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What the Hell is a Hufflepuff?
September 1st, 1890 — Hufflepuff Common Room
What the Hell is a Hufflepuff?

Billie was certain that, if she had eaten another bite, she would have needed to be rolled all the way to the common room. She wasn't typically one to gorge herself, but she hadn't been able to resist. Self-control wasn't one of her strong suits, and it took more than two years of regular meals for her body to forget she needn't seize the moment in case it was days before her next bite.

She was glad that they were headed downstairs. Gravity helped her tired legs continue to move until they spilled into the most wonderful common room she had ever seen. It was bright, cozy, and filled with plants. It nearly felt as if she were both indoors and outside at the same time. It suited her perfectly.

After the prefects had made their introductions and gone over the rules, the first years were allowed to mill about getting to know the others in their new house. Despite the exhaustion that was slowly creeping up on her, Billie was excited to chatter with people whom she decided could be new friends.

"What the h--Erm. What's the difference between Hufflepuff and all the other houses, anyways?"

The question seemed almost random. It was a thought that had rattled about in her head for the good part of an hour until it literally spilled from her mouth. She glanced around at those gathered near, her eyebrows quirked upwards in curiosity.

Open to Hufflepuffs.

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Andy's heart had stopped during the few steps between the Sorting stool and the Hufflepuff table. After that anxiety-inducing experience, his evening had been marvelous! Everyone was incredibly friendly and made Andy feel welcome at once. The food was also delicious. His caretakers always brought food on the table, but he had never had some of the delicacies served at his house's table!

After the feast, they all headed to their common room. Some of the corridors they passed weren't the sort of place Andy would like to find himself in at night. Their common room, thankfully, was nothing like their way to it. It was a very warm and cozy room. He couldn't wait to sink in one of the sofas!

Soon, a group of Hufflepuffs had gathered around the comfortable furniture. Then, one of his new classmates spoke. He remembered... her from Hogsmeade. When he met her, he was convinced that she was a boy, but the Hat had addressed her as Wilhelmina so it turned out she was a girl. Andy immediately felt somewhat relieved, on a subconscious level. He had always felt more at ease with girls, rather than boys, even if the boys at Hufflepuff were really nice so far.

"My grandmama was a Slytherin and my grandfather a Hufflepuff and, um, for example, my grandmother keeps telling my grandfather to find a job that pays him better, but he's too loyal to the Beechings to leave. He says it's not right, because they had always been very good to him and my grandmama says they're not his friends and that they would fire him as soon as they didn't need him."
Her second year as a prefect was far less frightening than her first and Hermia always loved meeting the new first years. Now, as a sixth year, Hermia felt comfortable passing on what she knew of her beloved house. Meeting every new face and sharing hugs with old friends, Hermia noticed two new faces gathering near the fire and overheard a bit of their conversation.

Giving a wave as she joined two first years, Hermia took a place on the couch, struck by how small they both looked next to her. "May I join you? It was Andrew and Wilhelmina? I'm Hermia Bonaccord, I'm your Sixth Year prefect, as I said at the start of the evening. Feel free to call me Hermia."

She settled in and immediately perked up at Miss Farrow's question and Mr. Vainart's response. "Your grandfather certainly seems to showcase the most obvious of our traits. Hufflepuffs are loyal, fair, and diligent people. We are trustworthy and patient, at out best." Hermia told them some of her favorite lore, of Helga Hufflepuff of Wales, of their earthy correlation, of how their house has produced the fewest known dark wizards and witches, and multiple Ministers of Magic. Hermia knew her history and she had more than enough house pride for the entire castle.

Realizing she'd channeled enough of a history lecture to do their Head of House proud, Hermia gave a bit of a shrug. "Sorry, History is a favorite of mine. I know that was a bit much, but do you have any questions?"

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Billie found herself smiling at Andy. He seemed like a pleasant boy who worked hard, and he hadn't shot her daggers while they awaited their turn to be sorted like Bertie had. That earned him a rather large amount of points in her book. It likely helped that they had only met once, but she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"I mean, your grandmama is kinda right," she commented with a half shrug. It didn't help that Billie was a bit jaded and had seen people kicked to the curb as soon as their usefulness was spent. One of her biggest fears was that Gideon would do the same, not that she was particularly useful to begin with. "But I can see why that would be a real hard decision if they've always been real good." Loyalty could be tough sometimes.

When Hermia joined them, she tipped her head back to peer up at her. The girl towered over her, a whole foot an a half. While many might have felt intimidated, Billie simply crinkled her nose. "It's Billie," she corrected, giving the prefect the benefit of the doubt. It wasn't as if she should innately know to call her by a nickname instead of the one her mother had saddled her with. However, if Hermia continued to greet her by her formal name, she would be less forgiving. "Nice to meet ya...you."

She quieted as Hermia went on to explain about Hufflepuffs in a little bit more detail than she had been expecting, but she did find the history interesting. She was even slightly disappointed that Helga Hufflepuff was no longer alive, for she sounded like someone Billie would have enjoyed immensely.

"I didn't realize there was so much to Hufflepuff," was the only comment she could immediately think of. Her head was spinning from all the information. It didn't help that the day had been exhausting, and she had landed herself in a food coma.

"Are we really right by the kitchens? I thought I heard someone say something about it. And...And how come it's so sunny in here if we went down so many stairs?" The corridors had felt like they'd wandered all the way under the ground. She was also certain it was dark outside by now.

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