabbit isn't really that capable of helping his older sister, though he does love children. He is a halfblood and was definitely a Slytherin, now living in the Hogsmeade slums. It is up to you if he's ever been caught or suspected. Suggested playby is Jared Leto, with alternatives to have short dark hair and light eyes.

    Playby Pic
    Stag Drummond
    The firstborn son of Dove and Byron, born in 1879. He doesn't remember the argument that brought the knowledge that his father was a werewolf to the community, but he has nightmares - not of werewolves, but of his father being attacked by older wizards. His nightmare is losing his father. Pictured is Jason Tremblay, but if you can find a better playby, please do. As long as he is dark-haired.

    Playby Pic
    Magpie Drummond
    Dove and Byron's precious daughter, born in summer 1882, is quite an angel. Her current favorite passtime is chasing butterflies in Padmore Park. She also likes to dance with her mother when she can, taking literally any opportunities. Pictured is Mia Talerico, with alternatives to be red-haired or blonde.

    Playby Pic
    Bear Drummond
    Born in 1884, Bear is the youngest child of Byron and Dove Drummond. That said, he isn't a troublemaker, instead an angel with something of a playful personality. He likes cats and may have tried to bring a couple home. Pictured is Neal Genys, with alternatives to have golden-brown hair.


    The Morzolla Family
    By no means a comprehensive list of all characters, given Fiorenziano the First's massive brood! Please inquire via PM @Socellia Morzolla if you'd like to bring one of the younger second-generation Morzollas to England.

    Playby Pic
    Fiorenziano Morzolla the First
    The leader of the Morzolla clan with nineteen children of his own, twice over a widower, Fiorenziano the First, or Papa as his various grandchildren call him, is an enigma. The major personality points are up to whomever claims him, but be advised, he lives in a large estate manor in the Italian countryside. He must be family-oriented and not above illegal activities, as he is the patriarch of a mafia-like organization. Suggested playby options are Donald Sutherland and Edward Asner.

    Playby Pic
    Fiorenziano Morzolla the Second
    Patriarch of the core English branch of the Morzolla-run organization, Fiorenziano the Second is diligent and paternal behind closed doors. In public, he puts forth the front of being frigid and unfeeling, though canines melt this exterior no matter where he is. He is also skilled in Arithmancy, and owns a storefront shop somewhere in London. Suggested playby is Bill Nighy, with alternates to be of a suitable age range, and able to look very angry.

    Playby Pic
    Vesuvia Morzolla
    It's fitting this Italian lady shares her name with a volcano; she's as volatile and fiery as one when enraged. Unusually attentive to her children, especially her girls, she instructed Umbria's singing and Socellia's Latin personally, while often providing her sons with help in their schoolwork. While most wives would sit back and let their husbands handle their businesses, Vesuvia actually assists in secrecy measures and partakes of the spoils personally. Suggested playby is Valerie Burtanelli because reasons and I've been watching Kids Baking Championship too much lately.

    Playby Pic
    Charinus Morzolla
    Husband of @Faunia Morzolla and father to Misery, Malice, and Miles, Charinus, known more commonly to his friends and acquantances as Charles, is the manager for the storefront from which the Morzolla mafia-like organization operates daily...things. He is meticulous in the operation of both the business and its shadow, and is very doting with his wife. He will have turned a blind eye to Faun's unusual names for his first two children, and will mostly call them by the Italian interpretation of their names - Miseria and Malizio - and has chosen to nickname his youngest son Maestoso - even with what has passed. Charinus was in Slytherin like his other siblings save Socellia. Suggested playby is Francesco "Asdrall" Serafini and I'm really set on this for reasons.

    Playby Pic
    Sangarinus Morzolla
    The youngest son, Sangarinus, or Gary as he insists anyone who isn't his immediate family call him, is a bit of a playboy, and may in fact have a club membership. He may or may not have a respectable occupation, but one thing is known; he disapproves of many of his family's practices, except where it benefits his own purpose. He was a Slytherin, and may dabble with the Dark Arts. Suggested playby is Ben Barnes, with alternatives to have a similar visual aesthetic.

    The O'Luain Family
    UCHB Irish family with ten kids. There are aunts and uncles,
    as well as cousins. I just didn't list them because omg that's an ad for 11 people.

    PM at Sinéad O'Luain, who can't be tagged because her name contains an apostrophe.

    Playby Pic
    Aislin O'Luian
    UCHB born April 1848, wife of Faolan O'Luain. Former Gryffindor, class of 1866. Has a fashionable profession. Suggested playby is Claire Danes.

    Playby Pic
    Faolan O'Luain
    UCPB born October 1841, husband of Aislin O'Luain. Former Ravenclaw, class of 1859. Suggested playby is Karl Urban.

    Playby Pic
    Cathal O'Luain
    UCHB born pre-September 1867, eldest son of Faolan and Aislin. Former Gryffindor, class of 1885. Known to enjoy adventure. Betrothed to @Margaret Rawlinson. Suggested playby is Peter Hollens.

    Playby Pic
    Cearul O'Luain
    UCHB born pre-September 1869, second child of Faolan and Aislin. Former Ravenclaw, class of 1877. Suggested playby is Nick Robinson.

    Playby Pic
    Briana O'Luain
    UCHB born April 1873, fourth child of Faolan and Aislin, identical twin to Brigid. Slytherin, class of 1891. Suggested playby is Sierra McCormick.

    Playby Pic
    Brigid O'Luain
    UCHB born April 1873, fifth child of Faolan and Aislin, identical twin to Briana. Ravenclaw, class of 1891. Suggested playby is Sierra McCormick.

    Playby Pic
    Diarmuid O'Luain
    UCHB born post-September 1875, sixth child of Faolan and Aislin. INCOMING FIRSTIE!!!! Suggested playby is Ty Simpkins.

    Playby Pic
    Caolainn O'Luain
    UCHB born pre-September 1876, seventh child of Faolan and Aislin. INCOMING FIRSTIE!!!! Suggested playby is Lauren Taylor.

    Playby Pic
    Lorcan O'Luain
    UCHB born pre-September 1878, eighth child of Faolan and Aislin. First year of Hogwarts to be 1889. Suggested playby is a young Colin Ford.

    Playby Pic
    Eitna O'Luain
    UCHB born pre-September 1880, ninth child of Faolan and Aislin, fraternal twin to Aeden. First year of Hogwarts to be 1891. Suggested playby is McKenna Grace.

    Playby Pic
    Aeden O'Luain
    UCHB born pre-September 1880, tenth child of Faolan and Aislin, fraternal twin to Eitna. First year of Hogwarts to be 1891. Suggested playby is Bryce Robinson
    If you are not related to her, or a friend and call her anything other than Socellia
    [Image: ManHkxr.png]
    You're getting hexed
    PitaPata Dog tickers
    Set by the almighty Rune
    Bree's Adoptables
    Bree's policies regarding adoptions
    • Reservations last for a week, but extensions can be made simply by asking! If you ask to adopt a character but do nothing to begin them (or don't notify me that you need an extension), I'll just assume you've changed your mind and they'll go back on the market.
    • I ask that you not ask to adopt a character if you already play one of their parents or siblings. Exceptions can be made (usually in parent-sibling situations), but usually I like to leave the maximum opportunity for familial interaction. Extended family members are a different story!
    • If you've been playing the character for a few weeks and I see that their personality or actions directly conflict with the listed wanted ad, I will ask that you either drop them or make a greater effort to follow their ad.
    • If you don't want to use the suggested PB, please talk to me about your alternative choice. I try to keep to family resemblance most of the time unless otherwise stated and I'd like to make sure an alternative fits!

    Bree's Most Wanted

    Charles Scrimgeour — Andreas Hoch — Darling Whitledge

    For Annabelle
    Currently-played family members include @Annabelle Scrimgeour, @Ari Scrimgeour, and @Julius Scrimgeour

    60s — UCPB — Slytherin — Gentleman of Leisure
    Charles Scrimgeour (b. 1824) is the father of Annabelle Scrimgeour. While at Hogwarts, Charles was sorted into Slytherin and was an excellent student. He graduated with the five NEWTs required to enter auror training, and within a few years was a full-fledged auror. He married his wife (who was then middle class) for love, though his family had no bad to say about her.

    In his mid-forties, an auror-related incident involving the use of the cruciatus curse on him drove him to the point of mental instability and he was ultimately forced to retire. Though not a physically violent man by nature, he does have the tendency to lose his temper. He is especially harsh on Annabelle, who he resents for not conforming to his expectations without a question. His suggested PB is Liam Neeson, with alternatives to be blue-eyed and age-appropriate.

    40s — UCPB — Hufflepuff — Socialite & Philanthropist
    Dorothy Scrimgeour née Barfoot (b. 1838) is the mother of Annabelle Scrimgeour. Born into a middle class family, Dorothy attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff. She was a kind and friendly woman who held no prejudices — at until she married her husband. Over time, she eventually adopted her husband's prejudices in the hopes of being accepted into UCPB social circles.

    Though she's not as harsh on Annabelle as her husband, she does tend to show favoritism towards Annabelle's twin sister. She is a stern, pushy mother who has no issues forcing her children into situations they're uncomfortable with if it can benefit the family. I am requiring that Amanda Peet be the PB unless you can show me another age-appropriate woman who better resembles her daughters!

    10s — UCPB — Hufflepuff — Sixth Year (1887)
    Joseph Scrimgeour (b.1870-1871) is the brother of Annabelle Scrimgeour. Joseph attends Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and has always geared his attentions towards athletics rather than academics. He is an attention-seeking child who does not enjoy being the youngest, and he's known for being particularly bratty towards his siblings. He is a blood purist and is generally ignorant regarding most social issues, leading to many to question why he was even sorted into Hufflepuff!

    Though Annabelle sometimes views his as the epitome as evil, he really isn't so — he genuinely shows concern for those he cares about and is fiercely loyal to his family. That loyalty frequently causes him to butt heads with Annabelle, who would trade her family for happiness in a heartbeat! He hopes to play professional quidditch as an adult, but may go into the Ministry like his brother. The suggested PB is Robbie Beeser, with alternatives to be brown-haired and blue-eyed. He was previously played and should be registered with extra characters.

    For Handsome
    Currently-played family members include @Handsome Whitledge, @Cupcake Whitledge, @Sweetie Whitledge, @Honey Whitledge, @Knight Whitledge, @Cheesecake Whitledge, @Byron Whitledge, @Glitter Whitledge, @Glimmer Whitledge, @Gleam Whitledge, and @Georgia Whitledge

    10s — UCHB — Ravenclaw — Sixth Year (1887)
    Glisten Whitledge (b. 1870-1871) is the cousin of Handsome Whitledge. Glisten attends Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw and is very academically-inclined. He is the twin to Glimmer Whitledge, who is a Gryffindor. Though he buries himself in school work, he's always enjoyed watching and playing quidditch and may choose to try out for the school team. He hates his first name with an undying passion. The suggested PB is Tye Sheridan with alternatives to be dark-haired. He was previously played, and as such should be registered with extra characters.

    10s — UCHB — Gryffindor — Second Year (1887)
    Glow Whitledge (b. 1874-1875) is the cousin of Handsome Whitledge. He attends Hogwarts as a Gryffindor and is an avid quidditch fan like his brother. However, the two conflict over their attitudes towards their school work. Glow is a reader, but he hates to write and does not usually do his homework on time. The suggested PB is Noah Schnapp, with alternatives to be dark-haired.

    For Odette
    Currently-played family members include @Odette Hoch

    Really Old — LC Vampire — Former Durmstrang Student
    Andreas Hoch (b. 1400-ish) is the mate of Odette Hoch. Andreas was a German wizard who attended Durmstrang. He was a happy human with a good life until he was turned into a vampire. Cast away from society, Andreas grew depressed and allowed his humanity to slip away from him. Apart from killing humans for their blood, he also scammed and robbed them to make a means of living.

    He eventually mellowed out after his then-mate and partner in crime was murdered by a mob of other vampires after drawing too much attention to the area they were living in. He lived in solitude for hundreds of years, only finding companionship when Odette spoke to him at the edge of the forest before slipping and scraping her kneee. He lost control of his thirst, but her screams eventually made him break free before killing her. He took responsibility for Odette and was constantly puzzled by her rejection of the vampire lifestyle.

    Odette was emotionally attached to him from the start, but he eventually grew to love her as she did him. He's afraid to admit it, believing that doing so will cause fate to take her away from him as it did his first mate. He is unconcerned with "modern" values after living a immoral life for hundreds of years. The suggested PB is Steven Chevrin, with alternatives to look between 20-25.

    For Violetta
    Currently-played family members include @Violetta Lestrange and @Bellamira Dawlish

    60s — UCPB — Slytherin — Wizengamot/high-end Ministry
    Aurelius Lestrange (b. 1823) is the father of Violetta Lestrange. He attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin and graduated with his NEWTs. Upon graduation, he went to work for the Ministry with a desire for power. He established strong political connections early on and managed to climb up the ladder in his chosen department. He married the young and beautiful Miss Melinda Scrimgeour right before his thirtieth birthday, but the two struggled to conceive a child for years.

    Five years following their marriage, Aurelius and Melinda conceived a daughter. The years following were filled with more failed attempts to produce a heir, and they ultimately stopped trying to conceive a son following the birth of Violetta in 1864. Aurelius was appointed to the Wizengamot sometime after the birth of his two children (likely between 1865-1875). After Bellamira married a man Aurelius disapproved of, the couple cut ties with their daughter but never disowned her. The suggested PB is Tom Selleck, with alternatives to be Lestrange-y.

    50s — UCPB — Slytherin/Gryffindor — Socialite
    Melinda Lestrange née Scrimgeour (b. 1833) is the mother of Violetta Lestrange. She attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin or Gryffindor and was an average student. She was a vain and conceited girl who considered herself the most beautiful woman of her age. She attracted many suitors as a debutante and was quite picky, and only married Aurelius Lestrange for his wealth and name.

    After years of trying to conceive on and off, Melinda and her husband settled with their two daughters. She suffered periods of depression in her twenties following her many failed attempts to give her husband a son despite the fact that he never blamed her. She was a good enough mother, but she frequently held her daughters to unreasonable standards and became frustrated when they didn't turn out to be carbon copies of herself. She was far closer with Violetta than Bellamira. The suggested PB is Kim Delaney, with alternatives to be youthful and dark-haired.

    Lauren's Adoptables

    1. Please let me know if you'd like to make one of my adoptables. I am very casual about more or less everything in their descriptions apart from the odd name/date.
    2. Similarly the PBs are entirely for suggestion but please run anyone past me.
    3. If you take someone please try to be reasonably active with them. I have incredibly low standards so don't worry!
    4. I am open to certain characters being scandalous but unless otherwise stated please assume everybody below is a 5 reputation. 

    Mr. John MacMillan | Any House | 56/57 | Soft Purist
    [Image: 16kxf29.jpg]
    John MacMillan is an upper class pure blood with infinite amounts of patience. Born in or around 1831 he is at least five years older than his wife and the oldest of three siblings. When at Hogwarts he was sorted into any house and took NEWTs, though how well he did is dependent on the player. Since then he has either been a gentleman of leisure or else worked at something relatively serious, though he is likely either retired or thinking of doing so soon. He and Helena have a loving relationship but following the death of two of their five sons in 1864 and 1868 they have struggled to reconnect. They live Elsewhere in the Macmillan Castle, Lunarbridge, in Scotland. 

    Suggested PB is David Morrissey with alternative to be dark-haired and age appropriate. He was previously played.

    Additional Macs include:
    Nimue MacMillan | Charles' daughter | August 1884-
    Melissa _____ MacMillan & family | John's sister | 1832-
    Thaddeus MacMillan & family, inc. @Killian Macmillan  | John's brother| 1833-

    Played family includes:
    @Edward Macmillan
    @Charles Macmillan
    @Elmer Macmillan
    Pendergast cousins. Lestrange connections.

    Mr. Walter Pendergast | Any House | 19/20 | Non-Purist
    [Image: 2dwajjp.jpg]
    Born in 1867 Walter is the first son of Reuben and Atalanta Pendergast, prominent upper class purebloods and thus he will inherit his father's fortune upon reaching his 21st birthday depending upon certain requirements being met. Namely that he does not marry anything less than another UCPB one day - if he does then he will lose the whole lot and Samuel will inherit instead. For this reason, and many others, the two brothers do not get on. When he attended Hogwarts he was in any house though personally I would prefer Gryffindor or Hufflepuff and he is a good-natured and loving whose mother and sisters have frequently worried that his heart might lead him astray. He can work if preferred but his father did not allow him to play Quidditch at school so he is unlikely to be a pro player.

    Suggested PB is Louis Tomlinson with alternative to be dark-haired, age appropriate and roughly as SURLY. He was previously played.

    Mr. Samuel Pendergast | Slytheclaw | 16/17 | Purist
    [Image: ivh638.jpg]
    Born in 1870 Samuel Pendergast is the second son and final child of this branch of Pendergasts and is a Hogwarts student either in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. As the "spare" he inherits comparatively little and Samuel has resented his brother for this every day of their lives since he can remember. His sisters and mother he cares for in a distant way, but he loves no one in the family and is interested entirely in his own prospects. He plans to have a notable career post-Hogwarts and models himself more on the prestige of his late uncle Philip and aunt Olivia rather than his more laissez faire side of the family. If there are prefect/head boy spots free I would recommend he had them or else he is bitterly angry that he was overlooked.

    Suggested PB is Dylan O'Brien with alternatives to be dark-haired and age appropriate. He was previously played.

    Played family includes:
    @Emma Macmillan and @Killian Macmillan - sister
    Macmillan cousins. Lestrange connections.

    Mr. Maxwell Skeeter | Any House | 58/59 | Non-Purist
    [Image: 2gvlzl3.jpg]
    Maxwell Skeeter is the patriarch of the Skeeters and survives his older brother Edison, through whom he is also related to Morwenna and Mason Skeeter. He is a middle-class muggleborn, born in or around 1829 and he works, or worked if you would prefer him to have retired, at the Ministry in a fairly high position OR as a healer. He is quite a stern man though he is by no means unkind; his sons find him foreboding and he has frequent clashes with the oldest, Archie. Despite that he does love his family deeply and would do anything for them, even if he isn’t the most demonstrative of men. His and Martha’s marriage in 1855 was always based on love and still is, though she has been increasingly frustrated with his dedication to work rather than his homelife. He ran unsuccessfully for Minister of Magic in 1883 though he pulled out quite early on. The reason is up to the player.

    Suggested PB is Iain Glen because I like his smoulder. He was previously played.

    Miss. Maria Bagshot | Any House | 53/54 | Non-Purist
    [Image: 2vdlh1e.jpg]
    Maria Bagshot is Martha’s wayward, spinster sister. She is a middle-class pureblood, born in 1833 who has never married and is unlikely to, though these days she insists to everyone who will listen that it was entirely though choice and it mostly was, but her eccentricity made her less appealing than her gentler, calmer younger sister. She is entirely on the shelf now, but that isn’t to say she hasn’t been taken down and dusted occasionally during her travels. Her school house is entirely up to the player and she definitely graduated from Hogwarts though not necessarily with decent results . She is considerably more bohemian than Martha and the respectable Skeeter clan, though she is free of serious scandal. She and Martha get along extremely well and she loves nothing more than embarrassing her niece and nephews and she has travelled extensively but is looking to settle in Hogsmeade. She is no higher than a 4 in reputation.

    Her suggested PB is Joely Richardson with alternatives to be blonde and age appropriate. She was previously played. She could also be played, with a few tweaks, as the lover of @Serena Oakby which would make me the happiest Lauren in the world.

    Mr. Thompson Skeeter | Any House | 19/20 | Non-Purist
    [Image: tumblr_oqm6t09TL41qz68qko2_500.jpg]
    Born in 1867 Thompson is the youngest son of Maxwell and Martha and as such is a middle class halfblood who, like the majority of his family, is utterly unconcerned with the purity of blood. He is the most studious and quiet of all his brothers and likely works at something serious at the Ministry or else as something relatively erudite. Whilst at Hogwarts he was in any house but I would strongly prefer Ravenclaw, and he definitely took OWLs and NEWTs and did well in both, although whether he had a clean sweep or disappointed himself is up to you. He is the shyest of his brothers and still lives at home with his parents, sister - with whom he gets on exceptionally well and considers his closest friend - and nephew, though he frequently loses his heart to girls he would never have the confidence to speak to.

    His suggested PB is William Attenborough with alternatives to be blonde or light brunette and age appropriate. He was previously played.

    Miss. Tamsin Skeeter | Any House | 18/19 | Non-Purist
    [Image: tumblr_oqm6t09TL41qz68qko1_500.jpg]

    Born in 1868 Tamsin is the final child of Maxwell and Martha and as such is a middle class halfblood who, like the rest of her family, is not even slightly purist. As the only girl among the siblings Tamsin was always spoiled and coddled by all of the boys, except Thompson, to whom she is closest and sees her more as an equal rather than a little sister to protect. She very much enjoyed being the princess of the family and plays up to this even now. She took NEWTs at Hogwarts, where she was in any house but probably not Ravenclaw, and did not cover herself in glory with her results. She has since found a class and age appropriate job in something she would give up in a heartbeat if she were to marry. She is a terrible flirt who was well-liked by the young men who were her classmates at Hogwarts as she is mostly harmless and would never dream of trying to trap somebody. On the other hand she is hurlable!

    Her suggested PB is Sacha Parkinson with alternatives to be blonde or light brunette and age appropriate. She was previously played.

    Additional Skeeters include:
    Antonius Skeeter | Martha's son | 1863- | Cursebreaker in South America
    Reginald Skeeter | Martha's grandson | March 1884-

    Played family includes:
    @Barnabas Skeeter
    @Mortimer Skeeter
    @Morwenna Skeeter
    @Mason Skeeter

    Miss. Jemima Rosier | Any House | 21/22 | Non-Purist
    [Image: ml0eau.jpg]
    Born in 1865 as the second daughter and final child Jemima was a disappointment to both her parents from the moment she was born. Already having a pretty daughter to dote on her father Henry wanted a second son as a spare and her mother Evalina had such a difficult labour that any further children were not advised. As such she grew up very aware of their barely concealed resentments and entirely excluded from the close bond between Enoch and Griselda. Hogwarts was a blessed escape for her and she did exceptionally well in her NEWTs, going on to become a healer or else something else highly skilled. She has little interest in marriage - her sexuality is up to the player - but between than and her having a job she is obviously the family embarrassment. A mantle she has learnt to carry stoically. She is hurlable!

    Her suggested PB is Charlie Murphy with alternatives to be dark-haired and age appropriate.

    Additional Rosiers include:
    Henry Rosier | Enoch's father | 1835-
    Evalina Rosier nee Mulciber | Enoch's mother | 1844-

    High Drama Family Background!; or, Jesus Freya calm your loins – PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU APP

    “Mrs.” Sarah ____ nee Trelawney | Any House | 30 | Non-Purist
    [Image: 2z8vsxy.jpg]
    Born in 1857 Sarah was the first child born to Freya Trelawney and like pretty much all of Freya’s children she is illegitimate. At the time of Sarah’s birth Freya still lived with her parents so the first few years of her life were likely relatively comfortable and this continued through the birth of Freya’s next five children. In 1866 the family was disowned and things went from shit to worse from then on. Sarah attended Hogwarts and probably at least achieved OWLs but did not get NEWTs – her profession should reflect her level of education and she can live in Hogsmeade or Irvingly. Her father was Jonathan Abbott, who died in 1883 so she is half-sister to Cassandra, Miriam and Abe, but they’ve got enough problems without worrying about biology! If she is actually married is up to you but she is at least co-habiting with somebody and keeping up the pretence so Sarah can raise her youngest siblings with some degree of respectability. Her rep should be no more than four. and, like her mother and sister, she is prone to romanticising things and not always making the best decisions.

    Her suggested PB is Sarah Gadon with alternatives to be age appropriate, idgaf about hair colour. She was previously played.

    Miss. Miriam Trelawney | Any House | 25 | Non-Purist
    [Image: 156bbeo.jpg]
    Born in 1862 Miriam is Freya’s third daughter, fathered by a random muggle who did a runner as soon as he found out Freya was a witch. Like her sisters she probably had a pleasant enough start before life became harder when she was four and they were disowned by the Trelawneys. Miriam attended Hogwarts and was previously played as a healer, which I would strongly prefer but I would at least like her to be Hospital-adjacent as there is a previous relationship with @Baxter Keene that you should work out with Bee. Of the siblings Miri is the most studious and calm, though like her sisters she is a romantic at heart, though this has yet to lead her into true disrepute.

    Her suggested PB is Kristen Stewart with alternatives to be age appropriate, idgaf about hair colour. She was previously played.

    Additional Trelawneys/Abbotts include:
    Leopold Trelawney | 'Brother' | 1865-
    @Abraham Aesalon | Sister | 1866-
    Benjamin Abbott | Brother | 1884-
    Emma Abbott | Sister | 1884-
    Helena SIG by Bex
    gorgeous set by Bex
    val's families. (wip, still to add more)

    • Please talk to me before creating any character at @Henrie León.
    • For face-claims, I would rather you used provided ones (unless they aren't available), but I won't force you! Please do discuss your changes with me at the PM address above!
    • Reservations last for two weeks.
    • Names, ages, and anything I note are non-negotiable, sorry!
    • If you drop my character, or go inactive with no warning, I will give you a week before they go back up for advertisement.


    played characters: @Laurel Twelvetrees,

    [Image: ncis_markharmontrivia_2560x1440.jpg]
    Ernest Lewis Twelvetrees - 55 - UCPB - Any House.
    Born in or around 1832 (you can decide the birthdate), he is an UCPB and a non-blood purist. He is the younger brother to the Twelvetree's patriarch and works in the Ministry (in any position, but preferably a senior one!), he may once have had a professional Quidditch position, or have at least played on his house team at Hogwarts. He is a bit of an art enthusiast and so regularly gifts those he knows pieces of art, and there are many put up around the family's Belgravia home. He is calm and generally rather happy. Pictured is Mark Harmon, with alternatives to have either brown or greying hair, and be age appropriate.

    [Image: MV5BMTUyOWZlNjgtMWU0ZS00M2I5LTlkY2EtYjU1...00_AL_.jpg]
    Gertrude Maude Twelvetrees née __ - 54 - UCPB - Gryffindor.
    Born in or around 1833 (you can decide the birthdate), she is an UCPB and a non-blood purist. You can connect her to any other UCPB family, or just make up your own maiden name for her! You can also decide if she works or not, and if she does she'd work as some sort of healer - the fact that caused Laurel to become a healer too. She and her husband are very much alike, and they are both artful and calm, though she is also brash and loud like her Gryffindor background. Pictures is Holly Gagnier, with alternatives to have either brown or greying hair and be age appropriate.

    [Image: 83a427d8b190d5082842875af52dc4b7.jpg]
    Hawthorne Lee Twelvetrees - 29 - UCPB - Gryffindor.
    Born in or around 1858 (you can decide the birthdate), he is an UCPB and a non-blood purist. He currently holds a professional Quidditch position in whatever team you'd like, and may have also played on his team in Hogwarts. He is quite addicted to the limelight, and perhaps a bit too loud and reckless. He isn't married as I did have an idea that he could be homosexual, but if you're not up for that plot feel free to marry him off! Out of his six siblings he is much more closer to Laurel and the two spend quite a bit of time together. Pictured is Ryan Guzman, with alternatives to have brown hair and be age appropriate.

    [Image: wspaniale-stulecie.jpg]
    Hazel Mary (__ née) Twelvetrees - 28 - UCPB - Any House.
    Born in or around 1859 (you can decide the birthdate), she is an UCPB and a slight blood purist. She's a Spinster, unless you'd like to marry her off to an UC man. You can also decide wether she works or not, and if she is married she has an infant child! She's a doting elder sister who constantly spoils her younger siblings, and definitely keeps up with the latest fashions, and is seen at all the events. She is a good person, all things considered, but her constant spot in the public has shaped her views slightly, though she tries not to show it upfront of her family as she knows they'd disapprove. Pictured is Leyla Feray, with alternatives to have brown hair and be age appropriate.

    [Image: 1816+Needlework+Pattern+-++Sept+1816.png]
    Cyprus Benjamin Twelvetrees - 27 - UCPB - Any House.
    Born in or around 1859 (you can decide the birthdate), she is an UCPB and a slight blood purist. Cyprus is smart, to the great pleasure of his family. He's probably landed a job in the Ministry like his father, or any other occupation you feel fits! You can also choose if he's married or not, though as a husband Cyprus would be a bit more focused on his work than anything else, so there's a chance his marriage was only for convenience than for any deep feelings. No suggested faceclaim, though he should have brown hair and be age appropriate.
    [Image: muHxLN.png]
    photoset by the darling MJ <3
    The awkward moment when Gennie's ad is right above this.

    great for ratios and your soul
    [Image: 6JonEFv.jpg]
    Quintus is the recently engaged fiancé of Gennie. They met in 1885, and have been close since then, however did not make any steps towards marriage until this year. He has a respectable job, bonus points for if it's a ministry position but I'm not too fussy. An opposite to Gennie in many ways, he is forgetful, messy, and easygoing, and is more than happy for Gennie to wear the trousers in the relationship. Suggested pb is Chadwick Boseman.
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       Odira Potter

    Genoveffa "Genevieve" Lytton nee Diaz is a UCHB witch born in/around 1820. She was born and raised in Brazil, so she attended Castelobruxo. She was her father's only child. Her father had some kind of job that would unable him to have friends in Britain. She was her father's heiress and her rather large inheritance is the reason why the House of Lytton is alive. She married Bertram Lytton when she was rather "old" (aka late 20s) and her father viewed it as a win-win situation; she wouldn't end up a spinster and she would get to move to Europe!

    It may not have been a love match, but Genevieve was still pleased with her marriage because she could easily control her husband. Both because he had a soft personality and because she found out about his sexual preferences pretty early on. Personality wise, she is Olenna Tyrell meets Miranda Priestly.

    She uses her children's rising popularity to make a name for herself as a socialite. She tried to do that ever since stepping on British soil, but people rarely noticed her then. (She's amused by how quick they are to forget the fact that she's a "foreigner" now that her kids are famous.) She's also likely a patron of the arts - she loves them and is probably into some "dirty" kind of art form, like pottery or sculpting.

    I have no suggested PB for her, but she's Brazilian so she must be hispanic. I kind of love Isabel Toledo because she's a RL fashion designer - she may be nearly two decades younger than G, but THEY'RE WIZARDS DAMNIT. >.>
    [Image: 9yjwqzU.png]
    [Image: LEB1B2f.png][Image: sfS97JC.gif]

    [Image: tumblr_ootzcjbcUO1qj9pgco3_400.gif]

    Laura Humphrey is a middle class halfblood born in 1870. She'll be entering her 7th year in Ravenclaw. She and Cee have been friends since their first year at Hogwarts. Cee has always regarded Laura as the prettiest of the two and Laura is the sort of friend who'd do your make up and help you pick a cute outfit. I picture her as artistic - maybe she wants to study magical art after school? IDK, she's fairly open so she can have whatever quirky interest you want her to have. :P

    Seeing that Laura is an orphan, she was always :| whenever Cee was talking shit about her dad, though she was too nice to tell her anything. She and her siblings were taken in by the Humphrey-Mavises in 1884, after their grandparents (who had taken them in following their parents' deaths) died. Laura still feels strange about living at Esterwick Park and finds the Countess terrifying.

    Personality wise I picture her as witty with the tendency to have a sharp tongue. Think Veronica from Riverdale or a less snobby Mary Crawley.

    She should have a crush on her cousin thing person, @John Humphrey-Mavis for the lols.

    Why should you make her? She could fill your need for a young, pretty future debutante and you'll feel less guilty because she'll have so many played connections. ;)

    Her suggested PB is Millie Brady but I really don't care as long as she's age appropriate and brunette.
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    [Image: lDu1GTV.png]
    i'm in love with this mj set
    Ethan McGonagall
    born in 1875 - 10s - incoming first/second year
    Ethan -- McGonagall is a halfbood, middle-class Hogwarts student that if he would be going into his second year would be in the same year as his cousins @Sebastian Urquart and @Elijah Urquart. His house is open and he is largely open in personality. As an add relationship twist he could either look up to his sister, @Demelza McGonagall and be her little fashion student or he could possibly find her annoy or to the extreme fear her due to the fact as a child, her first act of magic was to throw a toy at him when he got more attention than she was getting. While she doesn’t throw things anymore now that she has gotten older, she is just as much of a narcissistic attention hog and probably would try to belittle him and downgrade his accomplishments so she could stay in the spotlight. It could also easily be a combination of both or neither!
    His playby is to be blonde or dark haired and caucasian.

    Edward McGonagall
    born in 1880 - 6/7 – child
    Edward -- McGonagall is a halfbood, middle class child who lives in Irvingly full time and is pretty much always trailed by his governess whose full attention is on him now that all his siblings are at school. His personality is largely open and he probably has a better relationship with his sister than Ethan does.
    His playby is to be blonde or dark haired and caucasian.

    Played Relatives
    @Timmy McGonagall @Balthazar Urquart @Ruby Urquart @Topaz Urquart @Delight Urquart @Sebastian Urquart @Iphigenia Urquart @'casper urquart' @Honoria Urquart
    And many other mostly by marriages that I’m too lazy to track down!
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    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette
    The Untrained Talent
    Ezra Restell (first name open) is a muggleborn wizard. He is the second son and youngest child of Sir Alcester and Meihin Restell, upper class muggles, and was born between 1863 and 1867.

    For as long as Ezra can remember, the family has known that Severina is 'different.' Her visions combined with frequent childhood illnesses kept her inside and under the influence of laudanum for most of her early life, a habit which she continues. Her parents were not entirely shocked when she received her Hogwarts letter, but they were unaware that Ezra was also magical until he received his a few years later (he either did not display magic before then, or displayed magic in a way that was easy for them to attribute to something mundane/blame on Rena). Neither child was allowed to attend Hogwarts. This bothered Ezra much more than it did Severina, and he spent his school years trying to get his hands on anything he could find about magic, without his parents knowing. Everything he has learned about magic to date has come from books he found, some of which contain real spells, and some of which are just silly Muggle romanticisations. He is getting his wand as we speak.

    After graduating from one of the prestigious colleges, Ezra took on a respectable Muggle occupation and continued to try and find magic on his own. It wasn't until his parents were invited to participate in the Reconcilliation that he finally found a way to bridge the gap between the world he'd been born into and the one he desperately wanted to be a part of, convincing his parents that now that the Queen herself was giving her blessing to magic, he (and Severina) ought to be allowed to learn something about it.

    After long debates, they agreed, and Ezra was finally able to approach the magical world openly. He currently lives with his parents in London, but is trying to convince them to loan him enough money to purchase a house and relocate to Irvingly with Rena. This task was made significantly more difficult when his older brother was maimed in the WWM, setting the rest of the family very much against the idea of magic.

    Suggested PB is Huang Xiaoming (pictured) or Chen Kun but open as long as he looks reasonably like Severina! He was previously played, so if you keep his name as is register with extra characters!

    • Please contact me before creating the character via PM @Clarissa Cosgrove.
    • Include a personality section.
    • Bolded items are non-negotiable for the most part.
    • If you drop the character without discussion, I reserve the right to re-advertise them.
    • Reservations last for two weeks.
    • I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    For @Catherine Weasley
    [Image: IMOenG.jpg]

    Catherine is in need of her husband! Catherine met her husband in September of 1884 and the more or less bullet point details of their courtship and subsequent marriage can be found in Catherine's app. He is pretty open occupation-wise though it should be something respectable and it is likely something within the Ministry since he was there during the explosion. He was born on September 5th, 1853 and is a MCPB.

    Their marriage is generally a happy and loving one though the half breed ban has been a source of stress for Catherine which in turn stresses Caradog out due to his wifes general unhappiness. They don't have to deal with it when it comes to their children for years yet, however. The only other people to know Catherine's secret are her father, stepmother and Catigern.

    Mr. Weasley was previously played as @Caradog Weasley, the identical twin to @Catigern Weasley. He is a canon character so if you go that route, remember to reserve him on the canon list as well and his face would be Domnhall Gleeson because #identicaltwins.
    For @Roberto Devine
    [Image: IMOPhW.jpg]

    Pa Devine is a charming bloke that was born approximately in 1829. He is an UCPB and is not a purist though believes that only trouble can come from buddying up with the Queen once again. He thinks it is safer for wizardkind for muggles to not know about magic at all. He and his wife are happily married and he tends to do romantic things for her which has indirectly caused Roberto's own ideas of romance.

    He disapproves of Roberto's courtship of @Ophelia Dippet because she was born middle class and because he thinks she's cursed due to pretty much her entire family dying. Also because he kind of thinks Armando Dippet is a prig.
    However, he knows outright voicing against it would most certainly result in negative relationships with both his son and wife so he kind of just gives the stink-eye whenever Miss Dippet is brought up and upon actual interactions with her - well, I'll leave that up to the player! However, one can only stay quiet for so long - especially since Roberto got seriously injured in WWM incident which gave him SEE? IT'S STARTING sort of thoughts.

    In Robertos app I have mentioned that he was a Slytherin. Pictured is Hugh Grant but playby is open with alternatives to have dark hair or to have had dark hair in their youth.
    [Image: IMhxBN.jpg]
    Ma Devine is a sweet, boisterous woman that was born approximately in 1834. She is an UCPB and is not a purist and is personally thrilled about the reconciliation with the Queen. She and her husband are happily married. Ma enjoys participating in flower shows, throwing garden parties and whatever else socialites get up to. She subscribes to Witch Weekly and enjoys it immensely.

    Ma heartily approves of Roberto's courtship of @Ophelia Dippet because she  just wants to see her son as happy as she has been with her own marriage - bonus points if he's in love. Ma finds Miss Dippet to be very fashionable and feels sorry that she only has Armando to depend on. She probably thinks of Miss Dippet as a sort of tragic heroine/damsel that her son is saving and is likely to mother hen the young woman. In Robertos app I have mentioned that she was a Slytherin but I'm open to a different house.

    Pictured is Demi Moore but playby is open.
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       Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    The Rios Houshold

    Playby Pic
    Cosima Rios née Sardellone
    Upper Class Muggleborn, Socialite
    Born in Milan, Cosima is somewhat of an odd socialite, by comparison to most English society ladies. She spends much time with her daughter, and has a direct hand in caring for her infant son, Luciano. She is still in constant, close contact with her muggle mother, and visits her rather often. She attended Incantima, and is between thirty and thirty-five years of age. Suggested playby is Valentina Cervi, with alternatives to be Italian. But I really want her. Like, really bad.

    Playby Pic
    Elonso Rios
    Upper Class Pureblood, Import/Export Specialist
    Born in Barcelona, Elonso is, like his wife, very involved in his daughter's education and infant son's upbringing, though much of his time is spent in his work. He is the one who brought the family to London in a shift of his professional focus to import over export. He attended  Beauxbatons, and had a fair time of it. Elonso is between thirty-eight and forty-five years of age. Suggested playby is Javier Bardem.
    Mozelle speaks with hints of a Spanish accent
    Elective Courses: Arithmancy, Music

    [Image: KvpXawF.jpg]
    Mozelle needs her parents and their servants

    When Paul left with an expedition in 1882, he and his family thought that he would be gone only for a year. The ship crashed, however and he was presumed dead until his return on September 17th, 1887. I'd love to have his parents played! They live in Irvingly.

    [Image: e300b4a4-460f-4225-9e24-7f4d207f4eff.gif]
    Percival Pince is a MCHB wizard born in 1816. He's Paul's father. I describe him as agnostic and really into history. His job likely has something to do with it - maybe he's a historian, or works for the museum, or he could be the new Ancient Studies professor if that's open when you make him!

    He's an easy going and family-oriented man. Paul was his pride and his joy, seeing that he followed into his footsteps. He was crushed when he found out that Paul "died" but he tried to remain stoic and strong for his wife's sake. He was a really cheerful and fun loving man before Paul's disappearance, but he's sombered since.

    He got used to the idea of Paul's death, so he will now feel awkward about his son being back. I imagine that he has some guilt about it, like "I'm a terrible father, I accepted his death and lost hope when Paul was still alive!"

    I also really hope you friendhurl him at @Hamish Darrow ;)

    Pictured is Max Von Sydow but I don't care as long as he's an ancient white dude.

    He's also the uncle of @Herbert Fudge!

    [Image: 200.gif]
    Mary Pince nee ??? (first name changeable as long as it's traditional and Christian!) is a MCAB witch. I didn't pick a birth date for her, but it'd be sometime in the 1830s. I describe her as a devout Christian who believes too much in conspiracy theories about The Evil One. She either supports the magical branch of Christianity the Fairchilds support, or the old school one if you feel like making her a muggleborn.

    Mary has always been protective of her only son. She never lost hope that he would return to her and prayed for him every day. Now that he is back, she fusses over him and treats him as if he is a child. She is also concerned about how her son seems to have strayed from God's path, even if she wasn't fussed about his religious beliefs before he left for the expedition.

    Mary isn't unkind, she's simply too emotional over her baby coming back and wants to make up for the hardships he's been through while not realizing that it might be suffocating for her 32-year-old son. xD

    Pictured is Kathy Bates but idc as long as she's age appropriate and could pass for Jared Leto's mom.
    Reserved for Fallin
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    [Image: m26IMP.png]
    worship this set by lynn
    • PM/Message me if you're interested in reserving any characters.
    • Reservations last two weeks.
    • I will gladly make a set for anyone who takes a character and would like one!

    [Image: oAeMJF.png]
    Tatianna and Theodosia Brownhill are the twin daughters of @Eleanora Brownhill and @Walter Brownhill They were born from May-August of 1876 and are middle class halfbloods who live in Hogsmeade when they’re not at school. While raising them, Eleanora also became a notable essayist/author and is now running for Minister of Magic. Walter is the head of the Muggle Liaison Office. They have a younger sister, Clementine, who is not yet school aged. 

    In September of 1887, they started their first year at Hogwarts and were sorted into the same house. They have two played cousins at school, Flora and Fauna Halliday. 

    Theodosia is the more outgoing and talkative of the two. She is also sensitive and easier to upset. 

    Taitanna, while not exactly quiet, is definitely reserved and less inclined to be social than her sister. 

    They both have generally positive relationships with their parents.

    Both are currently reserved.

    JU --- NÉE ZHAO
    [Image: mPIA6F.png]
    UCPB // b. 1860 // Suggested PB: Sui Hee
    Like her other siblings, Ju was born in Beijing. Due to being sickly as an infant and adolescent, she was tutored at home until she was around 16 or 17. Her family's status made her popular with men, but never agreed to court anyone. Alongside Zian and Lei, Ju came to London in 1883. Initially, she was far more concerned with finding Zian a wife, but was thoroughly distracted when a serious suitor caught her attention. She's reserved, ladylike, and very concerned with propriety. She took learning the rules of high society in England seriously and only associates with 'appropriate' and reputable people. She is fully fluent in English, but prefers to speak Chinese with her siblings and would like any children she has to know the language as well. 

    [Image: mPIEYe.png]
    UCAB // b. 1847 or earlier // Suggested PB: Andrew Lincoln
    Ju's husband. They began courting in early 1885 and married in February of 1886. His personality/history, whether he has existing children, how he met Ju, what his relationship with her is like, etc. are up to the player. He is a blank slate! If possible,
    he can also be combined with other requests.

    LEI --- NÉE ZHAO 
    [Image: mPIg2P.png]
    UCAB // b. 1862 // Suggested PB: Jing Tian
    Like her other siblings, Lei was born in Beijing. She was the baby of the family and was spoiled accordingly. As a child she was a mischievous, bratty tomboy. While she was forced out of the tomboy aesthetic by familial and social pressure, she remained one at heart. She was a serial heart breaker, so much so that her parents feared her prospects would be ruined entirely by her avoidance of commitment. Alongside Zian and Ju, Lei came to London in 1883. She developed a fascination with the middle and lower classes and preferred to find her friends there. Her reputation may be a 4, depending on how how you want to play her. 

    [Image: mPIuBM.png]
    UCAB // b. 1857ish // Suggested PB: Alfie Enoch
    Lei's husband. They began courting mid-1885 and married in October of 1886. They were originally going to marry in 1887, but moved the marriage up when husband's grandmother fell ill. His personality/history, whether he has existing children, how he met Ju, what his relationship with her is like, etc. are up to the player. He is a blank slate! His face is only a suggestion, but alternatives should be black. If possible,
    he can also be combined with other requests.
    [Image: mLK8um.png]
    tag souri avninder in your replies.
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...280&h=1280]

    Kavita Dandekar is a LCHB born in January 1877. She's Dhaval's younger half-sister and the apple of his eye. She was born in India, but moved to England when she was 3 in 1880. Because of that, she struggles with her identity. She loves her homeland, but she can't help but feel more British than Indian. TL;DR, second generation immigrant child problems.

    Kavita is a clever, curious and charming little girl. She's a mix of Les Mis' Cosette (lol shame) and like, Heidi. Dhaval did his best to instill good ethics in her, but she'll still struggle with etiquette and polite society shiz when she goes to Hogwarts, seeing that she hangs out with LC people and the revolutionaries on a daily basis.

    Pictured is Neelam Gill who isn't suuuper age appropriate, but there's a tragic number of young Indian actressses/models. D: EDIT: EMMA IS AN ANGEL AND SHOWED ME this LOOK HOW CUTE SARA ARJUN IS

    Why should you make her?
    1. You'll have an entire year to develop her into a bamf firstie next year!
    2. Diversity!
    3. You get to be rev's little princess. ;)
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