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Rock the Boat, Rock the Boat, Baby
September 1st, 1890 — The Black Lake, Hogwarts
@Anne Moony, @Linnet Umbernauld, & @Dorothea Birdwhistle

Nobody had mentioned a boat ride to her. How exhilarating! What a way to start an adventure.

Eagerly, Billie clambered into the first boat she saw that didn't contain Fletcher or Diggory, and she was pleased to be joined by three others. Two of which she was surprised to discover she knew already! Anne and Thea received a flail wave, and she was about to inquire after who the other girl was when they suddenly began moving.

"I thought we would have to row!" She blurted out, clearly amazed that magic would be taking them across the Black Lake. She was familiar with the lake, but she'd never seen it from this side. Leaning over the side, she tried to peer in the water, but it rocked the boat slightly so she quickly sat back up. "Is Hogwarts really that far we need to take a boat?" Why couldn't they see it already?

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She'd gotten into a boat without really thinking - a action typically unlike the girl. Had she been any less excited she would have stopped to rationalize her choice by watching to see what kinds of people got into each. However, the excitement of just finally being here on Hogwarts grounds was exhilarating and she also just wanted to beat Jackdaw on top Hogwarts grounds. If that brat spoiled being the first Umbernauld to ever step foot on this land when he didn't even want to be here she would have no qualms with giving him a nice black eye.

Once they'd started to movie, she looked around to see who she'd ended up with. Two of the girls she recognized faintly from her occasional trips to Hogsmeade but neither she really knew though the one who was thanking seemed a little off from her memory.

"No, the others go by carriage. I think ys could walk it if ya wanted to but I don't."

Oh that was what was off. She - for apparently the girl sitting before her was a girl not a boy - was wearing the girl's uniform, not boy's clothes like when she'd seen her before. Now that she'd pinpointed the difference she shrugged it off, unconcerned by the change (after all she'd worn boy's clothes before, it was far better suited to running in the woods and training than a dress).

"I'm Linnet Umbernauld."

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Anne was buzzing from a combination of anxiety and train sweets by the time the train had stopped. Ned and warned her that they would go separate ways for a bit and, while she wanted to stick close to his side, she was also getting more and more curious about the castle and the host of other students in unmarked robes like hers. When it was time to splinter off from the older students, Anne hugged her brother hard as she could and promised she was alright. Turning away before she could get scared, Anne pushed to the front of the other first years.

As people began selecting boats, Anne perked up when she saw the one a familiar face. Climbing in after Billie and grinning she also peered over the side, poking her hand into the water. When two others joined them, Anne was torn between pleasantries and watching for the castle. And she forgot that some people didn't grow up with magic. That would take adjusting. "We aren't far, but my brother says first years always take these boats and that it takes us under the castle. We make a big entrance so they can sort us. Everyone else is already sitting because they have houses." She parroted what Ned had told her for the millionth time on the train. She rather liked Billie and hoped she could answer questions. She liked having the answers, it was a lot less stressful than asking questions.

Waving at the girl with the prettiest curls she'd ever seen, Anne volunteered her name. "I'm Anne Moony. This is my friend Billie." She didn't think twice before labeling Billie as 'friend.'
After the Birdwhistle children bid their parents farewell and set off for Hogwarts, they separated from each other as well. Sophie went with the sixth years, Wells went with the fourth years, and Dorothea happily joined the first year shuffle.

Thanks to her older siblings, Dorothea had been spoiled for the boat ride across the lake to school. Advance notice didn't make her any less eager to experience it, though. They were to be parceled off in fours, so choosing the right boat was important. Getting stuck with bad company for such a momentous occasion would be the worst!

Luckily for Thea, she joined girls she knew and liked in one way or another -- Anne and Linnet and Billie. Granted she was still getting used to thinking of Billie as a girl, but she wanted to do her best to get it right because they were friends.

Thea had a smile for all of her companions as they set off to the castle. "Oh goodness, imagine having to row across the lake! I don't think we'd ever get there," she laughed. "Uh huh, my brother and sister say the same thing. I'm glad we go to get sorted right away. I really can't wait anymore!"

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Billie listened very carefully about how the older students arrived at the castle. She figured if they took a carriage it must be quite the walk, not that she would ever be scared away from walking. She'd traveled by foot from village to village until she reached Hogsmeade, just a little over two and a half years ago.

"Nice to meetcha!" She piped up cheerfully, giving Linnet a grin. The casual way in which the girl spoke put her a bit at ease. It seemed unlikely she was one of the snooty, rich sorts. Even though she lived with Gideon now, it wasn't as if her social standing had changed. She was still as common as a door mouse. Billie looked about to supply her own name, but Anne already did so, which she was grateful for.

"Under the castle?" Billie repeated in awe. Maybe that meant there were caves or secret tunnels! That made thoughts of exploring Hogwarts that much more exciting. The mention of sorting, however, made her nervous, but she wasn't about to look like some scaredy baby among new and old friends.

"I think we'd be able to do it!" She stated confidently in response to Birdie's comment about rowing.

The three other girls seemed awfully knowledgeable about Hogwarts. Billie quietly hoped it wouldn't put her behind the curve. "What houses do you wanna be in?"

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Thankfully the one girl who didn't provide her name was someone Linnet already knew - and she presumed that if Birdie hadn't bothered to mention her own name, that the other two girls already knew her. It was a little odd, hearing people talk about Hogwarts in such a familiar way that came from the stories your siblings told you rather than the familiarity she had with the castle and its rituals which came strictly from her books. For example - she had known about the fact first years took boats to the castle, but her book hadn't thought to mention that the boats took them under the castle (or maybe it had, she had skipped a few sections when the words proved to be to hard for her to read).

"I don't think that rowin' would be that hard," she chimed with a shrug, dark eyes fluttering over to Anne, curious what she thought or at least would say on the subject. At least rowing was bound to be quicker than walking would. A quick glance at the quality of Billie's and Anne's clothes told Linnet what she needed to know, that they were closer to her economically than they were to Birdie. She was curious if that had something to play into the fact she and Billie thought more favorably of rowing, or if it was just their personalities or backgrounds. Maybe Billie, like herself, had been exposed to more physical adventures.

"I don't have one. I'm just happy to be here." She'd never even thought she would be allowed to go, let alone be in a place where she could have the certainty to worry more about which house she'd choose rather than the if. "I think Ravenclaw or Slytherin would be the most likely but I don't really care."

speaks with an isle of skye (scottish) accent.
"I'd swim if I had to, I just want to get there. I hate waiting!" Anne fought to stay seated, knowing that boats could easily throw her wiggly self in the lake. "And rowing could be fun. I bet we could even get there first." Birdie might now be interested, but if it was under her own power, Anne wasn't going to let a boat of boys beat her to the castle.

Nodding at Billie with a grin, Anne turned back toward the bow. "Under the castle. And there are staircases that move, towers, dungeons - everything. Ned said there are all kinds of secret things. We can go exploring!" Anne was going to start paddling herself if they didn't move faster. Brought back to the conversation by the idea of sorting, Anne was fast to jump in. "My family are Gryffindors and Ravenclaws mostly, so I'd want to be in those. I bet I'm in Gryffindor, though, which I think would be best for me. My brother's a Gryffindor prefect and I want to be one when we get to fifth year."

"What about classes? What are you most excited for? I'm excited for Defense Against the Dark Arts."

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