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A Case of Gossip
August 23, 1890 - St. Mungo’s Lunch Room

Even St. Mungo’s was not immune to gossip and the World Quidditch Cup had become the subject of every witch and wizard in Great Britain, including the healers and mediwizards of St. Mungo’s. Marie-Louise had already had to scold several of her nurses about gossiping in the corridors rather than tending to patients and by the time lunch had arrived she was completely ready to simply sit and eat her lunch in silence. That was until Rosamund joined her.

At some point since Rosamund had started at St. Mungo’s the two had become friends, their daily lunches when they both worked the same days were a treat to the shy and quiet healer.

Did you attend yesterday?” It was fair to assume that everyone had, even Marie-Louise who had no interest in quidditch had found herself in attendance. There would be no avoiding the subject as it was so she might as well get it out of their systems now.

@Rosamund Bones
In hindsight, she rather wished she hadn’t. “All my family were there, never mind the friends,” Rosamund said with a brief smile, as she picked absently at her sandwich, “so I scarcely had much choice.” Not only would Ginny have never let her miss it, the Longbottoms had had to be there to support Beckett! To think she had not dreamed that quidditch could get any more violent than the last.

“You went too?” She returned with a swift glance to discern how Marie-Louise had found it. Surely she had been there - although hopefully nowhere near the box that had been hit. “Oh, wasn’t it awful?” She hadn’t even seen the scene, but from what she had heard about the state of Mrs. Turnbull from the rest of the hospital, it had been gruesome even for those most used to injury.

Having no choice was something Malou understood all too well. Because of her mother’s set of friends and her parents places in life Malou was often expected at a myriad of things she’d rather not attend: balls, teas, and apparently now quidditch matches.

I had little choice as well.” She admitted thinking of her godmother’s constant pestering until she had finally bought Malou a ticket and sent a letter saying she would attend no matter what. It hadn’t helped that Malou’s day off happened to coincide with the event.

Thank God the box had been rather far off from Malou. She hadn’t seen much of what happened, but the rumors were enough. “Most awful. I can’t believe the stands weren’t charmed.” Malou agreed, it seemed such a simple thing, but she didn’t believe it had ever been done before.
Rommy grimaced at the memory of it, too fresh in everyone’s mind to be forgotten. Leaving her lunch entirely for the moment, she nodded emphatically at the other healer’s remark. “I know! I had always assumed they were -” not that she knew a great deal about quidditch, or had paid attention to school matches either; if the bludgers had bounced into the stands before, she hadn’t known it. “Though I suppose even if they were there is always a chance the protection charms could be faulty.” There would always be a risk of injuries as long as bludgers were in the game.

Stupid game that it was.

“My uncle was a beater in the match,” Rosamund said, more quietly. It was hardly a secret - Beckett Longbottom was a household name - but it gave the whole thing a more concerning sheen, and she didn’t want people in passing to think him responsible for the accident, either. “He wasn’t the one who hit the bludger, but -” She breathed out. “Imagine being the one who had.”

I suppose I did as well.” Malou agree with a nod of her head. Faulty charms were definitely something that Malou saw as well in her line of work, they happened much more frequently then one supposed outside of the hospital walls. “I wonder if they did. I’ve seen quite a few faulty charms these days then I care to admit.

Malou might not follow quidditch herself, but Fallon had enthused enough of the players that Malou had been left with the distinct impression that they were all young. Being someone who had so few relatives it was hard to imagine that Rosamund’s uncle might be as young as a quidditch player, but she had seen enough families in the hospital that it really ought not to surprise her as much as it did. “Oh.” Malou could hardly imagine. “I suspect he must feel terribly guilty about it all, I wonder if the whole team does.” It was after all a team sport.

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