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The smile on her face was a little too big to contain as she bounced over to Cam and his friends. She had wondered where (or if...) she would be sorted - she hadwondered if she would have been ambitious enough for Slytherin? Or hardworking enough for Hufflepuff or smart enough for Ravenclaw or if she'd be like her brother and sister and be in Gryffindor home of the brave.

She had privately hoped but not said outloud that she'd be with Cam, and Maddy and his friends because it would make things that much easier since she found making and keeping friends hard.

She squeezed herself next to him and let the grin dominate her face.

This was going to be amazing! She was sure of it.

"This is going to be so much fun!" She squealed, so caught up in herself and her own excitement that she didn't realize what was going on around her... She tried to look at the people sitting around her - seeing faces she recognized from the Quidditch game and grinning all the while. She hadn't quite remembered all their names but that would come in time she knew.... after all they all were in the same house now! 
Ned returned his sister's hug, conscious of the fact that his housemates were likely embarrassingly staring at them, but Anne's well-being came first and foremost. However, he knew that prolonging the embrace and delaying her trek to her new house would leave her sticking out like a sore thumb in Slytherin. If she'd been chosen for Hufflepuff, they would understand, but Slytherins were often less forgiving. This didn't align with their sense of self-preservation and house pride.

"Anne," he soothed, keeping his voice low so that their conversation could remain semi-private. At least, he trusted his friends not to be too harsh in their judgement. "There's no reason to be sorry. There was always going to be the possibility you'd be placed in a different house."

Anne's tight clinging was starting to tug on his tie, strangling him a bit, but he tried to pay it little mind. "Mum and Dad will be proud of you no matter what. I'm proud of you." Which was true. She had told the hat exactly who she was, and it had placed her in the house it thought was most suitable. Perhaps, it would allow her to grow more and not depend so much on him. "I think the hat merely saw your ambition, which is a useful trait to have. It's something Slytherins value." At least according to some versions of its song he'd heard the last five years. "That doesn't mean you can't still be brave and intelligent. Being a Slytherin doesn't mean it's the only traits you possess."

Ned tried to pull Anne away, seeking to look her in the eyes, his smile proud, despite the slight disappointment he felt that she wouldn't be with him in Gryffindor. "You'll do well there. You won't be the enemy, unless you do something to make yourself one, and I know you're not that sort of girl. Slytherins have plenty of friends in other houses." The nice ones, at least. Anne wasn't the snobby sort, nor was she intentionally mean, despite her fiery temper. She wouldn't end up like some of the Slytherins who only valued those in their own house. He knew many who weren't like that at all. "But now you need to put on that brave face I know you have. Your new housemates are waiting."

If he had succeeded in prying Anne away from him, he would then attempt to readjust her robes so she would look a bit more presentable. "I will check in on you at breakfast."
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Sisse cheered and clapped with the rest of the house when Greta was sorted into Gryffindor and when the girl came along she smiled at her. Only a moment later Annie had also been sorted, but Sisse’s polite clapping was interrupted by her beeline to Ned. Hoping to pry her friends eyes away from the siblings she was quick to engage Greta into a conversation that she hoped everyone would follow her lead on.

How were the boats?” Sisse asked Greta almost too brightly making a point not to look at Ned and Annie.

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As Greta squeezed herself between him and Sloane, it almost seemed like the perfect metaphor of what was to come. Granted, he wasn't dread-filled because he didn't love his sister; she just had a way of being meddling—nosy, even. He smiled at her nevertheless and gently squeezed her shoulder, a far cry from the affection that Ned was giving his Slytherin-sorted sister.

"You didn't fall off, did you? One of the Gryffindor first years did last year," he teased, quick to follow Sisse's lead.

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That wasn't exactly where Sloane thought Greta was going to plant herself, but as she could hardly look over the first year's head to look at Cam, she settled for sinking into the conversation after one last glance at the Moony siblings.

"I highly suggest staying out of the Black Lake if you can, the Squid is not a most hospitable host." She chuckled, thinking back to their misadventure this summer with Splash and her lost wand. That last part she was still a little bitter about. The new wand was not nearly as cooperative and it still bothered her, but it would get better with practice here at school, hopefully.

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"The boats were amazing," Greta said, the grin still permanently plastered on her face. She was just so very, very happy.  The boats had been amazing - as had the sight of the castle as they approached it from the lake, she was sure it probably looked magical in the daylight but it had looked extra magical all lit up in the night.  She'd sat with a boy, and two other girls - one of the whom had been sorted into Gryffindor just before Anne Moony , whilst the other two whose surnames were closer to the end of the alphabet were still waiting for the hat.  She'd thought she'd gotten along well with the new Gryffindor first year- Annie Moneypenny - and hoped they would become close friends especially now they were in the same house.

Her grin faltered though at Cams' teasing and her cheeks flamed.  "No! Of course I didn't fall off the boat!" She responded indignantly and she was going to ask if he had when she heard Sloane's words.  Her head whipped around to the girl on the otherside of her. Her mouth falling open. Questions sat on the edge of her ready to pour out in a steady stream. A SQUID? Had she fallen in the lake? Is that why she knew about the squid. Wait. She thought she remembered something Cam had said about squids and lakes from what felt like forever ago. But had only been that summer to explain why he'd come back from the park wet and eventually caught a cold. Was it that squid? Did that mean Cam had been telling the truth?

"Wait! Does that mean there actually is a squid in the lake?" She blurted out. "I thought Cam was just telling tales and had.... " Her sentence drifted off because she wasn't quite sure what she'd thought. She'd come up with a dozen ideas but there had been something wrong with all the stories so she hadn't settled on an firm idea and she'd eventually forgotten about it.
Sloane passed Cam a quick wink. "Oh he's in there alright, sometimes you can see him on clear days in across the lake, sticks out a tentacle and everything." She had seem it previously, but truthfully thought it stayed near school for the most part. Clearly it liked to venture to all parts of the lake. Then again Sloane wasn't entirely sure it was the squid that had grabbed her, it could have been a grindylow or something else that day they rescued Splash.

"Definitely stay out, he doesn't like visitors." Whether it was the squid or not, there was no need to repeat her near-death experience in the lake or have anyone else try their hand at it either.

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Greta caught the wink Sloane sent Cam and her eyes narrowed in sudden distrust as she looked between them - trying to catch further signs of a private joke at her expense. That wasn't suspicious. At all.

The fact that she added that the tidbit about the squid sticking out its tentacle on clear days did nothing to alleviate her distrust. It all sounded like a story that Cam had cooked up and now Sloane was going alone with... because they were friends after all and she wouldn't put it past her brother to think it was funny to mislead her.

"Wait. Are you pulling my leg? Is there really a squid in there?" She looked between the two of them - waiting for either to come clean and reveal the lie. It definitely didn't sound real. Why would they let students ride over the top of the lake if there was one there. And why would there be one so close to students? And why was even there one in a Scottish lake as opposed to something like the ocean? And what did it even eat in there.

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