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September 1st, 1890 — Madam Sykes' Office

Holly could not sleep in her dorm, naturally, she found herself in the next best place: Madam Sykes' office. She laid across the small loveseat, staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression on her face. It was the only place she felt comfortable—not in the office, but near Madam Sykes herself. If only she could convince the Slytherin matron to become her governess. If only she could be homeschooled and still get the appropriate OWLs and NEWTs. She turned onto her side, her cheek squished into the pillow beneath her head, and stared at the matron who seemed to be scribbling away at some paper on her desk.

"Some lady died at the end of the street this summer," she commented out of the blue. She'd written to Madam Sykes earlier in the year about wishing her step-mother dead, so she hoped the matron could connect those dots. It, sadly, hadn't been her step-mother whose life came to a not-so-tragic end, but some days she liked to wear black and pretend it had been. "Papa said something about it. He works in law enforcement, you know, and I imagine he's terrible at it."

@Constance Sykes

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Connie’s quill paused over the notes she was making regarding the new first years – nothing too thrilling, mostly which ones looked as though they might not sleep through the first night – and she pondered, not for the first time, what Holly’s future relationship with law enforcement might become. She had a keen mind and enquiring spirit, which would make her a fine investigator, however Connie wasn’t entirely convinced that she had yet managed to impress upon the younger woman that the law did in fact apply to everyone.

“Why do you imagine that?” Connie asked with a small twitch of her lips. Holly’s assessment of her own family was often filled with the suggestion – no, not suggestion, it really was outrightly stated most of the time – that she found them entirely wanting. It was unusual for a girl in her position, for whom the family name would likely remain a safeguard for the rest of her life, to be quite so cutting about her kin but then Holly was nothing if not unusual.

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Holly didn't imagine anything, really. She knew it, especially where her father was concerned. He'd never been good at much where his daughters were concerned, so it only made sense that he was as detached in every area of his life. Fortunately she had more solid evidence than sheer speculation.

"I asked him about it and he said he had no idea what might have happened," she explained. It might have been nothing worth noting, expect she'd found out the lady had died outside. Ladies did no just drop dead outside; they died with dignity in the privacy of their own bedrooms, just like Holly intended to do one day. "You'd think he didn't want to talk to me about it. I think he's just clueless. I think she was murdered."

(This was totally a normal conversation to be having, even with Madam Sykes.)

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