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Up, Up, and Away We Go | First Years Flying Lesson
September 8th, 1890 — Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch.

Walking between the two rows of brooms that were arranged on the grass, Atticus delightfully turned on his heel once he reached the end where his own broom had been laid out. The first years were finally assembling on the grounds and it was hard to not be curious what kind of raw talent the new batch was possibly bringing in. “Good afternoon class and welcome to your first flying lesson! I’m Mr. Lilywick and I will be your flight instructor over the course of your lessons. I hope all of you are walking into this with courage, and know that there is nothing to fear!” Honestly nothing put him in quite such a good mood as flying; he’d probably been looking forward to this lesson just as much as some of the students. “Once everyone has positioned themselves next to a broom we can begin the lesson.”

“To start, let’s work on our broom handling. You’re going to place yourself on the left side of your broomstick,” Atticus’ voice bellowed across the grounds as he began to follow the directions as he stated them, “and with your right hand held above the broom, simply command it with a direct and stern ‘Up!’.” Reacting instantly to his voice, the broom that had been laid beside Atticus promptly flew right into his hand. “It’s important that you say this with confidence. If you’re uncertain or fearful this is when it will show.” Smiling encouragingly, Atticus began to slowly walk down the center of the rows again so that he could observe the students attempts and assist where needed. “Now please begin!”

-For those of you joining, please fill out the form below and include it in your initial post with whatever best reflects your firstie's current talents.
-In my next post I will include everyone's statistics from their attempts [Example: 3 Attempts, 0 Injury] for you to creatively decide how these transpired in your next reply.

Flying Skill: Non-existent, Poor, Average, Good, Great.
Broom Confidence: Terrified, Hesitant, Fair, Confident, Fearless.
Accident Proneness: Two Left Feet, Average, Lucky.
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Flying on a broomstick was one of the perks of being of being a witch that she simply hadn't believed until she saw it. The quidditch pitch was ridiculously large, with three golden hoops at either end and plenty of space in the stands for the student body. Greta had told her all about quidditch, and had encouraged her to try out in just a few day's time. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to do that, not when she'd never picked up a broomstick in her life!

Annie stepped up beside a broomstick along with the rest of the students and stared down at it. How could such an inconspicuous-looking object be capable of carrying her through the skies? She was excited to find out. Smiling, she held out a hand and confidently demanded, "Up!"

Flying Skill: Average
Broom Confidence: Confident
Accident Proneness: Lucky

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Linnet was not really a fan of flying. She wasn't afraid of flying really but it wasn't her preferred means of travel either. She would rather keep her feet square on the ground - or at least some form of contact with the ground - and there were far to many things that could go wrong on a broom. Besides, she didn't find them all that comfortable and she could floo somewhere far faster than she could fly somewhere. As such she had been quite displeased when she looked at her schedule the first time just to find out Hogwarts had a mandatory flying lessons. She very much doubted that she would get to keep her feet on the ground in class about flying. At the very least one of the older Slytherins had informed her that it was only a class to be taken in their first year. It was just something she would need to approach with a grin and bear it.

"Up," she directed, hovering her hand over the broom. Who thought it a good idea to allow the brooms to detect feelings when they charmed it? How was that smart?

Flying Skill: Average
Broom Confidence: Fair
Accident Proneness: Lucky

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Flying lessons. Now, this was bound to be her favorite class. Learning how to be a better flier? Count her in.

Billie gleefully found an available broom and came to a halt with an excited grin. The first thing she did was glance down at the broom, inspecting it. It looked to be in much better shape than the first broom she had learned on! That fact had her breathing out in relief. Although she now had her own, she knew that some brooms didn't work as well as others. Arnie's brother's broom had a terrible drifting problem; hopefully, the school brooms wouldn't. At the though of Arnie, her attention drifted down the lines of first years and tried to meet his gaze, but he seemed to be in conversation with a boy in his dorm.

Refraining from blurting out her excitement at the nearest first year, Billie allowed her attention to zone in on their instructor. His words had her nodding, and she quickly moved to get into position. She thrust her right hand out above the broom and very firmly and confidently stated, "Up!" She couldn't wait until they got into the air. Then, she could feel free.

Flying Skill: Good
Broom Confidence: Fearless
Accident Proneness: Lucky

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
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Mateo had been put on a broom almost before he could even walk. With a Quidditch father and a Quidditch brother, it was hardly surprising. Mateo stood next to one of the brooms and eagerly listened as Mister Lilywick spoke. Holding out his right hand, he commanded the broom. "Up!"

Flying Skill: Good.
Broom Confidence: Fearless
Accident Proneness: Average
Andy had been looking forward to his first flying class. It would be so exciting! Like riding a horse, but even better. His mother had been worried when she heard about flying. To her, flying was terrifying and dangerous. She had asked him to promise not to be reckless with the broomstick and not to do anything more dangerous than what the instructor asked them. She had also commented on how it was reckless to allow eleven year old children to fly with broomsticks.

Well, she had been the same when Andy found his first job.

He raised his hand above his broom and said "Up", in a gentle, yet confident way. He didn't like raising his voice.

Flying Skill: average
Broom Confidence: fair
Accident Proneness: average
It was a full week before flying classes started and it had Anne ready to throw things. While she was loving most of her classes, they were all the sort that expected her to sit still and Anne was all but bouncing down the halls. Remembering the rule she'd already broken the most, Anne walked as quick as her long legs would take her. It was faster than most.

As soon as she reached the lawns, she took off at a run, rules be damned. Sliding in next to her classmates, Anne was already grinning as instructions were given. This was easy! Besides flying with her brother, Mr. Grimstone let her summon brooms to learn the difference over the summer. She knew she could do this.

With all the confidence in the world, Anne extended her hand over her chosen broom and commanded "Up!"

Flying Skill: Great
Broom Confidence: Confident
Accident Proneness: Average

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MJ about made me cry with this one!

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