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August 27, 1890 - Edge of the Forbidden Forest

In the months since Galina had been released from prison she had spent as much time as she could outside in the fresh air. Air had been in short supply in her cell, but then again so had the thread and fabric that her fingers now clutched. Long idle hours had never suited her and a year of them had grated upon her.

As the sky darkened Galina moved closer toward the edge of the forest, keeping her sights on the edge of Hogsmeade. Both a reminder and a warning to herself. She held hope for a future among the caverns with the likes of her, but the possibility only came at great risk. So she’d observe them as her hands worked.

The dress Galina had started was finer than many she had made in the last decade. A silk gown she’d never need among the trees, but she had bigger plans than this forest and a gown of the latest fashion could just help her achieve it. She settled down to work, her fingers nimbly moving the thread through the hems of the skirts, but the sound of footsteps had Galina on her guard, pausing in her work.

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His lungs burned with a desperate need for oxygen, his body moving faster than it could suck in air as he ran through the forest. His even runs were the only time he allowed himself, the only time when he didn't have to work or worry about where the money for the next string of bills would come from. It also served a purpose, in his opinion, his vanity demanded that he kept himself in the best possible shape he could. His vanity was also why he ran amongst the trees. He didn't want or need to be seen in such a state, his linen shirt clinging to the sheen of perspiration that had been steadily growing.

Bobby's feet stilled however at the sight of a woman, raven eyes falling to the garment she held before they travelled up to trace her features. It took him a moment to catch his breath before he pushed a smile over his features and stepped closer. "Good evening" he offered, his eyes falling back to the fine cloth, "an odd place to be constructing such a thing, would you not prefer to be in of doors with light more adequate to your task?" He was no stranger to stitching well into the night but, he mused, even he would have a time of it in the dark.

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The last time someone had come across Galina sewing it had been a vampire hunter, this man, Galina decided when he greeted her, caused no harm. Besides he phrased it in such a way that she felt certain he knew a thing or two about constructing such gowns.

Good evening.” Galina greeted with a nod of the head, her mouth in a closed smile, hiding her fangs as she had learned to do. At least it did not seem the man recognized her, she could contribute it to the dim light, but it was only a matter of time before he realized who she was, after all her face had been in the papers enough in the past two years to warrant a degree of notoriety that Galina had never wished to have. The last vestiges of her humanity wanted to converse with this stranger as if she had not been wrongly accused of murder and imprisioned for over a year.

I’ve always found the light outside a better to sew.” Galina explained, the caves, after all, were too dim for such detailed work as the gown in her lap required.

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an amazing bee work of art

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